I need help with my 2nd grader and homework. *sigh*?

I need help with my 2nd grader and homework. *sigh*? Topic: I need help with my 2nd grader and homework. *sigh*?
June 16, 2019 / By Claire
Question: I was so not meant to explain anything to young children! Help please w/ 2nd grader.? My 2nd grader has to read for 30 min every day, and then write a summery about what she read. She just flips back & forth in extremes and I don't know what to do. Its either way over simplified... The story's called: MICKEY MOUSE THE KITTEN-SITTERS example of something she would write: Mickey had to kitten sit for Minnie. Then if I try to talk to her about telling more the story, she gets anal, and writes clumps of exact phrases from the book. (She can pretty much memorize it just by reading it)... so example: Mickey had to Kitten Sit for Minnie. Mickey said "Oh no Figuro is gone". Morty said "Its not plutos fault!". End of summery.... Its frustrating because I just can't seem to explain it to her, and her response just ends up being, well my teacher doesn't care because she's frustrated. I've tried having her read the story, ask her questions to make sure she understands the story, I've even said things like "ok tell me in your own words what the story was about"...and tried having her tell me abut it before she writes it down. But even when she tells me about it, its very black and white...either so simple its like she just re-wrote the title. Or she just starts quoting the book. I need help. *sigh* I just used that one book, so I could explain w/ an example. She does this on ALL the books she reads. And she has really high reading scores (highest in her class), but I know she needs to write more because her homework will come home with little notes on the side saying things like "what else happened?" The problem with examples is how easily she sucks things up. So if I give her an example, she will end up writing word for word what i told her.
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Bambi Bambi | 2 days ago
I agree that this seems like a lot of challenging work for a second grader. Talk to the teacher. But here's what my son's class uses when "re-telling" the story: First .... Next .... Then .... Finally .... Those are the first words of each sentence. Maybe that will help?
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Bambi Originally Answered: Is this too much homework for an 8th grader?
Well if your in AP classes then thats the right amount. If in regular classes then it seems a little much but now-a-days they are buckling down. Everything's changing and that time ratio to homework might be considered normal these days.

Addie Addie
First, rest assured it's not you or your daughter -- summarizing can be challenging. A summary consists of the main idea and major events in a story (it helps to have a working definition, and you can totally explain this to your daughter) She's not a writer -- let's set the goal for at least three sentences. One sentence for what happened at the beginning of the story, one sentence for what happened during the middle of the story, and one sentence for what happened by the end of the story. So: Minnie got a new kitten. Minnie had to go to the store so she asked Mickey to baby-sit. Mickey ended up having fun with the kitten. When reviewing with your daughter prior to doing homework (a great idea!) draw pictures or take a walk through the book with your daughter -- again Beginning, Middle, End.
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Talbot Talbot
This is not a problem, it's normal. Summarizing a story is a very difficult skill, and one that should be taught be the teacher, not the parent. Second grade is a little early for that skill, so I wouldn't worry about it. Talk to the teacher and find out what kind of work she has been doing on summarizing or retelling stories, and what kind of responses are appropriate for your daughter's grade level. Most likely all that is expected is for her to tell the beginning of the story, a few important events, and the end of the story. In second grade, they are still having a pretty hard time telling the difference between important events and details, so I think her responses to her reading are pretty normal. If the teacher thinks it's a problem, then she should be working on specific ways to address it herself, and should be able to share some with you. If she doesn't think it's a problem, you shouldn't worry either.
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Percival Percival
Try writing down maybe 3 questions for her to answer in her summaries. Write the questions down on a separate sheet of paper, and have them be the questions she answers for each book she reads. Maybe something like: Who was this story about? Her answer could be "This story was about Mickey and the kitten Figuro." What happened in this story? Her answer could be "Mickey had to take care of the kitten, and the kitten got lost." How did the story end? Her answer could be "Mickey found the kitten and...." Give her questions to work off of rather than telling her to tell the story in her own words. Also, remind her that she needs to use her own thoughts to answer the question instead of copying words from the book.
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Lowell Lowell
ok i am 11 and i have 2 solutions 1. for the first,middle, and last part of the story you could ask her to write down a summary and then at the end just combind them all 2. ask her questions about how minnie was felling and how mickey was feeling and you could try to reanact the story to her
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Lowell Originally Answered: Help with a first grader's homework?
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