What are my chances of getting into UCLA?

What are my chances of getting into UCLA? Topic: What are my chances of getting into UCLA?
June 25, 2019 / By Claudette
Question: I just need a fair judgment of if these schools are way out of reach or if I should go ahead and apply to them with fairly good expectations. Do you think I have a good chance at getting into: 1) UCSD 2) UCLA 3) Johns Hopkins 4) Emory University 5) UC Berkeley? Academics: I am currently a junior. Calculated the UC way, my sophomore unweighted GPA was a 3.6 and weighted was a 3.8. This year I'm shooting for at least a 4.2 so hopefully my overall sophomore and junior year weighted cumulative GPA will be a 4.0. By senior year I will have taken about 10 AP classes, 7 Honors classes, and 1 Accelerated class throughout my high school career. I have been on principal's honor roll thus far. Tests: My highest practice SAT score in one sitting was 720 critical reading, 680 math, 700 writing (2100 T). My highest individual practice scores were 720 critical reading, 720 math, 710 writing (2150 T). I am currently enrolled in an SAT class and my goal score is 2250. My PSAT score sophomore year, without studying, was 199. My best practice PSAT score since then is a 212. AP Tests= WHAP: 3, Calc AB: 3. SAT Subject Tests= Bio-M: 640 (going to retake) Extracurriculars: Sports: I've been playing volleyball for the last 6 years, and the last three years I played for a club team, though I did not play for my school. I was also on the cross country team sophomore year. Other Extracurriculars: I was in the choir at school freshman year. We participated in competitions and usually received the score "Superior." However, I did not continue this sophomore year.... that was a really rough year for me. I've also been part of the newspaper for the past 2 years. I was selected to participate in a peer tutoring program, where I would tutor other students from my school. Clubs: South Asian Student Association, Math Club, Service Club, CSF, NHS. I do not hold leadership positions in any of these. Volunteer work: I've worked at various places, including a children's day camp, a center where I served food, a hospital, a nonprofit organization that organizes food drives and clothing drives to donate to the needy, etc. In addition, this summer I will be going on an immersion trip for a few weeks to a foreign country, visiting orphanages, etc. with my class. I also won a community service award. I would say that by the end of JR year, I would have completed about 300+ hours. Miscellaneous: --UCLA is probably my top choice --CA resident --attending a college-prep private high school --fluent in 2 languages including English, and can understand 2 others --interested in the biomedical sciences, but still undecided --as I already stated earlier, I had a rough year sophomore year and I'm hoping that it won't hurt my chances too much (I could have gotten 5's on both AP tests and had a 4.0 GPA but 2nd semester was really terrible for me) Any feedback would be great! Thank you so much!
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Becca Becca | 6 days ago
The UC schools, like many other public colleges, compare you with other students in your own high school. So it is a bit difficult to judge whether or not your scores are high enough to get into these schools. So I would strongly advise you to talk to your counselor and ask what your class ranking is to find out how you fare against your other classmates. I'm a senior right now and am somewhat in the same situation. Screwed up during sophomore year, got a 3.6/3.3. and my cumulative is a 3.69 unweighted. In some schools, a 3.69 might be viewed as a very high GPA. Thus, I would have a high chance getting into UC Berkeley and UCLA. But since I attend a highly competitive school with at least a dozen valedictorians, I don't stand out much. Therefore, my chances of being accepted to UCLA and UC Berkeley are almost nonexistent. A general thing about the UC's: - GPA is the most important thing. An unweighted 3.8 will almost guarantee UCLA and Cal. Btw, UCLA is harder to get into than UC Berkeley. (Cal=UC Berkeley) - SAT I is also pretty important. I know of someone who had a 3.6 but made it to UCLA because he got a 2360 on his SAT. Oh and practice SAT scores dont mean crap. On my practice tests, my highest was a 1930 and i got a 2140 on the real thing. So that that SAT as many times as you can to get the highest possible score. It's almost an unspoken rule that you will progressively get higher scores. Youre lucky because College Board implemented that rule that you can basically cancel your SAT scores if you dont want colleges to see them. If you cant get your SAT high enough, try the ACT. A lot of my friends at my school who couldnt score above a 2200 on the SAT got a 34 or higher on the ACT. -Extracurriculars. I'm going to be very blunt here. If you haven't got any leadership position in any of the clubs that you've been in for several years, colleges don't really care about them that much. Oh sure, you've shown dedication by staying in the club for that amount of time, but anyone can do that. Your other extracurriculars actually sound pretty interesting, You sound pretty active in your community. Going around the world, helping people out. If you write a good college essays you can really give them the vibe that you're charitable. However, I would strongly recommend doing an internship of some sort. Do some research on college professors and send them an email during the summer, asking if they'd want you to help them with research. Send them your resume. If you really think your extracurriculars are strong, apply to some privates as well. Pitzer College, one of the Claremont Colleges, has an emphasis on community service and would probably be happy to take you. I believe John Hopkins is out of your league, but it doesnt hurt to try. So...to sum to all up: You've still got a chance. It all depends on how well youre doing compared to your classmates. Get that GPA to at least a 3.7 and you've got a pretty good chance anywhere. Apply to some other privates cuz they have a higher emphasis on extracurriculars. UCs= if you dont have the numbers, you have no chance. 3.7 and either a 34 or a 2200 + SAT score should get you in. And keep those extracurriculars up! Try to get leadership positions in one or two clubs. Alrighty, work hard! I believe you'll do well :]
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Becca Originally Answered: What are my chances for UCLA?
If you are not a California resident and are thinking of coming to California to attend a UC or Cal State school, be aware the quality of these schools is not what they used to be. They are shifting between accepting next to no out of state applications or transfers because of the need to serve California students and accepting all the out of state students they can at out of state tuition rates to make up for budget cuts. One thing you can be certain of is that they will be very strict on who they accept as an “in state” student. Because of massive budget cuts, the state of California is handing the UC and CS schools less and less money to educate students. For instructors and staff at the UC and CS schools it is well known that new faculty aren't about to get hired and those still there are likely going to see furlough days if they don't succumb to layoffs. I have heard much of the faculty at many UC and CSU schools have been given pay cuts and many of the best ones are leaving. Basically the rule seems to be that the majors that lead to an average starting salary over $50,000 seem to be impacted less. http://www.payscale.com/best-colleges/de... The humanities in particular are suffering big time. Students in the fine arts and humanities fields are finding their course offerings cut dramatically. Engineering and some of the sciences are likely to not be as severely impacted. I have heard that in 2011 the UC and Cal State systems are facing a further $500,000,000 budget cut. That is for each system. And after all the cuts they have already suffered. I do know the cuts led Berkeley and UC Irvine in 2010 to withdraw offers to many out of state students for PhD programs no matter how good their qualifications were. Many students are finding it impossible to get all the courses they need in a given semester to make the progress they want to make towards their majors. Which may result in having to take an extra year to graduate. They are finding that by the time their turn comes to register for classes, everything they need is already full. To add insult to injury, the UC system raised tuition in 2010 by 32%. Which means that an out of state student will pay as much; if not more than if they went to a smaller private school where there is usually a greater emphasis on building up each individual student. While private schools are often facing budget crunch issues, they are accountable to their students, not to taxpayers and politicians. If you're really dedicated to what you'd like to study, be it English, Economics, or Engineering a private school could be a better investment in your own human resources. If you are thinking of coming to California stick with the private schools like USC, Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, Stanford, Chapman, the Claremont Colleges, etc. http://articles.latimes.com/2009/nov/29/... http://www.latimes.com/news/la-me-classe...
Becca Originally Answered: What are my chances for UCLA?
Are you a california resident? If yes then maybe. Your SAT scores are kind of low. If not, than your scores arent good enough. Considering you said you took classes at UDub I am going to assume you are a Washington resident. Just go there, its a good undergrad school. UCLA is not worth the out of state tuition. I go to University of Michigan OOS and let me tell you its a ripoff for liberal arts. Even for business/engineering, spending 50K a year for undergrad is really pushing it. LOL, you remind me of me when I was a junior/senior in high school. Somethings never change...these schools are amazing at marketing. Does UCLA even have a big greek scene? You should just go to USC haha.

Adenah Adenah
You most likely will get accepted to those schools.. you are involved and have very good GPA.. test scores are good as well... I am not so sure about the Berkley campus... this is the most competitive one and MANY students will be like you or even better. My friend applied there with a 3.9 GPA at the end of junior year in HS, and he did not get accepted. He was involved in all kinds of sports, clubs and comm. service Good Luck!
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Teman Teman
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Teman Originally Answered: What are my chances for getting into UCLA?
I was recently rejected by UCLA.... with a 4.6 GPA, over 10 AP/honors classes and over 13 years of piano playing experience, [and i am Hispanic!]. What i suggest is simply this - do a buttload of community service!!!! Seriously, my friend got in with a 3.8 GPA but she's done so much community service it's ridiculous!!!! I mean, sure, i did some, and tried to focus more on my grades and experiences for my personal statement, but as you can clearly see - it didn't help!! So yeah, there you go. And hey, if not UCLA.... y not UC Berkeley! P.S. I luckily got in there! :)

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