What should I do for a job?

What should I do for a job? Topic: What should I do for a job?
June 16, 2019 / By Connie
Question: Am sort of depressed and disoriented with a lot of things right now...so I want to take up a job till am ready to go again (since I can't remain jobless for long). Any suggestions are welcome!! mebbe this will help you get in my head - 1. I love writing and mainly witty, sarcastic writing. 2. I love challenges 3. I love doing creative things. 4. I truly enjoy teaching. But - 1. I hate anything to do with routine. 2. I, at this moment, cannot take any big responsibility 3. I don't want long working hours. 4. I can't deal with pressure. I started out with advertising, till I got bummed out. At this moment, I thought writing stories for a magazine would be perfect...but there aren't many magazines in my city. thanks for answering!!
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Berta Berta | 9 days ago
you should start your own blog and point editors to your url to look at your writing. This of course would all be for free, but there are ways that you can be paid to write too on a freelance basis. You can work the hours that you want, write about what you are interested in and write for big companies and specialised magazines. A site that I would really recommend and have had a lot of success with is Real Writing Jobs. Here is the link: http://www.realwritingjobs.com/cb/?hop=r... You will get paid to write articles, short stories, blogging etc. It is a great way to save money and get recognised by great companies, good luck!
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Affrika Affrika
If you want to write stories for magazines, you can do that freelance. We have the internet, it doesn't matter if you they are in your city or not. I suggest you pick a few magazines you would like to write for and then check with them for their policy on submitting articles/stories. This is something you could do at your own pace, and would still allow you creativity, a challenge, and a way of teaching people about new things--although not in the traditional sense. You can set your own hours and there won't be any big pressure except that whichyou would put on yourself. Sounds like the perfect thing to do while you get other areas of your life the time and attention they need. Good luck!
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Thomas Thomas
Well you sound very creative so why dont you look for online writing jobs as there are loads of them and it does not matter what city you live in.
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