solve this and make the Lord happy?

solve this and make the Lord happy? Topic: solve this and make the Lord happy?
June 16, 2019 / By Comfort
Question: Compare the circumferences and the areas of three circles that have radii of 1, 2, and 3 units. Determine a rule for what happens to circumferences and areas when the radius of circle is multiplied by some number, x.
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Berniece Berniece | 7 days ago
Matt's analysis is correct. Bravo to him. But I think you are looking for something a little less technical. Given for circumference, C= Pi D which is C= 2 Pi R and for area A=Pi R squared. Watch the values change for both of these functions. R =_1_|_2_|_3_|_4__|_5__|__9__|_10 C = 2p.|.4p.|..6p.|..8p...|.10p.|.18p..|.20p A = ...p.|.4p.|..9p.|.16p.|..25p.|.81p.|.100... We see that the area changes by the square of the change in R, while the circumference changes by 2R. So when R doubles, C grows by 2 while A grows by 2 squared. When R triples, C grows by 3 while A grows by 3 squared. So theres a pattern; Circumference change is equal to the multiplier and Area change is equal the square of the multiplier. If you still need help on the trib problem, send a message and I will use another approach. TC
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Affrica Affrica
C=2(r)PI C1 = 2PI C2 = 4PI C3 = 6PI The rule for circumference is if r = xr where x is some number, you can just make C = 2xrPI where r is the initial radius and x is the scalar multiple A=PI*r² A1 = PI A2 = 4PI A3 = 9PI Again, make r = rx when r is the initial radius and x is the scalar: A = PI*x²r² is the new function using a scalar
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Theodore Theodore
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