I need to know about drugs.experienced adults or older teens are preferred, please read inside?

I need to know about drugs.experienced adults or older teens are preferred, please read inside? Topic: I need to know about drugs.experienced adults or older teens are preferred, please read inside?
June 25, 2019 / By Coralie
Question: ok, i know drugs (like heroin and crack) are horrible substances and do horrible things to you if you use them but...i dont know where else to turn.. i told my family i would never use such things but..it seems that today sex and drugs are the essential elements needed to make rock stars. im currently not useing anything, im 14 and have never tried drugs, sex or alchohol before. you really need to know me personaly to understand where im coming from and no im not interested in meeting you online.. i need help.. my idols are the Red Hot Chili Peppers and maybe youd understand me better if you were a fan yourself. They went through terrible hardships to get to were they are today... i just dont know what to do... give me any advice you have please?
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Best Answers: I need to know about drugs.experienced adults or older teens are preferred, please read inside?

Bess Bess | 4 days ago
I find it very disturbing that you feel you have to resort to sex or drugs in order to fulfill your dreams. Despite what you think there are many rock stars who don't use drugs. First of all I want to start out by saying that sex is for married people. Take your time and enjoy your childhood and don't let your friends or anyone else pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do. Secondly everyone on Yahoo may not have good intentions so in the future refrain from using your age. Last but not least. No matter what your problem or question is, illegal drugs are never the answer. Drugs cause problems. They never solve them. As you grow older you will find that their is more to life than fame and money. If you want to turn to anything, let it be God. If it is truly meant for you to be a rock star, God will make a way for that to happen for you and you won't have to do drugs or compromise your moral values to achieve it. This is the cave man signing out. I will be praying for you. Peace.
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Bess Originally Answered: Adults(teens too): As a teen, how do I deal with all (sexually)harassing adults?
How well I remember this! It was awful. Start by practising a few well chosen statements, like: Stop it - you're embarrassing me! Or even: "Are you flirting with me?" which they will of course deny. And then you say: "Oh, sorry, I should have known that a man old enough to be my father wouldn't want to flirt with me!" while giving him the evil eye. They do flirt, they take advantage of your innocence, insecurity and inexperience. It's unfair and out of order. And yes, harassment isn't too strong a word. Stand your ground. They will try to wrong foot you - if they were sincere though, they wouldn't make you uncomfortable.

Afrika Afrika
Hi. I love me some RHCP. In my top ten of all time. I don't know where you get your information about drugs as being "essential elements to make rock stars" Quite frankly, this is not very smart thinking. I have done various drugs recreationally in my youth. Heroin and crack will ruin your life. Period. Do NOT use these substances under any condition. Have you noticed how a lot a rock bands went "through terrible hardship"? It is almost like a crutch they all hide behind. "Oh, my songs have real meaning because I used heroin". Hogwash. This is hype. Don't believe the hype. You think those guys are happy when the public eye is not observing their actions? I don't think so...I would recommend you see a therapist to talk about this before you do something that you will regret the rest of your life. Please. What your saying is the equivalent of "Well, all pro athletes use steriods, so I need steriods too." The long term effects of steriods are baaad. The same as drugs.Do you really think doing drugs will make you a rock star? Not even close. You have not even entered the real world yet. Just relax. Enter..out.
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Thutmosis Thutmosis
I'm several decades old (: and have had friends from all walks of life & experiences. None who were involved in the drug culture want to even think about it! Those people who are involved in it feel lonely & tell others how'great' the experience is, just so they'll have someone to 'put in their time' with. You're probably familiar with the saying, "Misery Loves Company!". Such people lack meaningful purpose in their lives. You can Save yourself (& those who love you) a LOT of Deep Pain & Scars by Fighting to Avoid getting involved in Either 'the drugs Or sex scene'!! Initially it may seem easier to 'go with the flow', but after that first bend in the 'river' are the RAPIDS & WHIRLPOOLS. If you're already considering 'jumping in', you're already on the raft ... Climb out NOW. Get as Far away from the edge as Possibe, & STAY away! The surface water Appears very calm & placid. What you Can't see is that right underneath is the Strongest of currents that will Whisk you away & around the bend before you know what's happened! It doesn't matter How you get in ... you can jump, be pushed or thrown, or accidentaly slip ... it's all the same to the river! So, Stay FAR Away from it! That applies to others who are either toying with the idea, full-blown users, & anyone in-between. If you know someone like that, you might offer to help them find qualified help, but DO NOT try to help them yourself. If they aren't willing to accept Qualified help -- yet are willing to accept help directly from You -- they are actually just trying to keep your attentions coming their way. If they were really interested in getting help, wouldn't it make more sense for them to want it from Experienced professionals? So, Don't let yourself be conned. I strongly suggest that you Carefully read the following articles. You may even wish to base a discussion on one or more of them, with your parents, a counselor, or friends : What Is YOUR Life Worth? : ~~ Life - Precious or Cheap? ~~ How Precious Is Your Life? http://www.watchtower.org/library/w/2005/2/1/article_01.htm DRUG ABUSE in the FAMILY -- What Can You Do? : ~~ Young People and Drugs ~~ How to Protect Your Children ~~ Soon - A Drug-Free World http://www.watchtower.org/library/g/2003/4/8/article_01.htm Could Your Life-Style Kill You? : ~~ Your Life-Style--What Are the Risks? ~~ How to Safeguard Your Health ~~ How to Maintain a Healthy Mental Outlook http://www.watchtower.org/library/g/1999/7/8/article_01.htm Drug Abuseā€”There Is a Solution! : ~~ Who Takes Drugs? ~~ Why Do People Abuse Them? ~~ There IS an Answer to Drug Abuse! http://www.watchtower.org/library/g/2001/7/8/article_01.htm Youths--Let Your Parents Help You Guard Your Heart! : ~~ Why Obey Your Parents? ~~ Attraction to the Opposite Sex ~~ The Persuasive Power of Your Peers ~~ Worthy of Honor http://www.watchtower.org/library/w/2004/10/15/article_01.htm Young People Ask--Why Am I Drawn to the Wrong People? : ~~ What Is Behind the Attraction? ~~ The Role of Family ~~ Other Influences ~~ The Power of Friendship http://www.watchtower.org/library/g/2005/7/22a/article_01.htm What IS Your Life Worth? "Make Sure of All things; Hold Fast to what is Fine!" (1Th5:21)
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Radcliff Radcliff
My advice is that drugs are bad. Some are worse than others. Some may seem harmless, but become addictive. It's easy to rationalize drug abuse once a person is involved. There is nothing better than having a clear head and clear thinking- drugs and alcohol distort reality. Most likely, you've never heard of any happy ending or great results of drug addicts. You hear about famous people in the arts, entertainment people using (abusing) them- because they wind up in some terrible accident, get arrested, or over-dose and die. There is NO glamor in using drugs. The people that you admire were probably extremely talented before getting into drugs, now, they are possibly still talented, but will inevitably die or their talent will be shadowed by addiction. Like many, they could not make it to the show, or came up with some other excuse for not performing up to expectation. it is a loosing proposition. An common slogan of addiction: One is too many and thousands,.. never enough.
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Manny Manny
The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a great band and it is true that many of the members have struggled with drugs. None of the members advocate drug use. On the contrary, the band has lost members to drug addiction and overdose. Anthony Kiedis has said that while he is on drugs no music gets made and the band flounders and that while he is clean they are productive and they make the music that brings us such joy. It is a fallacy that drugs contribute to musical productivity. Artists like the Chili Peppers make great music despite drug use, not because of it.
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its true ! teenagers have more inhibitions, they are a bit shy about things, have other things to fosus upon and like u said havent yet got addicted to it. but young adults in their 20's damn thats a critical age!! i think it is the sex phase in life

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