Algebra Points: Solve the system by graphing?

Algebra Points: Solve the system by graphing? Topic: Algebra Points: Solve the system by graphing?
June 16, 2019 / By Cortney
Question: x-y= -13 -2x+y=8 The answer must be in a form similar to: (#, #) for example (–2, –5) OR (7, –3) BUT neither examples is the correct answer for this particular problem I was just giving a form example CORRECTION: THE PROBLEM IS: x+y= -13 -2x+y=8
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Bethel Bethel | 2 days ago
ok this is wat u do take -2x+y=8 and add -2x to both sides giving u y=8+2x plug y into the first formula that shud give u x than plug x into either formula and that will give u y Im going to guess u r 14 or 15 cuz i did that as a freshman and i am now a junior...am i right? O0O0O0 i just notice u have to graph it ok u have y=x-13 and y= -2x +8 graph it and find where they intersect
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Bethel Originally Answered: Algebra Points: Solve the system by graphing.?
First, let's solve for y for each equation. It'll also be easier if you put it in slope-intercept form (y=mx+b). a. 2x+y=3 y=3-2x y=-2x+3 b. 2x+y=-1 y=-1-2x y=-2x-1 Okay, so now you have: y=-2x+3 y=-2x-1 Since both equations are equal to y, you can use substitution since the arguments are true. -2x+3=-2x-1 Add 2x to both sides. 3=-1 That is not true. Therefore, your answer is A. inconsistent. However, you asked to solve this system of equations graphically. I tried graphing this on the computer so please excuse me if it's too messy to understand. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y190/ma... From the graph I have drawn, you can see that these lines do not intersect. The point of intersection is your solution, but there is no intersection. These are parallel lines. You can also know that this system has no solution by looking at their slopes. m=-2 in both equations. If both equations have the same slope, you automatically will know that they are parallel lines with no solution. I hope that helps. Good luck with all your other math problems!

Aggye Aggye
By solving both equations for X you get: x = y - 13 and x = (y/2) - 4 Therefore: y-13 = (y/2) - 4 Solve for Y and you end up with: y = 18 Plug 18 into either equation and solve for x and you get: x = 5 Therefore, the answer is (5,18) edit: Errr ... yeah, forgot about the graph thing. However .. the only reason I would ever graph that out to find a solution would be for homework ... any other time I would just figure it out the way I did.
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Tikvah Tikvah
ok.. first.. you should change the form of the equation to be slope intercept form.. or.. y = mx + b for x-y = - 13.... you get y = x + 13... slope of 1 and y-intercept of 13. for -2x + y = 8... you get y = 2x +8... slope of 2 and y-intercept of 8. ok.. now... where do these two meet?... substitue one of them into the other equation for y y = x + 13 = 2x +8 is the point where they meet.. or.. just x+13 = 2x +8... and solve for x 2x - x = 13 - 8 ==> x = 5 now plug this into one of the equations to get y at that point... y = 5 + 13 ==> y = 18 check it in the other equation.. substitute in both values... 18 = 2(5) + 8 ==> 18 = 10 + 8 ==> 18 = 18 so you have (5,18) algebraically.. but you need to plot the graphs and see that they really DO cross at this point and no other.
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Ralph Ralph
To solve by graphing, plug in an X variable and solve for Y about 3 times for each equation. Then fully draw out the lines, wherever they meet is the solution. The solution to your problem is (5, 18)
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Marlowe Marlowe
the following you want to remedy for y & put in kind y=mx+b. the position m is volume in the front of x & b is the volume by using itself. once you remedy for both one among those adult men you get y=-x-13 & y=2x+8; because you want to remedy by using graphing. b is the position the line hits the y axis and m is slope ( slope is upward thrust over run so 2 is up 2 over a million) graph both strains and the point the position they hit will be answer.
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Marlowe Originally Answered: Solve the following system of equations by graphing.PLEASE HELP?
y=x-4, 2y=-x+10 Add both, y + 2y = x-4+(-x+10) or 3y = 6 or y = 2 Now y=x-4 or 2=x-4 or x = 6 A.(6,2)

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