Can you crate a funny story about three celebrities getting stuck in an elevator together?

Can you crate a funny story about three celebrities getting stuck in an elevator together? Topic: Can you crate a funny story about three celebrities getting stuck in an elevator together?
June 16, 2019 / By Cordelia
Question: Just for fun...not H.W!!! Haha!! I meant "create" Please do NOT "crate" the story...I want to read it first!
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Bessie Bessie | 5 days ago
Marshal Matt Dillon, Little Joe Cartwright and our very own.... Sunshine "The Elevator" Little Joe: "HOLD THE DOOR, please." Matt blocked the closing door with his foot. Little Joe:"Much obliged. Wow!! That's QUITE a large foot! Sure hope you never stick THAT in your mouth! Hahaha. Get it? Stick one's foot in one's mouth?! Sunshine laughed and Matt frowned....."Yeah. I get it." Little Joe's eye traveled up,up,UP until he looked in the man's face. Little:"Well I'll be double dosed in apple cider and hung out to dry!!! U.S.Marshal Dillon!!" Matt:"Uh huh." Little Joe quickly turned his attention to the woman with Matt. Little Joe:"That means YOU'RE Sunshine. Well helLOOOOOOOOO Annie Oakley Okie Dokie!" Matt glared at him :"That's MY name for her.....MY name for MY girlfriend." Sunshine extended her right hand to Little Joe as she put her other hand into Matt's....."Glad to meet you, Little Joe." Little Joe:"PLEASE..... My friends call me, 'LJ'." Before Sunshine could respond, there was a sudden jolt!! Sunshine was thrown into LJ. Sunshine:"OH!! I am SO sorry, Lit...Uhhhh....LJ." Little Joe:"I'M not sorry....No siree.....Just think, Okie Dokie...." He stopped himself quickly when Matt emitted a low growl and put his hand on his pistol. Sunshine:"Whoooooa, sweetie. Holster that thing and let's figure out a plan." Matt:"Damn it!!! The elevator's stuck" Little Joe: Ya THINK?!" He winked at Sunshine. Sunshine:"Use the phone sweetie, to call for help." Little Joe:"Well, now....What's the RUSH, Sunshine?" Matt pushed LJ into a corner as he grabbed him by the collar. Matt:"Listen up, pipsqueak! I am usually a very patient man, but I've been on to you since our LAST encounter! You are a ladies man, mister. Even if Sunshine WASN'T with me....WHich she IS, may I repeat! Even if she WERE unattached, YOU would NOT stand a chance with her !!" Little Joe gulped and then said, in a falsetto voice: "Oh, yeah? Well....What's so bad about ME, lawman?" Matt:"Hmmmm....Where should I start? I know..... How about the group of women who parade in and out of your trailer on the 'Bonanza' set, all day long?! And what about your relationship with all those OTHER men on the Ponderosa?!" Sunshine cut in:"Little Joe? I mean, LJ. You'll have to forgive, Matt. He just saw the trailer to 'Brokeback Mouintain' and he's got his knickers in a knot! Hahahah." Matt nudged Sunshine and tried to silence her with what he considered to be, a cold, cold stare. Sunshine:"Ohhhhh, Matt....You have the bluest eyes I have EVER gotten lost in!! Hee ► HAW ◄ I love you !!" Just then the elevator started moving. Little Joe was disappointed. Matt was greatly relieved. And Sunshine? Well...... Sunshine was about to invite Little Joe to visit them on the "Gunsmoke"set, but Matt cut in. Matt:"No can do, babe." Sushine :"Why not?" Matt: "Because we have that important BUSINESS meeting." Sunshine:"WHAT important meeting? No one told ME about it." Matt widened his eyes as he said...."Sure you were told. The meeting....You remember....THE MEETING !!" Sunshine finally figured out what he was doing. Sunshine:"Ooooooooh, yeah. The meeting." Then , with a twinkle in her eye....."You mean the meeting about whether or not Miss Kitty should quit the Long Branch and become a taxidermist?!" She had decided to not only play along with Matt, but to add her own little garnishes. Matt did a double take as he put his arm around her shoulder to lead her outside. Matt:" Uhhhhh, yeah....It's about the taxidermist issue." Little Joe:"WHAT?! Miss Kitty becomes a WHAT?!" Matt:"We've said too much, already. Okay then..... Adios LITTLE Joe." As Matt and Sunshine piled into the back of the limo, Sunshine smiled....."Did you see the way I went along with you?! I swear.... I really think we convinced him. " Sunshine looked in her mirror. "OMG....I have a hair on my face!!!" Matt ignored this comment. Matt:"TAXIDERMIST ?! KITTY A TAXIDERMIST?! What on EARTH made you say that?!" Sunshine, expecting a pat on the back , narrowed her eyes and looked out the window, as she tried to pull out the dreaded facial hair . Matt:"Now Sunshine......I'm sorry. Uhhhh, under the circumstances you did fine. Ohhhhh, SunnyMac. Please don't be angry with me. I love you, baby..........Beard and all." He chuckled. Sunshine:" I do NOT find that last comment very amusing. Kindly remove your hand from my knee. And by the way...I STILL don't know what the hell meeting you were talking about!!" Matt:"You. Me. High Noon. My trailer. THAT meeting." Sunshine took his hand and put it back on her knee. Sunshine:"Oh. THAT meeting.Hehehehe." THE CAST: Little Joe........ Michael Landon.... (looking up at Matt )http://www.starpages.net/photos/6/4/1796... Matt Dillon..... James Arness.....http://artfiles.art.com/images/-/James-A... Sunshine....... As herself.....http://www.flickr.com/photos/kicey/55531...
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Bessie Originally Answered: In re: to getting stuck in an elevator with the CRUSH OF YOUR LIFE.can you write an amusing paragraph or.
Empire State Bldg. Kayboff sightseeing and going to the top. Ground floor...the door re-opens and in walks Clint Eastwood. Kayboff is in a state of shock, thinking "OMG...this is a dream come true!!" Horrified...she smiles and thinks..."It's now or never!" I must say something. Mr. Eastwood looks her way...and says in (his deepest, voice)"The last person I went out with was a deranged dry cleaner" In her weakest whisper she asked "Was that before or AFTER you never called me?" So...she asked.."Maybe THIS is why we never got together." he replied.."Please...park your ego over there,would you?" I haven't ever seen you, I don't even know you. My heart belongs to Miss Kitty! About that time, the door opens on the 13th floor...he turns around and says; Do You Feel Lucky? and smiled .....

Afrikah Afrikah
Oh god, she thought as she entered, there's one on here. She smiled fakely at the woman on the elevator. A "B" star, she thought and pushed number 13, just what I need. I guess it's only thirteen flights. How bad can it... "Oh my gosh," the woman squeaked behind her, "I know you. You're ____ from that movie...the box office smash. I'm an actress too, you know. We should work together. My boyfriend...a I mean fiance is directing this great new film that has a role that would be perfect for you. If you..." Ding. The elevator door opened on the third floor. In walked a dog with a man attached to a leash. That's the pomeranian from that new Disney movie, she thought, pleased that the dog's entrance had momentarily silenced her "B" elevator companion. "Fluffy," the squeaky voice creaked. "Arf, arf..." Scruffy the wonder dog began to bark angrily. The man attached to his leash said, "Whoa, don't say his name in that tone of voice. It's his attack command!" "Sorry," she squeakily mumbled. "Arf," Fluffy said, and ended the discussion. The elevator continued upward. "About the movie...do you think you'd be interested..." "No, not at all," she said. "Try the dog though. I hear his newest movie is a big hit." "Fluffy," the woman squeaked excitedly. "He'd be per..." "Arf, arf, arf..." Fluffy barked angrily and the man attached to the little dog began to struggle. Ding. The door opened on the thirteenth floor. "Good career choice, Fluffy," the woman said as she exited the elevator to the sight of a "B" movie star hiding in the corner from an "A" list dog. She smiled as the elevator doors closed on the scene. The protag's thoughts would work better italicized. And gotta agree on the funness of the writing games. Thanks.
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Tiarnach Tiarnach
Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are stuck in an elevator at the famous Hilton Hotel. Paris tried to assure her friends that the hotel was equipped for any emergency and they need not worry. She presses the emergency button on the wall with shaking hands as she tries not to panick herself. "Can you check and see if I'm wearing any underwear ?" asks Spears sounding tipsy. "I have never known you to wear one! But I am taking mine off anyway. Is it me or is it getting hot in here?" asks Paris Hilton as she wriggled her way out of the offending underwear baring her bottom. "Ta ta! You are hot!" says Lindsay admiringly. "You didn't see my last movie?" asks Paris looking surprised. "Everyone knows how hot I am." "You set the atmosphere on fire!" says Lindsay. "The roof is on fire!" cries Britney Spears. "The roof, the roof is on fire!!" chant the other two girls in unison and laughing hysterically. "No, you morons! Look up at the roof of the elevator. It is literally on fire!!" says Britney Spears pointing at the burning roof. The other two girls look up and instantly their wild giggles turns into screams of fright. The roof was on fire!
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Radclyffe Radclyffe
oh wow. i seriously want to try this one. i haven't penned a little story in a while; this may be fun. IF you can give me a little while, i may try it!! ♥
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Radclyffe Originally Answered: PHYSICS HELP A person stands on a bathroom scale in a motionless elevator. When the elevator begins to.?
Since you already have a feel for what the answer ought to be (as Jim points out), elevator problems are an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to apply Newton's Laws methodically, so you won't be stuck when faced with a problem that you have no feel for. Sketch a Free Body Diagram, showing all the forces that act ON the object. In this case, there will be a normal force n upward, and a gravitational force w (the weight) downward. Choose a coordinate system. If you know the direction of the acceleration, then I recommend choosing positive in that direction (although it is not strictly necessary). In this case, we don't know (or, at least, we're pretending we don't know, so we can see how to work problems when we really don't know), so I'll just choose positive upward. Write out Newton's Second Law (the sum of the forces is ... ). I'll let the force symbols represent magnitudes, so the signs will be shown explicitly. ΣF = n - w = ma The normal force n is what the scale reads. You've been told it is 0.76 w 0.76 w - w = ma Solve for "a". Note that the mass is m = w/g. -0.24 w = (w/g) a a = -0.24 g = -0.24 (9.8 m/s²) = -2.4 m/s² (to the two significant figures that are justified). So, the magnitude of the acceleration is 2.4 m/s². What's that negative sign telling us? Remember when we chose positive upward? That means the negative sign is telling us the direction of the acceleration is downward, as expected.

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