How often do you think people cheat on tests in a college or university?

How often do you think people cheat on tests in a college or university? Topic: How often do you think people cheat on tests in a college or university?
June 16, 2019 / By Clarity
Question: How about high school or grade school? I already have my own semi-concluded theory to this since having discussed this with enough university degree holding students and friends. The general consensus is pretty high, a shii t load of students cheat in some way or manner, to what degree is a different story. I'm not asking if you've cheated on a test, god forbid anyone on YA would cheat on a test, so I'm asking what you think of *other people*.
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Beatrix Beatrix | 5 days ago
In college, I found it a lot scarier and harder to cheat on tests. Even though I went to a school where a lot of my classes/ tests were in rooms with 100+ people, the idea of cheating didn't cross my mind. It was also sort of like "I worked my *** off to study, so you better not think of looking at my paper" and most of the time I didn't trust other people enough to cheat off them. Plus my classes (other than GE) were humanities and social sciences so it's almost impossible to cheat on an essay exam. In high school however, cheating was practically the norm. We would all do AP Econ homework together at lunch, and my physics tests were a team effort. The teachers didn't seem to care, and it was almost more fun to find ways to cheat than to find ways to study. No one did things like steal answer keys or hack computer systems to change grades, but it was very normal for you to tap your best friend to see if #4 is A or B.
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I don't know and it scares me. I work at the public high school driving bus and working in cafeteria. This job allows me to have the schedule to home school our 9th grade son. It is just part of life that kids in school copy from each other and do each others work. I see it daily. It might be a good survey question for Yahoo answers to find out from students if they see anything wrong with copying. I am guessing that they would see it as acceptable.

Adena Adena
I have been in college for 2 years and have only used a cheat sheet on 1 test. It was chemistry and I would have failed and destroyed my GPA without it. So I weighed the pros and cons and decided to go for it. I almost got caught but I guess the monitor didn't have any proof so she couldn't say anything. In my college algebra class I did program things in it. I semi-cheated in American Literature last semester during the final. Some people in the class before ours told us which poems and other works were on the exam and what the essay questions were. So I just studied that stuff and made an A.
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Tel Tel
Yeah people have the same little tricks as high school... programming stuff in the calculator..etc. ' But in general, a college exam is a lot more difficult to predict the questions than a high school test. Many professors even allow you to have notes during the exam since it doesn't always help.
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Philander Philander
The types of people I spent my time with in high school and college would not have cheated on tests, papers, quizzes, anything. I guess you have your own little group of cheaters as friends, though.
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You are wrong in your statement. People who respect the institution of marriage and love their spouses protect their marriage at all costs and do NOT cheat. Sorry you only know people who do. Statistics can be skewed to say anything. Marriage is personal...it's what you do with yours that matters....not what other people are doing in theirs. You may be reading too much from this board......

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