How long did Obama study Marx?

How long did Obama study Marx? Topic: How long did Obama study Marx?
June 16, 2019 / By Coleen
Question: In 1988 Davidson founded Networking for Democracy (NFD), a program encouraging high-school students to engage in "mass action" aimed at "tearing down the old structures of race and class privilege" in the U.S. "and around the world." In 1992 he became a leader of the newly formed Committees of Correspondence, a Marxist coalition of former Maoists, Trotskyists, and members of the Communist Party USA. In the mid-1990s Davidson was a major player in the Chicago branch of a Marxist political coalition known as the New Party, whose endorsement Obama actively sought -- and received -- for his Illinois state senate run in 1996. Moreover, Obama used a number of New Party volunteers as campaign workers. Obama's 1996 senate campaign also secured the endorsement of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the largest socialist organization in the United States and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. Obama's affiliation with DSA was longstanding, as evidenced by his
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Belynda Belynda | 9 days ago
Obama's mother was an expert in the filed of MArxism. Obama writes about his first mentor, the famous pedophile and Marxist "Uncle" Frank Marshall Davis, in his book. Obama writes about how "Uncle" Frank took him under his wing and taught him the Marxist way. I believe that most people do not do any of their own research into the candidates. Obama has been a Marxist since he was a teen, mentored by "Uncle" Frank Marshall Davis and Obama has never stopped believing it is the way. Obama was an active, registered member of both the Communist and Socialist parties when he was a resident of Hawaii and Illinois. The church Obama associated with for over 20 years is a self-acclaimed bastion of Black Liberation Theology (BLT). (See link below) BLT is simply Marxism dressed up to *look* like Christianity. They take a few passages from the bible and twist them to their own political agenda and they study those few passages. BLT is an offshoot of Liberation Theology, which was created about 50 years ago in South America. It was Che Guevara’s (a Marxist leader) way of mobilizing the Christian society to his movement. Che Guevara and Luis Farrakhan (also a Marxist) are heroes of Barack Obama’s. Obama had a flag of Che Guevara up in his campaign office and Obama was instrumental in having Luis Farrakhan be given the highest honor his church would ever bestow upon an individual. This happened just last year. About Marxism. I suggest you look it up. It looks good on paper. The main tenet goes something like this, "from each according to their ability and to each according to their need." The thing is, when goods and services are handed out to people, those who have the most ability no longer rise to produce their best. And those who have little ability decide not to contribute at all! Communist societies continue to fail. Look up Marxism, Che Guevara, and Luis Farrakhan and see if you want someone who is their true believer to be your leader. If you don't understand what Obama's ideals have to do with Communism and Socialism, then please do a little of your own research into him instead of buying his propaganda, line and sinker. You can start here: http://www.aim.org/aim-column/obamas-glo... The whole idea is scary. Tax the US citizens an additional amount (equal to 0.7% of the GNP) for the specific purpose of giving it to an international governance, which will then spend the money however they want! We don’t get a say in it at all! Then, take a look at paragraph 8. It refers to other documents. You need to know what is in them, but the Global Tax bill does something else. It takes away our right to bear *small* arms. That's right SMALL arms. Why do you think a government would want its people to be unarmed??? FURTHERMORE: Even his voting record gives it away. BOTH Obama and Biden are further to the left, per their voting records, than the ONLY self-proclaimed Socialist in Congress, Bernie Sanders of Vermont. He is what he is. Just because many people fail to see it does not mean it isn't true.
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Adriane Adriane
Well, I don't know how long he studied it, but I know that his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a Marxist. I have studied Marx myself, having majored in history. His philosophy looks great on paper. But we have examples, like Soviet Russia and China, which show the extreme ills of communist systems. A communist system would work in a perfect world. But this world is not perfect, and as we have seen throughout history, communism will inevitably fail, due to corruption that is inherent in human nature. So in essence, having Marxist beliefs, and supporting Protectionism (which was supported during the Soviet Terror) is not very intelligent. It's idealistic and hopeful...but not intelligent. EDIT: Amen, Canam.
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Tex Tex
About the same amount of time you did, if you went to school. Perhaps you were home-schooled? Because while Obama's politics might be "left of center" in the American scheme of things, they are nowhere even close to Marxism! Marxism would be things like, oh, I don't know, taxing everyone to raise money to bail out a failing State banking system? Something like that?
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Placid Placid
Most of his life. His mentors, friends, and heroes, Marshall Davis, Sail Alinsky, Bill Ayers, etc. were all Marxists. I am opposed to Marxism having read the Communist Manifesto and witnessed history for the last sixty years. Therefore, people who are dedicated to making our nation in the failed model of Marxism; with it's associated poverty, suffering, misery, and death (to those in opposition), just aren't attractive to me as mentors, heroes, or friends. I personally tend to hang with people who's heroes are Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Hancock, Lincoln - - - - get my drift?
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Mahlon Mahlon
I'm not sure. I assume, though, that he studied Marx's ideas at some point as do most other college students. Of course, being familiar with another person's ideas and giving those ideas honest consideration does not mean that you agree with them. Somehow, I suspect that you don't understand that and are trying to sling as much BS at the wall as possible, hoping that some of it will stick. How about you? Have you studied Marx or are you blathering about something of which you're ignorant?
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Jem Jem
Obama studied with Marx for the entire period that he was in Russia. Marx is yet another one of his questionable associations.!
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Gemini Gemini
As long as all other college educated people have. How long have you studied Marx? Have you ever studied Hitler? Have you ever studied Plato? I doubt it. However had you, you wouldn't be any of them.
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