What type of college major would my interests suit?

What type of college major would my interests suit? Topic: What type of college major would my interests suit?
June 16, 2019 / By Courtney
Question: I loovee psychology and learning about the mind, and I really like to learn about how people's cultures affect every aspect about them. I plan on majoring in psychology in college, but I really don't want to sit in an office, I want to learn about different cultures around the world and why their differences produce different types of people. Is there any type of interdisciplinary-type major that would suit this? Psychology is a MUST, but what can I tack along with it? I mean, I can still change my mind later, I am a senior in high school right now, but what is this called that I am looking for and what types of jobs could it bring? I wouldn't mind learning foreign languages as well, as long as my home would be in the US, but business trips are fine. Any opinions would be great, and I can add details if needed, I know it's a bit confusing, it's kinda confusing to me too, haha.
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Betony Betony | 4 days ago
Anthropology. Or cultural anthropology which a study about cultures and humanity. I think you would like it.
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Betony Originally Answered: I have very diverse interests and no idea for a college major/career!?
i felt the same way when i was in high school. you really don't know what you will be interested in until you take the courses in college. i originally enrolled in college to be a journalism major because i liked to write. then i took a psychology class because i thought it was interesting and wanted to study it more. so i majored in psychology and got a job in social work when i graduated. now i have a masters degree in social work and my job consists of a lot of writing. so i found an interesting career that involves many of the interests that i had in high school. college is basically a time for exploration and you don't have to choose a major right away. usually the first two years are general education courses and then after that is when you focus on your major.
Betony Originally Answered: I have very diverse interests and no idea for a college major/career!?
The best way to really discover what you're college major should be is by dabbling into those courses that interest you. I am a sophomore in college now and I still don't know exactly what I want to do, but because I've taken classes in all areas I was interested in, I have a better idea. It takes time and it's frustrating not knowing exactly what you want to do in life when you get older, but you'll figure it out as you go along. I would recommend going to a college or university that has a very diverse course list, such as a state university instead of a specialized school. You'll save money, too. Good luck and I hope that helps!

Agnes Agnes
hi ohsolovely, that sounds like a totally cool, but extremely involved, job! you sound like you could handle it, though. originally, i was thinking of some sort of role where you would be observing people in the course of their day-to-day interactions in society (or a sociologist of sorts). But when you started talkin about cultures, I realized that you might be a perfect candidate for jobs which require International translation relations. For just about any industry which is connected to the global economy by globalization factors ( most of them today), an international translator is a valuable key to the functionality of the company. These people are very linguistic, top-communicators, that are extremely aware of culture diversities among cultures to make sure that one or both parties are not inadvertently offending others . seeing as to how you are still a senior in college, i will tell you what my counselor told me at that age:: don't worry about picking your major until you get the general education requirement classes out of the way. Then that is when it really starts to matter which classes you choose because they will have to align with your career. hope i helped a little.
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Timmy Timmy
Your pastimes are everywhere. you assert you at the instant are not into math, yet are solid at it. i could advise moving into something having to do with computers, yet multimedia and photographs do not pay lots. pc technological know-how and maximum different pc tiers require math. rather something that is going to pay properly demands math. you're able to additionally notice that many classes in college require much greater math than intense college. Physics is frequently math, and economics demands at lest college-point calculus. you need to do historic past, yet that's not a profitable degree after college. i could additionally say that your writing is in all probability not as much as the college point. i could wager English is your 2d language. this implies i could advise taking English classes early on your college occupation.
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Timmy Originally Answered: Did you pick your college major based on your interests? Ten points to best answer!?
Ahem. cough cough. Soo, you are asking ways how to choose the right career path, right? Here's what you should know first. Know how much money and time is available in your hands. WAIT WAIT... I'll just tell you how I got into my major: Nursing. Long long time ago, in the land of high school. I know I had to plan my life because I was sure that my parents will always be there to give me money and support. In deciding what I wanted to do for a living, I first chose to become an astronomer and work for NASA. That choice was cancelled because that field was just way too competitive. You have to be a top-notcher in the MIT to be considered for a position. My second choice was to be come an artist. I'm very creative and love to draw and paint. But unfortunately, I ave to realize that not many artists make that much money. And my dreams needed money to be fueled. My third choice was to be a doctor. Why? It's because it was a perfect balance. It is something that is attainable, and yet still enjoyable, not to mention a good salary. Also, science was my favorite subject in school. That choice was then cancelled right after I graduated from high school (about a week before my first college class started). I DID the math and calculated that I do NOT have any money to pay for the tuition and EVERYTHING. Not to mention, my dad might just kick me out of the house because my mom (who he divorced) liked me. So I had come to a conclusion that it would be best for me to be a nurse even though year before that, I almost threw up at the thought of it. It was aperfect choice because it was very similar to Medicine, but cheaper in terms of tuition. And if I do finish, I still have choices like go for further education.

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