Is anybody as stressed out as me right now?

Is anybody as stressed out as me right now? Topic: Is anybody as stressed out as me right now?
June 20, 2019 / By Cristen
Question: I have a huge English test tomorrow, and there is so much to study and I left it until tonight because English is my best subject and I had a test Today that I was having trouble with and I have a Math test on Friday and I just can't seem to understand it at all.. Not to mention I have exams next month and a few days after exams we have our Provincial Assessments.. I seriously just want to break down & cry ;/
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Bettie Bettie | 7 days ago
I'm sorry ): I was in the same boat before thanksgiving break - I had an English essay and test on Friday, and a biology test, and I SUCK at biology. I can't understand any of it. I also had a bio project that I was really freaking out about, I didn't get any sleep at all. But I ended up doing okay on my test and finishing my essay. I don't know what I got on my test though. I hope everything turns out okay!
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Bettie Originally Answered: should i be stressed out over something like this?
well if i were u i would be stressed out. Because i only go to school and come home at 1:50 and have the rest of the day to do hw and do whatever i want i dont get alot of hw, i get 9 hrs sleep, i dont have a bf, i go out with friends every saturday and if we were supposed to suddenly switch live...i have no idea how i would survive u seem like a very strong person.i would suggest u make some choices which would include u benefiting and some other people being let down in the process, its impossible to make every1 happy without make urself unhappy, and it seems as if ur doing the impossible, i'd suggest u 1) tell ur father ur situation, completing school is much more beneficial to ur future than working part time jobs now, and it will be much easier for u to work when ur not in school 2) if ur bf/gf is causing destractions in ur life and causing u to stress outtell them ur too stressed to be in a relationship but still tell them u love them and would love to get back together when ur situation gets better. 3) start thinking of yourself, if u worry to much about making every1 happy eventually ur gnna get so tired and pissed ur gnna stop it, so do what u can for people sometimes and make sure ur doing it willingly and not because u feel forced to. 4) worrying about family,school,friends, and hw is normal every1 gets stressed out about those sometimes but just deal with those there are ways to improve on these for example if u talk to ur dad about not doing part time jobs, u come home and have the rest of ur day to urself giving u alot of homework time. im only 15 and im concerned for some1 like u, i have no idea how old u r, or ur financial situation...i dunno if that affects u having to work a part time job, i have no idea whether or not ur go to college or university but i tried to figure out alternatives to suit all those situations nevertheless, i hope i helped:)

Aideen Aideen
Ah, very. I have finals coming up and I've been really unable to concentrate on anything. Even when I try... it's not like I can't sit still or I'm easily distracted by shiny objects or something, I think I've just been overanalyzing things a lot lately and I can't get them out of my head. So I feel like I'm not only wasting my thoughts on stupid things that happened in the past that don't even matter, but I'm ultimately messing up the ONE part in school I should actually be paying attention to xP lol
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Tiras Tiras
I guess so. Finals for me are next week and I have 4 on Tuesday. :\ I have a kanji test tommorrow in Japanese along with 2 essays, a Philosophy test, and a map test. The worst is I'm facing money issues so I have to constantly worry if I'll have enough to eat or have enough gas to go to school(and pay my bills)...and I've been too busy trying to finish school to get job (I'm talking the max number of units).
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Randall Randall
I'm sorry to hear that :c Being stressed is really hard. I am stressed also :l SO many family problems, financial issues, school is so demanding, college is approaching and I'm so nervous about getting rejected and everything, I have no idea how I'll even pay for college, I'm constantly scared that my boyfriend will cheat on me cause he lives 500 miles away, I just got a job, I might be pregnant, and I dont know how to juggle all of this. SO MUCH BS >:(
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Marshall Marshall
calm down, get off the comp , no music (unless you can't stand silence , then turn it up VERY LITTLE ) study in 15 min intervals, take ur time and read the information u need until you understand it and are capable of moving on to the next thing to study. Don't worry. You'll do fine . (: Have someone help you study too if that helps (:
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Jeshaiah Jeshaiah
Yeah. I have about 121 assignments to complete before the semester ends this month. I have to start applying for college scholarships and start applying for colleges/universities. I have to write an college essay. Clubs I got to attend after school, also balancing that with my after-school job and sports.
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Jeshaiah Originally Answered: I'm REALLY stressed about this!?
I would suggest a comparison between gangs of the 20's and gangs of today. New York City had gangs back then, comprised mostly of immigrants and their descendants. They tended to be segregated not just by race but by the previous nationality of the immigrants involved. They were territorial, just like gangs today, and developed what we now call "gang signs" to identify themselves surreptitiously to other gang members. Hope this helps!

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