Why would teaching be an enjoyable career?

Why would teaching be an enjoyable career? Topic: Why would teaching be an enjoyable career?
June 26, 2019 / By Claudie
Question: what makes it interesting? what should a teacher's motivation be? what passions and goals should a person have that would fit being a teacher?
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Becka Becka | 8 days ago
The thing about teaching is that no two days are the same. You may follow a similar timetable, but because you are working with children anything can happen. As a primary teacher, I teach all subjects, so that is fun too. I really get to know my students, and can see progress every day. They make me laugh, and cry, and learn and grow. A teacher should be motivated by a love of learning and a love of children. A teacher should not be motivated by money (disappointment will follow) short working days (it is only the students who are there 9-3!) or holidays (spent in recovery, planning, and professional development). A teacher should be passionate about kids and learning. They should want to see each student reach his or her own potential. You also need to be able to handle crippling paperwork, administrators and governments who think that education is a business, not a public good, and parents who think that they are education experts because they went to school, too. Teachers need to manage people, paper, a huge range of student abilities - and do it with a smile. It might not the be the easiest way to earn a living - but I wouldn't do anything else.
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Adilene Adilene
Why do no longer you volunteer in a interior sight college district for a year, on an identical time as ending up your trend degree. maximum faculties like to have volunteers -- helping out in the library, examining to childrens, tutoring, and so on. that could get you right into a school and get you journey, with out you giving up what you're engaged on now. wind up your trend degree, and in case you have completed the volunteering and nonetheless prefer to coach, then pursue it. i admire my coaching pastime, and there is no different pastime i'd extremely have. yet i've got worked with instructors who do no longer prefer to be there, and that they are depressing and their scholars go through for it. My suggestion: get some journey, then make your determination. good success!
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Temeni Temeni
Teachers have to love children... I would try to babysit and tutor some people to see if you would enjoy teaching. For motivation...... just think of all that summer time you get off!!! wow. downfall obviously the pay, but if you enjoy your job... WHO CARES
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Phillip Phillip
To be a teacher you need a lot of patience and a lot of aspirin.Dealing with kids is hard.Think of having to deal with a classroom of disrespecting kids and if you'd had to watch them.Would you like to have to deal with that?And think about the salary...is it worth it?
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