I want to leave my spouse but i don't work we have a child together what can i do?

I want to leave my spouse but i don't work we have a child together what can i do? Topic: I want to leave my spouse but i don't work we have a child together what can i do?
June 20, 2019 / By Cornelia
Question: We own a business. I don't work i stay home and take care of our child. How can I leave with no where to go?
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Beta Beta | 8 days ago
Well first of all u take this time and u go get a job even if its a part time job.. u need financial income coming in to be able to survive with a child.. and u cant depend that your husband will pay you child support when u decide to leave.. and the "best dad " in the world can turn into a smuck when the alimight dollar sign comes into play with him being a dad, so u need to start a job then work your way up to working and working around your childs schedule.. and then u need to make a game plan of how much can u afford "with out" your husbands help.. if he pays child support great, then thats just extra money, but dont become dependent on it because as soon as u do, thats when ur life will fall apart when he doesnt pay it.. so u need to be sure all ur necessity bills u can afford on your own.. and with that said u cant know what u can afford until u have an income of how much u make to see what u can afford.. and just so u know just because ur the woman, doesnt guarantee that u will get custody.. so if ur wanting out of ur marriage u better be ready for alot of changes in your life..like the possibility that if he gets custody, that u'll only see ur child approx 4 days a month.. that eventually ur husband will remarry and the woman that he brings into ur childs life, ur child could end up loving and calling "mom" and could u handle that? could u handle another woman in your childs life teaching her morals , her values? even if u get custody, she would be apart of the "parenting team" and she will have alot to say and do with your child, just like any man that u marry would.. , it gets extremely complicated.. at times.. are u prepared for your child to have to go with out u or your husband for long periods of time, are u prepared for the heartache to your child , say if u get custody yet the father moves on , and then your child feeling as if dad's moved on with a new life and has new kids, and he feels like he's second rate in that house hold .. these things happen all the time, this isnt just a , fluke occurance.. I wish u the best of luck but be ready to deal with all of this before u decide to break up your family..
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Beta Originally Answered: If you wanted kids, would you leave your spouse if she couldn't have them?
No man should ever leave his wife because she inst able to conceive. Its not your fault. A true husband would support you and stand by you. A man should love his wife even if she cant have kids. A real man stick around and work the problem out. He cant just walk out on you. You guys need each other. You are right about adoption. Thats sad is your husband leaving you?I hope not. You say a prayer and I will even say one for you. God bless and I hope your husband does the right thing.

Agatha Agatha
If I where you, I would contact a woman's shelter first and ask them what you can do. What ever reason you are leaving, I do hope you guys at least tried counseling. As counseling does two things, one it eases the transition from being an angry break up to an understanding one if is mutual that is best to part ways. Secondly it keeps the ties that your child needs to both of you. Counseling is not simply to force you both to work things out, even though would be the common sense to do with a child between both of you. However there are instances where is not possible to seek counseling, some are domestic abuse, and that is very harmful and is wise to get out of there as fast as possible. A woman's shelter or a church is a good start to get you some help if you are faced with a domestic violence problem. If your problem is not abuse, I would try to get some counseling to make sure that you both end up in good terms. Is mainly to benefit your child more than both of you, as is something that as adults you both should of though of before deciding to have a child. If is not his child than there is no need for counseling, simply find some help trough an organization, and go your separate ways. Best place to find an organization to help might be trough a shelter, simply asking questions. GOOD LUCK.. and if is not bad I do hope you guys work things out, if is bad I do hope you end up getting help and both you and your child end up living a happy life.
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Tibby Tibby
I suppose you have to think longer term and just stick things out for now, unless you have a supportive family. It's time to get out there and get earning your own money. Have you chatted to your husband about how you feel? Maybe this is just a temporary feeling and you should try and work things out at home first to see if things improve.
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Rafe Rafe
Leaving 101 1. find & recoed all the assets money ect. 2. get the best layer in town & pick his a$$ clean. Take half of everything. 3. get a job. Good luck.
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Markus Markus
have you ever considered marriage counseling? perhaps your marriage can still be resolved. just think about the possibility that your separation may affect your kid greatly. but if it really does not work, ask help from family and friends, then start over. it's a bit of sacrifice but i'm sure that if you're determined enough, you'll survive.
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Jerold Jerold
:( poor... You shouldnt give up on love... Espically those youve had time with and plenty of memories, good or bad.. Try to make things work, talk with your spouse and come up with a few solutions (Y)
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Gil Gil
obviously you can't... though i'm sure the man you are cheating on your spouse with, will take you in... until he gets bored... :D
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Gil Originally Answered: What would be the chief reason you would leave your spouse stranded out of state?
There is no reason to leave a spouse & child stranded anywhere.....this is your second post on this subject.....maybe you could tell us the whole story........my wife has a friend that her husband has done this to her a couple of times. Both times they were on vacation with her parents in separate cars so she did have a way home......Now,I can see me taking the child and going home and leaving a sorry spouse stranded......

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