Does the US have a limit on immigration?

Does the US have a limit on immigration? Topic: Does the US have a limit on immigration?
July 20, 2019 / By Clairene
Question: Do they only allow a certain number of people in the US every year...or do they let anyone in who has whatever documents and skills needed? Do you think the US will soon become overcrowded due to the large nunmber of immigrants? Byt he way, my parents are immigrants..so I have nothing against immigration. However, I do think it should be limited because this country will probably be overpopulated very soon.
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Bambie Bambie | 3 days ago
Yes, there are limits by country. Our current "representatives" in Congress are hell-bent on increasing these legal limits though, as well as increasing the number of "temporary" farm workers, and they completely ignore illegal immigration. On youtube check out "immigration gumballs" to see where this country is headed. If you have kids or plan to have kids they'll live in a very different world than we do. Our politicans aren't affected by the masses they're pushing on us because they live in elite communities that aren't affected by overcrowding, have no job competition, and don't mingle with the masses on a daily basis. They want a zillion more immigrants because they're courting votes and want to provide the fat cats in Big Business with cheap labor to increase their already obscene profits. (It's not like the price of tomatoes will go down for us!) The number of people in Cal. alone is already stretching our utility grids to the maximum, water sources are drying up, and our freeways are at a standstill. Think of the added pollution and stress on the infrastructure of our country. We can't take on the whole third world without sinking our own lifeboat.
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Addison Addison
There are limits. At this point, the United States is allowing some 1.5 million immigrants a year. That is significantly higher than any other country in the world. Kennedy said this very thing would not happen when he supported this bill. Kennedy, and his Demo buddies feel that is the source of new party members and they now want all the immigration they can get. Be damned the American People.. get those people in here.
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Talmai Talmai
There is no limit on the total number of non immigrants admitted each year. However, there are numerical limits for certain classes of admission. The number of U visas issued to alien victims of criminal activity, for example, is limited to 10,000 per year. There are also limits on the number of petitions approved for initial employment for certain categories of temporary workers.
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Percy Percy
This county is already overpopulated with illegals who offer nothing but law breaking to the U.S., regardless of how legal they try to be while they are here, they are making a bad name for the immigrants who go through the hassles of coming here legally. Most illegals that are here dont go through proper channels because of prior convictions that they know will keep them from coming in to begin with, which compounds the crime they are committing.
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