homework help! three questions?

homework help! three questions? Topic: homework help! three questions?
June 16, 2019 / By Conradine
Question: 1.eddie listened to 3/4 of a podcast into 5/6 hour.at this rate, how long will it take eddie to listen to the entire podcast? 2. the two congruent sides of an isoscels triangle each measure 3² + 2 centimeters. third side measure 4b-5 centimeters. what is the perimeter, in centimeters, of this triangle? 3. a group of 5 friends spent a total of $18 on a bottle of juice and a package of dried fruit for each of them. each juice cost $1.25. each package of dried fruit cost the same amount. what was the cost of each package of dried fruit? i really need help and thanks for anybody who is going to show me the work and explain it. :D
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Bertha Bertha | 10 days ago
1: From the first sentence you should see a ratio. "Eddie listened to (3/4 of a podcast) in (5/6 hour)". There is a ratio of (3/4 podcast)/(5/6 hour) The same ratio can also be written as (5/6 hour)/(3/4 podcast) The reason you want to know that the ratio can be used either way is that the rest of the problem defines what else you know and what you want to find. "How long will it take Eddie to listen to the entire podcast." What you want to find is "how long" so we know the answer will be a time(hours). And the other thing you know, (which is almost hidden) is that Eddie listens to (1 podcast). If it said "Eddie listened to the entire 1 podcast, how long did it take", it would have been a little easier to see the additional information and what you need to find. Sometimes, you need to really look for the information in the words. Anyway, we now have a rate of either: (3/4 podcast)/(5/6 hour) or (5/6 hour)/(3/4 podcast) We also have additional information of (1 podcast) and we know that we an answer in time (which will be in hours). Words can be used just like variables in the way you cancel out things. So if take (hours/podcast) * (podcasts) we get (hours*podcasts)/podcasts Then the podcasts cancel out and out answer is in hours. So take ((5/6 hour)/)3/4 podcast)) * (1 podcast) = x hours. We now have the formula, all we need to do not is solve ((5/6)/(3/4)) * 1 = ((5/6)/(3/4)) To divide by a fraction, multiply by the inverse (5/6)*(4/3) = Multiply the numerators and multiply the denominators (5*4)/6*3) = 20/18 = 10/9 So you answer is 1 and 1/9 hours. Now if the first sentence had been the same and the rest of the problem said "Eddie stopped listening after 1 hour, how much of the podcast did he listen to?" You would know that the additional information is 1 hour and the answer is in podcasts. So then you would need a ratio with the podcast on top like this: (3/4 podcast)/(5/6 hour) * (1 hour) = x podcasts. So how to use the ratio depends on the additional information you receive and what you want the answer to be in (hours or podcasts). 2: 3x3x3=9 +2=11-1 side 11*2=22-both sides 180-22=158-3rd side 3: 5 * 1.25 = $6.25 18 - 6.25 = $11.75, which is the amount left to buy 5 dried fruit packages So 11.75/5 = $2.35 for each package of dried fruit. :D
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Bertha Originally Answered: chemistry homework help?! i promise ill answer one of your questions! only 5 questions, 10 points ;)?
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Affrikah Affrikah
1. (5/6) : (3/4) = (5/6) x (4/3) = 20/18 = 10/9 hour 10/9 x 60 minutes ~= 66,7 minutes He will listen the entire podcast in 66.7 minutes. 3. 18 - 5x1.25 = 18 - 6.25 = 11.75 --- the total cost without the juices 11.75 : 5 = 2.35 ---- divide the total cost of the packages of dried fruit by the 5 friends. Each package of dried fruit cost 2.35.
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Thorley Thorley
There are 60 minutes in an hour, so 1/6 of an hour = 10 minutes. So 5/6 of an hour = 50 minutes. Three quarters takes 50 minutes, so one quarter takes about 16.7 minutes to listen to. (50 ÷ 3 = 16.67) 3 quarters @ 16.7 minutes per each quarter = 50.1 minutes (almost 50 minutes, with a small error due to rounding). 4 quarters @ around 16.7 minutes per quarter = 66.8 minutes approximately. A close estimate would be 50 minutes for the first 3 quarters + about 17 minutes more for the final quarter of the podcast. Answer: At the given rate, it would take about 67 minutes (1 hour and 7 minutes) to listen to the entire podcast. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The perimeter of a figure is the sum of its sides. (Don't get the concept of "perimeter" mixed up with the fact that the sum of all the ANGLES (not sides) is 180° (degrees, not centimeters) A triangle has 3 sides, and you have been given the measurements in centimeters of all three sides. (1st side) + (2nd side) + (3rd side) (  3² + 2 ) + (  3² + 2  ) + (  4b - 5  ) 1) Solve the exponents, so the numbers are like this: ( 9 + 2 ) + ( 9 + 2 ) + ( 4b - 5 ) 2) Clear the parentheses by combining the like terms After you combine 9 and 2 (two times), you get this 11 + 11 + 4b - 5 3) Combine like terms After you combine 11 and 11 and - 5, you get this: 4b + 17 ☜ -- answer Answer: The perimeter of the triangle is 4b + 17 cm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $18 for 5 people means $3.60 each (18 ÷ 5 = 3.6) Each person spent $1.25 on juice and the rest on dried fruit. $3.60 ☜-- each person's money - 1.25 ☜-- spent on juice -------- $2.35 for dried fruit ☜-- answer Answer: Each packet of dried fruit cost $2.35 CHECK   $2.35 for dried fruit ☜-- answer + 1.25 for water ☜-- given ---------  $3.60 each person ×      5 people --------- $18 ✔
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