Odyssey essay thesis help?

Odyssey essay thesis help? Topic: Odyssey essay thesis help?
June 16, 2019 / By Corliss
Question: I'm writing a Literrary Analysis Essay on the Odyssey. I need help with my thesis because mine is not very good. My prompt is: The epic hero is the central character in an epic poem. He possesses qualities superior to those of other men, yet he remains recognizably human. From your reading of the Odyssey discuss how Odysseus fits the role of an epic hero. Any help is appriciated and also ideas for the essay itself if possible.
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Bet Bet | 7 days ago
Maybe you could mention something about how a hero has an uncanny will to live and how they are strong and tough. And then mention that Odysseus fits the role. "The Greeks define a hero as being smart and cunning while still having physical strength and a greater will to live. Odysseus fulfills all of these traits as he embarks on his journey in which Homer used as the main discourse in The Odyssey. This paper will explore these traits and show an in-depth look on what makes Odysseus a true Greek hero." You could probably change the vocabulary to make it sound more collegiate and the such. Good Luck!
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Bet Originally Answered: For people who have read The Odyssey, I need help on an essay thesis DESPERATELY!?
clarify precisely how Odysseus is extra stronger than different men. clarify what makes him heroic. additionally, do no longer start up the essay with the definition of an epic hero. i'm fairly particular your instructor is familiar with that already. start up with "in the Odyssey, Odysseus surpasses all stumbling blocks even along with his circumstances. He exhibits stronger heroic features in the time of this tale. interior of right here essay i'll communicate those features and how they make him an epic hero" Then communicate.

Agas Agas
Explain exactly how Odysseus is more superior than other men. Explain what makes him heroic. Also, don't begin the essay with the definition of an epic hero. I am pretty sure your teacher knows that already. Begin with "In the Odyssey, Odysseus surpasses all obstacles despite his circumstances. He shows superior heroic qualities throughout this story. In the following essay I will discuss those qualities and how they make him an epic hero" Then discuss.
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Agas Originally Answered: Good Odyssey Thesis? Athena.?
Hey, great idea. a little messy sentence though. maybe something like this? Athena's many traits and her strong beliefs rival those of the greatest rulers and gods, unlike many women portrayed by the Greeks. or if you want to be more spesific... While many women portrayed by the Greeks embody flaws, Athena's traits and beliefs rival those of the greatest male and female rulers and/or gods in history. about the quoteing stuff, i dont really know. sorry!! maybe email a classmate or something? good luck!
Agas Originally Answered: Good Odyssey Thesis? Athena.?
don't know specifically what you have written about athena so not much to contribute there, although how the city of athens came to be is hilarious, look into it if you don't know the myth. as for quotes from the odyssey, page number will depend on publication, it's not a new book with only one layout. so i would recommend a brief description of the events unfolding, e.g. it was while .....that athena said to Odysseus. anyone familiar with the text will no know your not pulling it out your ***, and have a reference point, should they wish to check

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