I need help with a little homework.PLEASE HELP ME?

I need help with a little homework.PLEASE HELP ME? Topic: I need help with a little homework.PLEASE HELP ME?
July 20, 2019 / By Concordia
Question: I Need a good research topic for my research paper. Please give me some ideas. Greatly appreciated. It's for my world history class. (just a hint: dont say nothing disrespectful telling me to get my own ideas. i just did 4 research projects so i'm all out .... smart allics)
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Best Answers: I need help with a little homework.PLEASE HELP ME?

Berry Berry | 8 days ago
Hi, Here are a few subjects that you should be able to find an ample amount of information on: Jesse James Billy the Kid Capital Punishment (death sentence) Homicide William Shakespear Dogs(pick any breed) Cats(same here) The Salem Witch Hunt Ummmm....... Computers(pick a manufacturer) Hope I helped... I know how hard picking a topic can be and I wish you the best of luck! :-)
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Berry Originally Answered: I need help with femine divine homework. please I had surgery wednesday didnt read syallbus homework due now?
Here's a scholarly article by Asphodel P. Long -- "The Goddess In Judiasm." http://www.asphodel-long.com/html/goddes... Then just put "Myth of Sophia" into Google & pick whatever. i personally am very fond of John L. Lash's treatment of the myth. http://www.metahistory.org/GAIA SOPHIA/mythos/Gaia_Story.php http://www.metahistory.org/GAIA SOPHIA/mythos/Gaia_Story8thru16.php There are, of course, scads of other Divine Feminine myths. 19 hours ago you posted your question. Looks like this will be too late!

Affricah Affricah
pick something you enjoy doing e.g. if you like listening to music you could study a type of music or the history of music...same with dance or art. Also you could pick a country that you find interesting/want to visit...or a theme from your favorite book.
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Thom Thom
haha the guy suggested France. well lets just say they would be the "weakest" country to do research on. If its on anything i would research the Holocaust or something to give more interest on how morbid the earth can be.
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Quin Quin
Hi, How about how casinos have changed the lives of Native Americans........... Without sort of info as to subject, that is the best I can do for you.
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Malcom Malcom
Whats really in fast food restaurants? that would work great! Here's some more: Florida cultures. Your culture. The inventor of things too.
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Jerald Jerald
I ould do something with history, like the holocaust or WWII...But thats because I like history, do something you like
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Gerrard Gerrard
i just did a reseach paper on abortion, lots of information and articles out there to use... give it a try
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Gerrard Originally Answered: Should homework be eliminated? A school in California has stopped issuing homework to its students.?
No, I think that homework should not be eliminated as there are many students who do not grasp what is taught in school immediately, through homework they manage to grasp what was taught earlier. Doing revision through homework is a good thing provided here are no sites that do the homework for you. A student who is sincere will do the homework sincerely and thus get good knowledge and power, as knowledge is power.

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