What are some reasons NOT to litter? For an essay.?

What are some reasons NOT to litter? For an essay.? Topic: What are some reasons NOT to litter? For an essay.?
June 26, 2019 / By Claribel
Question: I have an essay and I have 1 page already but I need more ideas (it's a persuasive) for not littering.
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Bea Bea | 2 days ago
there are certain trash items that if littered near oceans kill sea life. i.e. plastic six pack rings get stuck on dolphin snouts, we always ripped them apart even though they got put in the trash,, just in case.
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Adelle Adelle
The overwhelming majority of litter along a highway is usually fast food and convenience food packaging, paper and plastic containers, cigarette butts and tobacco containers. It's not the bottles and cans of the past, although they are still thrown from a passing car or simply dropped by someone walking. Littering is really a behavioral problem. People just don't seem to care. The plastic 6-pack rings for securing pop bottles is particularly hazardous to wildlife. Birds and even turtles have been known to get them stuck around their heads and/or bodies. A lot of trash and other discarded litter will dam up creeks. Discarded tires and other objects that can fill with stagnant water are a source for mosquitoes to breed in and that, in turn, spreads the West Nile virus. Lost car parts (or similar metal pieces) along the highway can cause flat tires and, sometimes, a car accident. Also, litter can stop up storm drains, leaving excess water on the roads and elsewhere. Rotting garbage attracts flies which, in turn, carry diseases. Running over unseen bottles and cans causes damage to farm equipment.
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Teddy Teddy
I think I'll go to Mc Donalds and just throw my used container on the ground. If everyone were to do this, just imagine what our streets and roads would look like! Or how about KFC, Dairy Queen, Burger King, and so on! You would have a whopper of a mess! Furthermore, the fine, in Canada, is something like $2,000! Why not litter? What about the ocean floor? If every person going out on a boat trip were to dump their garbage into the sea, fish may die. Without fish, you may disturb the ecosystem and other biological creatures and organisms, like bacteria, may strengthen in numbers, and more diseases could be the result. Please keep in mind, this is being said by someone who has a major in business administration- not an environmental activist.
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Phelan Phelan
Where I live we have coyotes that tend to eat the fast food wrappers and plastics that may have food residue on it making them sick....also...the balloons people let fly off at parties and such tend to litter the desert and the tortoises think its a flowering plant and tend to eat them and the balloon gets caught inside their throat and strangles them. Some areas that what was clean and natural has become a dumping ground...the tires and oil they dump has the potential of polluting the ground water some us use for our wells....the oil has killed a few golden eagles and hawks when they try to drink from the pool that sits on the surface....water is scarce and they will drink anything liquid. So don't pollute my desert....cities and counties have recycling programs that are free.
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Lysander Lysander
UGH! TC, you are soooooo ignorant. Reasons to not litter: It makes things ugly. Someone has to pick it up. (People throw trash out by our drive way. We live on the highway. I am forced to pick it up sometimes with my dad. V. annoying!) Animals are hurt because of it. Our children and grandchildren will have to deal with the mess we make. It's just as easy to throw something in a trash can than to throw it on the ground. I dunno. Those are the only things I could think of. But seriously, it is not that hard to throw something in a trash can or recycling bin!
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