What do you think of my essay?

What do you think of my essay? Topic: What do you think of my essay?
June 16, 2019 / By Cleo
Question: Critical Lens Essay “One of the original sins of humanity has been the inability to live at peace”, once said PW Singer. This can relate to both A Tale of Two cities and The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe. I feel that it means it is simply not possible for the world to be at peace and I agree with this statement. Until humanity can get along and treat each other as equal, they'll never find peace. It is a human flaw that peace is impossible. Sydney Carton, one of the main characters in A Tale of Two Cities and the narrator of The Pit and the Pendulum are similar and yet different. Sydney gave up his life to make sure that his love, Lucie, was happy. In The Pit and the Pendulum, the narrator had no choice. They both were in a sticky situation, but only one could live to tell. Sydney was executed, while the narrator was saved by the general right before he was to die a horrible death. con.. Ways like this were common back then, and is and exact example of the inhumanness and no peace. The Revolution in A Tale of Two Cities and the Spanish Inquisition in The Pit and the Pendulum are also similar in the ways that they were horrible acts of violence and war. The Revolution was a time of blood, gore, and executions against traitors and non-revolutionaries. The Spanish Inquisition was when they tried to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms. If there were non-believers of both of the causes, they would either be tortured, or killed. The whole reason of the “revolutions” was to kick out all of the traitors, but the way it was done was inhumane, caused mass chaos between the citizens, and didn’t really accomplish much of anything. It is true; humans have don’t have the ability to keep peace between each other. It is the deadliest sin, and there is no way to fix it in today’s society. What would be some ways to improve it?
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Belinda Belinda | 3 days ago
Amazing Essay, honestly. You have several dead words in the essay. Go here, http://www.iss.k12.nc.us/writing/deadwor... to change them. Good Luck! P.s. I really enjoyed Poe's, Pit and the Pendulum when I read it as a sophomore. Great story, and you represented it very well.
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What a lovely, excellent, well thought out and proven essay. Wow! We don't come across this much on Yahoo! Answers. First, make sure you spellcheck ur answer. I saw a couple things. Also, make sure u look at ur sentences, are they complete or fragments? It seemed to me your thoughts were complete but were not expressed as complete sentences in some cases. Easy to fix. You did the work. I don't know when it's due,but making a few final adjustments could be the dif between A and A-. I thought your essay was very good. Thanks for sharing and thanks for doing the work.

Adrea Adrea
Wow that's really good!!! So some ways to improve: don't use the word "it" because it is not very formal and doesn't sond as good as something else would. Secondly use paragraphs!! Put more of your own opinion in to it.
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Terance Terance
You should NEVER use the word "it"...."it" is a dead word...i know it is hard not to but think of other words by being more specific to fill in the its...
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Pierce Pierce
make the thesis more direct and make it stick out more. Also, read it OUT LOUD to yourself....this always helps.
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Madison Madison
whoa that's really good!!!!! maybe add more opinion rather than just facts : ) just a thought but its really good other wise!! : )
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It must be a contetnt research essay. Research Essay Research essay may be considered to be a subtype of an argumentative essay, or vice versa. Just like the argumentative essay, it is supposed to prove a certain idea; but its goal is wider and deeper than that. The writer here should not only take someone else’s point of view and prove it, but come up with an original idea to research on it and prove its correctness. The main features of research essay, therefore, are: Originality. You are free to quote anybody, but should use these quotes to drive your own point home. Rather narrow topic. Even large research papers don’t try to envelop the whole discipline; you with your limit of several hundreds of words should be much more specific. The presence of a particular idea to be researched and proved. You are not supposed to merely report on literature you have read. You should create something out of what you’ve read. Research essays are supposed to develop one’s ability to work with sources of information, compose your own thoughts into something original and perceivable, and prove your point of view. Thus, that is what you have to do while working on it. If any of these aspects are neglected, your teacher will be in full right to lower your mark. The rough outline of a research essay will be like this: Introduction. State your point, describe the methods you are going to use, the idea behind your work. If you can’t think of anything on your own, try taking other person’s idea or some part of it and further develop it, or approach a well-known problem from unusual point of view – e.g., try economical analysis when dealing with the description from a fiction book or something like that. Body. Just like in a persuasive essay, give at least three arguments in favor of your thesis, mention the scholars who had similar points of view, use facts, statistical information, quotations. Don’t forget to mention opposing argumentation, explaining why this or that idea is wrong or out of place. Conclusion. Give a summarized retelling of what you consider to be proved by your essay. Say why you think it to be the best solution of the problem. In conclusion, we may add that this type of academic writing is very much like persuasive and argumentative essays and many tips on writing them coincide. http://www.essay-writing-tips.com/types-... http://www.writemypapers.org/examples-an...

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