HELP!-I don't know what's going on with my.?

HELP!-I don't know what's going on with my.? Topic: HELP!-I don't know what's going on with my.?
June 20, 2019 / By Clover
Question: computer!---Whatever's showing on my monitor at the time has a tendency to slide down the screen! For example, if I'm looking at my browser page of Yahoo, the page starts sliding down and I can't even see my 'Start' button, etc. below, also there are some horizontal static lines appearing as the page starts sliding. Can you please tell me what to do????---I've already run a spy and virus check with my security 'lock icon'........and at the end, this is what it states, 'There were problems in the include file: C:\Prog.Files\Sec.Covg.Help&Support Center\spywarescan\Includes\Trojans.sbi .............Thank you for your earliest response to my call for help!
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Bell Bell | 5 days ago
Well, you could have many problems, not the least of which being you have an imager virus that is thrashing your computer. Another problem could be your computer itself. If you're running a Dell Vista...especially a laptop, you could be suffering from a whole host of monitor issues....some that could be simply solved by reinstalling your monitor drivers, others that could only be resolved by replacing the monitor. If you do actually have a virus, I suggest you either try this site: http://www.freebyte.com/antivirus/ or this one: free.avg.com for a scanner that will clean your computer. A third problem could be, if you're running a desktop, that your monitor is too old for your computer. If that's the case, just get a newer monitor. And, finally, again a monitor issue, you could have your display settings set incorrectly....in which case you need to access Display from the Control Panel and re-set them so that they are correct.
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Adreana Adreana
Have you checked the monitor connection for any bent pins? If the antivirus doesn't pick up anything, try hitting a button on the monitor that leads to settings. If that slides down with the rest of the desktop, then you probably have a defective monitor. Check to see if the power connection is stable and that the cord to and from your monitor and computer is secure with no damage.
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Terrance Terrance
Um... sorry to say this but your computer has been infected badly!! The only thing to do to resolve this problem is to restore your whole computer to manufacture settings! If you have any questions how to restore your computer just email me!!
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