How should I dress for church tomorrow?

How should I dress for church tomorrow? Topic: How should I dress for church tomorrow?
June 16, 2019 / By Cora
Question: I am planning on going to church tomorrow by myself because advance auto is making my mom work all day, but i dont know what i should wear! I am kinda a big boy almost 300lbs 18 years old, this will be my very first time at church :) i just dont know if i should dress up like im going to a prom or wear blue jeans and a dress shirt? help me! didnt expect so many Godless trolls... but thanks to the ppl that actually answered me :)
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Bertred Bertred | 2 days ago
It may be too late tonight but you could call the pastor (if his or her number is listed). He or she would be glad to tell you. Some people have asked me the same thing (what should I wear?) and I tell them to dress comfortably. It isn't my job as pastor to be a member of the fashion police! If you have a pair of comfortable dress slacks (business casual?) then nobody should say a thing about that. If not, then the jeans should be fine. If you came to my church, you would be welcomed as a guest and treated like a friend! One other thing, perhaps you know someone from school or work who goes to that church? They could tell you exactly all you might need to know. Here's hoping you have a good time at church tomorrow. Tell us about it, won't you?
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Bertred Originally Answered: Is a black dress shirt and light gray dress pants considered to be business attire?
A black shirt is difficult to pull off, particularly without a jacket (unless you are going for the pimp look). I recommend a blue dress shirt (almost a baby bluish color) you could pair this with brown or black accessories (i.e. shoes and belt) to go with your light gray pants.

Africa Africa
You can wear whatever is comfortable. True christians won't judge you by what you wear, just be yourself and enjoy hearing the word of god!
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Thurston Thurston
Why not wear one of those t-shirts that makes you look like you have a six pack? You could score the pastor's daughter with that.
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Quinn Quinn
Come As You Are, even if your water cuts off tomorrow morning and you **** and piss yourself tonight
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Manley Manley
I wear blue jeans and a polo shirt or blue jeans and a dress shirt. God does not care about how you look on the outside. He cares about your heart and that you are going. So what is it that is making you want to go to church tomorrow? Just curious - Message me
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Manley Originally Answered: To Church of God or Pentecostal Church members: Do you make your daughters wear dresses?
My daughters were dresses and skirts. I have never been told of them being unmodest in them either.As far as it being a cult lol no it isnt. I bought my daughter jeans and shorts she didnt want to wear them so I gave her a choice. As far as the other children picking on her that has happened. That is the fought of the parents. Children who parents cant afford nice clothes go through even more torment. My daughter handeled the kids well she asked them why do they wear jeans all the time? One little girl said she would love to wear a skirt every once in awhile but her parents wont let her. In this society there is so many different cultures and faith. If a child is muslim and wears a parka little is said but a christian child who wears a skirt is a big nono. I teach my children to respect and be kind to all. If all parents would take the time to teach there kids that this wouldnt be a problem. Also back in the 50's girls only wore skirts it was a rule. So why now is it such a big deal now? A young lady can wear skin tight jeans and having them showing her thongs and thats accepted, but if one is wearing a modest long skirt its rejected. The reason is the one in jeans is fitting into society(the world) better. Clothes as the years go by are getting more and more revealing. I guess as long as the world approves it its ok. I am apostolic pentecostal and we dont care about fitting into the world we only care to please God. But I will admit some dress very very old fashion. I will say my girls clothes are fashionable and modest. But to the ones who dress very old fashion that is there right. In my church we have ladies who wear pants and nothing is said. This is not a requirement to come to God its a choice each young lady must make. Yes its in our doctrine but is only advised if it is layed on one hearts to do so. If you feel fine in pants wear them if you dont then dont. When in society is christians going to be accepted. As far as the teachers I had one problem with one. This lady harassed me till we moved. Mainly because I refused to heed to her notes about my daughter wearing skirts. Got to the point I contacted a lawyer. But being a christian I moved. And solved the problem. I asked the teacher if we were muslim and she wore a parka would you care. Her answer is of course not thats muslims. LOL This is america if a person wants to wear a fig leaf they have every right to do so and not worry about being judged. People think we judge because of how we look but I think its obvious we are the ones being judged and labeled. I hope after reading this people will think twice before judging a person. Remember if God will love and accept a woman in a micro-mini He will also love and accept a woman in a long skirt.If christians would stop attacking each other and attack the real enemy many many more souls would come to Jesus. Be blessed all in Jesus name.

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