Is this section Pointless?

Is this section Pointless? Topic: Is this section Pointless?
June 20, 2019 / By Columbine
Question: Every question here is either something you can look up in 10 seconds on wikipedia, or an essay that no-one is ever going to do for you anyway. Why cant people do their own homework, in this regard? Is this topic really just for people to get points to add to their profile, or do they really want to help dumb people who don't know how to use google properly. Does any1 else agree? This section is pointless?
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Bernice Bernice | 6 days ago
If what you say is true then I guess it is pointless because if it just takes 10 seconds to look up then i guess it's just a place to get points. P.S Nemo is my nickname and i'll fight to the death for it. ~sig~ 7 days without soccer makes one weak
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Bernice Originally Answered: Isn't homework pointless?
It is completely pointless! It is just busy work. It is SO annoying that teachers give us like SO much homework! AGH! And later on in life. I am not going to use any of that information!

Aerynn Aerynn
I really don't think it is pointless... just misused sometimes. What I think is interesting is how you can determine what most high school teachers are covering at a given time by the information that is being asked about. (IE. Hitler, the Holocaust and WWII have been biggies for the past few weeks.) I do agree that many of the things are easily looked up. Sometimes the questioner is looking for simple answers that could be found if they would just look in their textbook... but... and this is a big BUT.... If a teacher goes over information and the students don't understand their explanation, I don't mind to hit the high spots again. I have no problem with explaining to the homework seekers a topic in much the same way I would explain it to my students. People learn in different ways and maybe the way their instructor explained it just didn't click. I am more than willing to go over it just one more time for someone. :)
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Theobald Theobald
This section gives a wide spectrum of answers from people of all different perspectives. I agree it may be abused by some but I think there are people using it for a legitimate interest in history who don't have hours to spend researching different sites in order to get a broad view of a topic.
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Prince Prince
It's scary that people don't know how to look up very simple questions--Wiki is good for most things, and there are always other references. If they would do work on their own, they might then have more pointed questions to refine an answer. I despair of the people who put up their entire take-home test!
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Malachy Malachy
nope.. lazy people homework section.. okay I am being only a bit harsh. There are some legit questions on here. Sometimes you need a hint on a research topic....most of the time though......
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Malachy Originally Answered: Do you agree homework is pointless?
I suppose you could extend class time so that you have the opportunity of getting the necessary required work done on school premises. School attendance times have certainly decreased over the past 50 years - maybe the teachers need more time to get their prep time done and to take a break from the kids. One of the points of doing homework is to make a continuous assessment of how you are doing and what has actually sunk into your brain. Unfortunately, by the time this sinks in, it's too late and there is another teen on the scrapheap of the Benefits system.

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