Please help! Am I over thinking this?

Please help! Am I over thinking this? Topic: Please help! Am I over thinking this?
June 26, 2019 / By Corona
Question: There is this guy in my college class. I really like him, and sometimes I think he likes me too. We are very flirty. I think he's a little shy. We've hung out a couple times. I asked him what he was doing tonight and that we should do something, and he said he was still at his grandmas and he wasn't sure when he would be back. So i said ok, never mind. Then he said "I'm down sunday if you are to do some homework and so on" so I said I was down and he said "ok cool :)" First, what does he mean by so on?? Or am I reading too much into this? Second, do you think there is something between us??
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Beth Beth | 9 days ago
you are overanalyzing things too much! i know because i tend to do the same thing =). It seems like the guy likes you, but by you dissecting every word he says instead of just taking things at face value, you're setting yourself up for frustration. the guy must like you. if he didn't he wouldn't have rescheduled to hang out a different time when he was busy. he wants to spend time with you. "so on" just means he values your company and wants to hang out w/ you even if you're not only doing homework. i'd say just calm down and relax. you being so anxious about it can make you miss the obvious. i know its hard, but heres a quote that helps me "assume things are already the way you want them to be and act accordingly." so in short, he likes you, stop freaking out, and go with the flow!
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Aggi Aggi
yes, you are reading too far into it. be prepared for something to happen, but you shouldn't automatically expect something to happen. when you two get together to do homework, ask him what the so on was about. if he says he didn't mean anything by it, then fine. if he says maybe he planted to hang out then thats fine too. dont look too deep into social cues because the deeper you look into it, the more likely you are to confuse both yourself and the other person. just go with the flow for now. pick up on a few cues but not too many. let him lead the way and you'll save yourself a whole lot of effort and embarrassment
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Tiernan Tiernan
He means a 'Study date' Wear a nice floral skirt and a plain tank with flip flops. Invite him to your room and hang out, have slow music playing and have NO study things out. If he rocks up with his study gear just sit down and chat and try to distract him away from his books and onto you. If you get the right vibes off him rock up to his room in your underwear and surprise him with a booty call or something. Be sure to call him first and make sure he is alone.
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Rain Rain
"So on" means he probably just wants to do home work and like hangout and see where it goes it might mean he wants to kiss you but I wouldn't take it that far yet.When Sunday comes and if he is hitting on you massively then you'll know he meant he wants to take things sexually too. I think there is something probably there because if he didn't like you he wouldn't of made a "Date" for another day he would just been like yeah i am at my grandmas and that would just have been it. I hope the best for you guys and good luck on your study date (;!
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Marlen Marlen
Haha, relax, he likes you. "So on" probably meant he doesn't just want to homework. Maybe he wants to hang out or something. Ask him out before you get friend zoned.
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Jerome Jerome
You're over thinking this, there is potentially something between you guys but i only have your perception of the situation and obviously you think there's something.
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Gilbert Gilbert
Take it from a man, men dont have girl "friends". He has definetly been thinking about you and is probably more excited than you are.
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Donall Donall
Its just a hint he likes you Answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120414204829AABdKxV
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