What is group therapy like? What are some things that will happen in a session?

What is group therapy like? What are some things that will happen in a session? Topic: What is group therapy like? What are some things that will happen in a session?
June 16, 2019 / By Colene
Question: I'm going to join a teen therapy group thing because of some things that happened and my regular therapist suggested it... Anyway, I was wondering what it would be like, what would happen in a normal session (or whatever it's called) Also, am I going to have to tell people about me and my life, why I'm there, etc. if I don't want to? If you have any information about it I'd like to hear it. Thanks
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Benjamina Benjamina | 1 day ago
Depends on the group, the therapy it's intended to provide, the other people in the group, and the therapists guiding the session. Most outpatient group therapy starts with an "Orientation Group", that gives you a feel for what group therapy is all about. In "Orientation Group", you can expect to introduce yourself, and talk about what led you to try group therapy in the first place. This group will also give the therapists working at the facility an idea of what groups will give you the most benefit. In my experience, it will last 3-4 sessions, or a week. Other groups (for example, ones I've been in) are almost like a school course, but less formal and more open to discussion. A group with a name like "Stress Management" might consist of two therapists educating group members about stress and stress management techniques while group members discuss techniques that work for them, or don't work for them. Something like that will last around 6 weeks. Something more in depth (like Cognitive Behavior Therapy) will last several months. You will be given in-group exercises where you'll describe real life situations where you're having problems, and the group will try to help you deal with it in a more constructive way. Between sessions, you will likely have "homework" in which you are to document your behavior and thoughts, and how you're trying to deal with it on your own without the group's input... until the next session anyways. Then there's the really intensive groups (for instance, Reality Therapy) which have no real structure, but encourage brutal honesty among members. These kind of groups have no real beginning or end, but members will come and go as they progress and no longer "need" group therapy. First and foremost, know that if you are not comfortable sharing something, you are under no obligation to do it. However, you only get back what you put in. If you don't share, you won't get much benefit from the sessions. All groups have rules, and those rules vary a little from group to group, but one common element in all groups is Confidentiality. What's said in group, stays in group.
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Benjamina Originally Answered: what was your first counseling/therapy session like? Did you originally want to go?
It's really fun actually. But the BIG trick is to find the right person to go to. There's so many bad therapists! What happens is that there's all these crazy people who want to solve their problems - so they go into psychology.... they never solve their problems, but they get a degree and say they can help you with YOUR problems... What you get are "blind" therapists who really don't want to hear your thoughts and feelings - they want to feed you some per-programed crap they learned in school. See if you can avoid those types!! But it's hard to know. What you want is a therapist who will listen and think - isn't trying to get you hooked on dope - keeps good notes - takes a look at your dreams. Therapy is a game of 'evidence" where you weigh out the contents of your life and try to understand them. And when you understand, your fears and depression will gradually evaporate. But the bottom line is understanding.
Benjamina Originally Answered: what was your first counseling/therapy session like? Did you originally want to go?
That first answer was very good. I just want to add that there is a world of difference between choosing to go to therapy and when you are ordered by the courts. Government-hired mental health clinicians are not, IMOBOE,in their careers for the patients. It is just a job. They see so many people that do not get a chance for therapy elsewhere yet they have to show results or lose their jobs.Results come mainly from behavioral psychology methods and though they may seem effective, the root problems must be eviscerated from a patient and that is painful, slow and may open all old wounds at once. It is almost like putting a bandaid on a wound without cleaning it. Infections set in and can kill you, for what appeared as 'just a scratch on the surface"

Adriannah Adriannah
The group I was in was more informal -mostly discussion, and the group members pretty much brought up the topics. my group was moderated by a therapist. I found the group therapy to be more helpful than individual counseling.
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Thaddeus Thaddeus
At a scientific care cession their is a counselor and you assert what is going on why your their are you having issues and the therapist will help. to illustrate: a pair is combating a lot and in addition they see a therapist and doubtless the therapist will propose divorce and then the couple is happier and does not combat anymore. so because it relatively is in reality what occurs you tell hey and then after some cessions you get some innovations and often the priority get's fixed.
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Thaddeus Originally Answered: What would happen to me in therapy?
I go to a therapist every Wednesday. It's like a visit with a friend. My therapist is a psychiatrist (which is an MD), who is also trained in psychoanalytics, which is a specific kind of philosophical idea about why we behave the way we do. She doesn't write anything down during our visits. I go to her office, which has a couple of large & comfortable leather chairs, and we chat. She told me I don't need to do anything special to prepare for the visit each week. She said whatever comes to my mind to talk about is what I should talk about. I often work things out in her office because I'm focused on things that are in the top of my mind, and I have no distractions or interruptions during our hour together. You would be surprised what comes out during the visits once you build up a trusting relationship. I wonder why you don't think you need therapy? I think everyone does! Life is a tough road, and who doesn't get confused sometimes? Who wouldn't benefit from someone who has studied about human behavior and offers guidance and insights into who we are becoming, etc.? It's sad that you are throwing up your meals. If this is true, then you need not just therapy, but intensive therapy. You've only done it for six months--is that supposed to mean it's not a big deal? You are truly in denial, g/f. I don't think you can stop. You are truly in denial. Get a clue, tell you mom you want to be set up with a short course of psychotherapy for "some things that are bothering you right now". You don't have to tell her what they are, but she will want to know. Tell her that you'd like to talk to the therapist first, and maybe you will share with you mom after you are able to explain better. How's that?

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