Is liberalism bankrupting California?

Is liberalism bankrupting California? Topic: Is liberalism bankrupting California?
July 20, 2019 / By Cristina
Question: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2010/01/10/golden_no_longer_99845.html George Will wrote an interesting article about this. Do you agree / disagree and why? Will Obama, Nancy, and Harry be responsible for the bankruptcy of the United States with their liberal spending policies?
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Bettina Bettina | 8 days ago
George Will's article is pretty much right on the money with one of our biggest problems. If you add in Calpers, Calsters and the UC Pension systems, we have an enormous problem. Life long money guarantees should be done away with. Pensions should be funded and payouts should be based on the contribution to the fund on an individuals behalf over the course of his/her career. Then, if the fund goes down due to poor investment, the monthly payout goes down. If the fund goes up, the payout goes up. Also, there is no way California can continue to pay for "cadillac" medical plans for its pensioners. We need something more like medical. Also, Calpers and Calsters "salt" their retirements by tricks like foregoing medical insurance the last year they work and taking it in pay instead. Since retirement pay is based on the last full work year, they are better off buying private insurance for a year. There are over 30 such ways to salt one's final pay year and set up maximum retirement payouts. This should be stopped immediately! The general public is being taken advantage of by California employees/retirees and they're laughing all the way to the bank. The other serious problem here is unfair federal taxes. California is in a revenue negative position thanks to Washington. For every $1.00 Californians send to our federal government in taxes, only $0.78 is returned in services. Unlike New Mexico where out of every $1.00 paid in taxes, $2.03 is returned in services. Can you believe that? Some states actually get more than they pay in, subsidized by other states. Is that fair? Should New Mexico get double what it pays in while other states flounder and only wish they had their money back? California can no longer afford to subsidize other failing state governments. We need OUR money back from Obama, Pelosi and Reid. That would go a long way towards balancing our budget. In fact, if the federal government had left us in the $0.94 paid back out of every $1.00 range they used to steal within, we wouldn't be in trouble today. Why are we out of money? They're stealing 22% of our entire tax revenue! With California's economy being the 8th largest in the world, 22% constitutes major theft! Even if we get our money back from the feds, those lush pensions and medical benefits state government employees enjoy are going to need reformed. Right away! One last thing... If the libbies in our Assembly and Senate want to keep all the social programs they've enacted over the past several years, fine. PAY FOR THEM! Cut the pay of every state employee top to bottom, 18% and end the furlows. I don't have it in for state workers, I have it in for our spend-crazy liberal congress. Either learn how to live within your budget, or cut paychecks. Let's see how many new entitlement programs the libbie congress thinks up when they know the state employees will be paying for them! Is that fair? Of course not, but sometimes brutal action is required to shake up people who don't follow the basic rules of life. When I'm experiencing a budget shortfall, I turn off cable and eat meatloaf. When California experiences a budget shortfall, our liberal government gives all the employees pay raises and tries to raise tax rates. It's sickening!
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Bettina Originally Answered: It isn't really a handful of "the rich" who are bankrupting our nation, is it?
It isn't any one thing, except congress, that is bankrupting this nation. Government workers need to be more in step with reality, the tax code needs to be cleaned up and the loopholes closed, people on the dole need to be forced to become more responsible and congress needs to stop giving our money to every Tom, Dick and Harry country that puts their hand out. The list goes on and on.

Aidith Aidith
That is the view in a world filled with simpletons. Ask yourself this one question,, Would you rather live in a country without a social safety net or not? In a place where grandma and pa will be kicked to the curb after being fleeced of the life savings. That was the reality at the turn of the last century and why Social Security was established. There is a reason why California was highly ranked economy. Look at Texas, the largest state in the union and all of it oil and they weren't leading squat, they aren't even the biggest economy in this country. Coincidence,,,,,,, I think not.
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Toal Toal
ONE MAJOR REASON is ALWAYS avoided by Conservatives/Republicans California ALONG WITH MOST STATES is at or NEAR Bankruptcy WHY???? Even when warned about THIS PENDING DISASTER Republicans didn't care and STILL gave the millionaires and billionaires a tax break May, 2001 The Effects of the Bush Tax Cuts on State Tax Revenues President Bush's proposed reductions in federal taxes are now under consideration in Congress. They include sharp cuts in personal income tax rates, new income tax breaks, and complete repeal of the federal estate tax. Although the tax cuts have been slightly scaled back in size by the congressional budget resolution, they still are expected to cost the federal government some $1.7 trillion over the next decade (including higher interest payments). State and local governments, which rely on federal payments and programs for significant shares of their revenues, could find those funds endangered should the Bush tax cuts be enacted. The President's budget outline, for example, projects that to pay for the cost of the tax cuts, federal appropriations will fall by a sixth as a share of the gross domestic product over the next decade. Domestic appropriations could be cut even more given the President's apparent desire to increase defense outlays. AND THEY DID COST over $1.7 Trillion ERGO we are in Deep Doo Doo
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Randell Randell
unconstrained spending is what bankrupts states. You can make the argument that liberalism with all its social programs is more apt to run amok, but as long as revenue keeps pace with spending, there is no problem with spending the money on those programs if that's what the local people want to spend their money on. That said, politicians on both sides haven't learned how to control spending, and when a few politicians finally have the courage to try reign it in, they get shot down, or some castrated program like PAYGO comes into effect.
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Martial Martial
Funny stuff. Going bankrupt under a Republican like Arney just like they went bankrupt under Reagan. Both were movie action heroes too.
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Jeshua Jeshua
I think it's funny that all the democrats in the legislature see their state going bankrupt, but they're fighting for every dollar in the budget. They just can't stop spending.
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Glanville Glanville
Arnold is a Democrat? just because he participated in gay sex doesn't mean that he is a Liberal = Bush + Mark Foley
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Glanville Originally Answered: How will the new election of Jerry Brown as California Governor affect Hispanics in California?
Look what He did to get elected ! He used that poor Latino as a Pawn ! Latino people are some of the best Employees you can get ... ! I have Mexican employee's who work WITH me that I would not take a thousand Browns for one of them ... Loyal Honest Hard working Respectful people. Brown is to old to do anything His wife will be running California ! Give me a moment to explain where my perspective is coming from! I am a small business Owner from California! I have had 40 years business experience in California! California at one time was the Third Largest Economy in the WORLD i.e not just United States but the third largest economy in the WORLD! We in California have had 28 years of Liberal politicians Like Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein the list goes on. You have to ask yourself if politicians have gotten Richer OR Have the people gotten Poorer? Are they loosing their Incomes? Are they loosing their HOMES, FARMS or Businesses? NO they will write a book and we like sheep will buy it! So what is my point? We the People! We the people you know the ones who produce everything! We the People! United We stand! If they can divide the vote they win? Comprende? Divided we Fall? The fact of business (business 101) is that we all depend on each other to supply goods and services for everyone else who supplies goods and services. You kick the house of Cards and we all take a tumble! Look at What the Left said through Obama! The Mexicans enemy is the business owner who supplies you your job! Is that really true? He divided you from the very hand that has been feeding YOU and kept you from feeding Me also! I don't know about other employers but I have been more like family with my employees! I think allot of Small Business owners are like that! Obama thinks that we are all these stupid heads out here that He can play one against another! These fat cats come in all skin colors ... Boxer is in bed with whom ever will help Her play the Game so She wins. So What is my Point! We the People! Vote the Bums out! As soon as they learn to steal ! We the people i.e. Hispanic Americans are exceptional! We the People are not too ignorant to make decisions like the Hot Air (baffoons) think we are! The Harvard graduated Liberal OR Eastern Elite Republicans think we are! I have Hispanic employee's who work WITH me that I would not take a thousand Browns for one of them ... Loyal Honest Hard working Respectful people. WE the People! The Tea Party is all of US working Class people standing together and saying: Enough America belongs to Americans! We the People......... We the People......... We have had enough and we are going to make you keep your word. VOTE the Bums OUT! Then in 2 more Years Vote the Bums Out! Then in 4 years vote the Bums out! We the People can! Pick a side any side! NO Pick a candidate that does something besides talk out of both sides of His Mouth! Like the Democrat from West Virginia with Character! We The People.... want our cake.... our fair share of the Cake...! You are seeing a ground swell now of People who have been cheated and are going to poke the rich in the........ ? We the People ... Latino's, Blacks, Portuguese, Irish, Scottish etc. etc........ We should get behind those that Govern for Us ... not say they Govern for us... If the Left does not listen when we speak then............ Throw the Bums out........ If the Right does not listen when we speak........ Throw the Bums out........ We the People are exceptional People! America is not your enemy......... America just needs to get back to the Values that made us Exceptional... The Freedom to produce........ We the people are smart enough........ We the people are not stupid.... None of working class Americans is the enemy... None of Us should get on the back of the Bus.... Throw them under and Off the Bus ... anyone who divides America! We the working class people ARE not ordinary... They are.... Who the Talking Heads… think ! Americans built an Exceptional America! Throw the Bums out!!

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