My husband got arrested on base will he get njpd?

My husband got arrested on base will he get njpd? Topic: My husband got arrested on base will he get njpd?
July 20, 2019 / By Clarabelle
Question: My husband was in the car in front of me @ the front of the gate the MP gave him the go and told him to put his seatbelt on so my husband starts to put his seatbelt on and begins driving the MP yells @ him to stop my husband stops his car and reverses to come back and the lcpl MP proceeds to chew out my husband who is a CPL. My husband reminds the guy to not be disrespectful because he is a higher rank puts his seatbelt on and continues to get onto the base. (When the lcpl disrespect was brought up the mps said their billet is higher so technically they can be disrespectful to a 4 star general apparently eve) Without a warning the guy calls other MPs and they stop him for running the gate. (Which makes no sense because he stopped no lie 15 ft away from the gate the kid didn't call him back this time and already gave him the go) They check his license and it says suspended. So they arrest him and take away driving privileges. HOWEVER here is the kicker. We are from Florida and stationed in NC so we have NC insurance we were previously w/ GEICO and changed to progressive so GEICO calls fl dmv and tells fl we are not covered and fl did not check that we had insurance with anyone else and that we were military so the suspension was a mistake on their behalf. A letter of clearance was made available to my husband and FL dmv apologized to me but it was fixed within the same hour of arrest. SO my question here is what can he get in trouble for? ...I was here for all of this and viewed the whole thing so I know thiss is exactly what happened...so yeah can he gewt an njp or what do u think may happen..oh and he is aA marine at lejeune
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Barbie Barbie | 6 days ago
A lot of it seems that you forgot to notify Florida and GEICO that you were changing auto insurance. And yes, the MP's and base police are very stuck up to be nicely. I was getting out of the Navy and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard was trying to jerk me around on something similar. Needless to say, I just ignored the last court call and left the Navy. If you don't have this option, just make sure you bring the clearance letter with you and be prepared to fight the idiots since all they look at is the date and can't read that the State made a mistake and your husband's license should never have been suspended. Good luck.
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Adelaide Adelaide
Can he get NJP yes Will he get NJP That depends on his chain of command. you just posted that he was driving without a seat-belt, driving with a suspended license and disregarding a police officer. These are civil law and not UCMJ but they can be charged under the UCMJ. He would have been fine if he would have not said anything when the MP yelled at him for not having his seat-belt on. Too bad he couldn't check his ego at the door, there is an unwritten rule that if someone (who is in the wrong) pulls rank on an MP they get everything they have coming to them (a Private MP on Duty is out ranked by everyone, what is the point of having him on duty if every time he enforces a law he gets locked up by an NCO). My Soldiers on law enforcement duty would call for me to show up when they poll over an officer or SR NCO as back up if they pulled rank and as I said they would have got what they had coming. If his commander NJPs him it will only be for the license and disregarding the MP, the driving without a license thing is a non issue at this point.
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Tate Tate
A sentry, guarding his post, as authority over ALL persons. It would not have mattered if your husband was the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Your husband was out of line for making any comments to the sentry. If your husband had a problem he should have taken it to the sentry's superior.
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