Got depression advice?

Got depression advice? Topic: Got depression advice?
June 16, 2019 / By Cleopatra
Question: I think that I am dealing with depression, and I may have been dealing with it for a while now. It's been on and off and has proven to be circumstantial, and not always coming on strong, but for the past two years, it has hit me quite hard. I don't find things that I used to find entertaining fun. For example, I used to love drawing. I enjoyed drawing anything, from marines battling in space to dense forest to a dusty old piece of 60's era furnature in my grandmother's house (:P). I had started to become very good, but suddenly, my creative mind took a nosedive and I became boring and uninspired. I also tried picking up Martial Arts but the past year or two, my will to physically exert myself has also crashed. Guitar is my favorite instrument, but I can't think of any music, and my guitar playing has been reduced to occasionally practicing a famous artists work in hopes of gaining or at least maintaining skill. I have even started to lose interest in video-games, aside from the cold and skill-related pvp matches in Call of Duty. Video-games used to be the most fun to me of all things. Now I show no real interest in anything. Those were my main things, I've lost interest in many other activities, and I'm left with almost nothing. I have also have had trouble getting up in the morning, completing tasks that involve getting ready for the day, and making friends. This has had an extremely large impact on my depression, and is the reason that I am up at 1AM typing this up. I didn't awake until 2PM when my courteously ordered me to wake up. There are many causes of my current state, be it labeled depression, but my stepmom and dad can be described as ruthless, suffocating, spiteful, and strict. My mom doesn't have the will or the way to help with any of this, as far as I know. I'm tired of being labeled as a weirdo with problems, so I'd rather not see a school councelor. What should I do? See a therapist? I am not willing to take medicine. I took ADD medicine and I was depressed then too as a side effect.
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Belita Belita | 4 days ago
It is difficult to formulate a definite diagnosis based on reading what a stranger wrote on YA. However, I suffer from major depression and anxiety, and it certainly seems you have many signs of depression. Loss of interest in things that you used to enjoy so much is one sign of depression. Trouble getting up in the AM and trouble making friends are also part of depression. If you don't want to see a school counselor, having a consultation with an outside therapist is probably your best bet. He/she might recommend therapy, and some therapists suggest alternative health approaches to depresssion. I have found exercise one of the most powerful antidepressants, better than medication or anything else. I am sorry about the problems with your family. However, in some ways, this could be a good sign. When depression occurs for no external reason, it is usually due to heredity or a biochemical imbalance in the brain. When depression is due to social (family) factors, there is more likely a chance for recovery. In some parts of the country, there are also support groups where you can discuss your issues with others who have similar problems. That could be helpful. I wish you the best.
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Belita Originally Answered: How to avoid depression once again? any advice?
You need to let go of him. He does not seem to be right for you, at all. He's made you feel depressed and hopeless and you don't need someone like that in your life right now. You have to find strength within and be happy on your own. Go out more, hang out with friends, spend more time with family, SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE AND ENERGY. Darling, you need that right now. If it's over, break it off already. Remind yourself you are strong and beautiful and capable of finding happiness within. Listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite movie, do things you like. Smiling also helps bring happiness within. You will be fine, I know it. And please don't kill yourself. You have a lot to live for, trust me.

Adreea Adreea
The first month or two were the hardest for me. I tried breast feeding too, but was constantly doing it. The blinds were always shut because I always had my top off, I never got out because the baby always needed to be fed, and would take his sweet time, plus I didnt want to nurse in public.. I started to feel depressed too, and felt very discouraged and just miserable. Finally I gave up breastsfeeding and it was the best thing I ever did. I am by far a better mother because of it. I get outside and see the sun and fresh air, I go walking with a friend. My baby finishes a bottle much quicker. If you can and want to, try switching to formula. Teach your husband to hold the baby. He will learn, and babies are built tougher than we think. Maybe next time a relative wants to come see the baby, you can ask them to 'see' the baby for a few hours while you catch some sleep. You could try pumping if it needs to be fed during that time. Just try and HANG IN THERE!!!! It does get better! The baby will eventually sleep longer through the night, not eat as often, and he's about half way there for giving his first smile for his Mom. Hang in there, if things don't get better, seek help from someone that can really help you.
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Terence Terence
You seem to be dealing with a lot of issues. Sometimes people are so depressed that there is a chemical imbalance in the brain and medication can help. I've heard that St. John's Wort, a herbal med you can get over the counter, helps with depression. Exercise is a natural anti-depressant but I'm not sure how to get you motivated. I think part of your depression is that you have no control over your living situation with your step mom and dad. One day you will grow up and can leave and be free to do what you want. Hang on to that. What you are going through will pass. Make plans on becoming independent. Try to get a job and save up money so you can move. Learn to drive. Learn a skill. One day you will look back on this and be living a different life. Take care!
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Pierre Pierre
See a theripist because just talking about it helps, but choose carefully on who you choose because you want the best thing for you. Accept you have issues because anyone who doesnt (including your dad and stepmom) think they have issues usually bottle them up and are embarrest about them- don't be like that because that kind of thing leads to failure in relationships and friendships. Talk to a doctor about your sleeping, you might have insomnia or your current depression is not allowing you to sleep. My best advice is to spend little time online because I have noticed alot of people in your position spend a lot of time alone online. Throw yourself back into things you loved to do or new things. You could just be hitting a hill but you should see a doctor about your current medication for ADD that could be causing your depression (Myself does not take medication and didnt in my worse of times- I don't recomend it because of how difficult it was but I did get through and I am mentally stable with anything that gets thrown at me whether its a family death or a relationship break.) Don't accept that pills will always work, everyone thinks if they take a pill, it will fix things but you need to realize true happiness is only for the people who work hard for it. Hope this helps.
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Mahala Mahala
See a therapist. No one can make you take meds. Get in some sunshine and try to see one positive thing a day. I am depressed myself, and am just BARELY coming in and out of it. I find that even though it is hard to get up and get going, if I keep myself busy, it's less time to think about how sad I am.
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Mahala Originally Answered: Advice about college depression.?
You sound very anxious (and depressed). I strongly recommend finding a therapist who can help you cope with your anxiety and depression -- it sounds like you have a lot of pressure that you are carrying on your shoulders, you worry a lot, you are in a rut, and at this time you are a bit paralyzed from all of it. You need a therapist who can help you address the anxiety and depression; it sounds like you haven't met anyone who can address your difficulties from that angle yet. If the college counseling center is not offering you what you need, you can ask for a referral for someone off-campus. The right person will be able to explain to you what is not working out for you and give you strategies for effectively coping with it. Good luck, and hang in there!

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