Is it possible to change your major once you get into college?

Is it possible to change your major once you get into college? Topic: Is it possible to change your major once you get into college?
June 26, 2019 / By Corynn
Question: Let's say you applied to a university with major A, but then later I decided I didn't like it and wanted to study major B instead. Is there a time limit, maybe during the first week of that semester?
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Best Answers: Is it possible to change your major once you get into college?

Bethney Bethney | 3 days ago
You can change your major as often as you like. So, you have major A but, then want major B. You will have to go to major B's department and tell them you'd like to change your major to B and fill out the paper work for a change in major. If you take most of your gen eds then get to your first term in junior year then you can probably change major w/ few problems. However, please note, some majors like education or business are very intensive and year 1 builds all the way to year 4 so if you switch you will have more time to make up even then. Also, you want to think about how OFTEN your new major classes are offered. Can you get everything in by the time you need? Finally, if you're recieving financial aid there is a 188 credit limit on your bacholar degree. So, you must finish it within that time...which is a good 6 years at least going 12 credits a term. So, you can't keep changing and having to go longer and longer and longer.... You'll do fine. Good luck!
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Bethney Originally Answered: Should i let my parents change my mind/decision on my major in college?
No, if you truly do not want to be a nurse, do not become a nurse. Particularly in that profession, don't you want health professionals who are there because they are passionate about helping people? If you had said that you are interested in the health profession and wanted to do something in that field, it might be different. However, your interests - business and music management - are completely unrelated to nursing. A degree in business is a solid degree - even if you decide not to go into music management, you will be able to find a job. I would sit down with your parents and have a talk with them. They only want the best for you and don't want you to go far away, but if you explain your plan and tell them that you will always make an effort to come home when you can and to stay close to them, they will understand. Follow your heart and become successful, and always remember to call your parents and go home when you can. Good luck!

Aglæca Aglæca
You can change you're major as much as you want. The average college student does it 3 times. Majors just take a certain number of credits in certain classes. So if you're a Chem major, you take a lot of Chem classes. But then you want to switch to PoliSci then you just start taking the classes required for that major then next semester.
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Tim Tim
You can change your mind as often as you'd like. You can change your major as late as your first semester of Junior year. However, it's important to note that changing your major constantly will result in delayed graduation. There is however, a certain amount of time that you can change your classes within the semester.
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Ralphie Ralphie
Yes, you can usually keep changing your major up until your junior year (or even later if you don't mind adding more years to your study). But some majors might have GPA requirements or prerequisites you need to meet before being formally admitted to that program.
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Marmaduke Marmaduke
You can change it whenever you want. However, as a practical matter, you start specializing your curriculum in your junior year. I changed mine a semester before getting my first degree, finished a second degree, then went back and finished the first. Six years, two degrees.
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Marmaduke Originally Answered: Can I change my major after I've already declared and taken courses specifically for that major?
Yes, you can still change your major, usually up until about two years before you plan to graduate. The later you change it, the more extra courses you'll need, and the longer it will take you.

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