Is picking one religion over others like putting all your eggs in one basket?

Is picking one religion over others like putting all your eggs in one basket? Topic: Is picking one religion over others like putting all your eggs in one basket?
June 16, 2019 / By Cyan
Question: I think to be on the safe side, there should be a religion called Jehovah's Mormon Evangelical Catholic Seventh Day Church of Christ. That way, no matter who turns out to be right, you'll be sure to go to heaven!
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Bettye Bettye | 10 days ago
All religions are man made and can not save anyone and God does not endorse any religion even in the Bible. Research the truth and see if this is a true statement. All religion causes problems and disagreements. The religion tries to take the place of God in there rules and regulations, then the word God is applied to make a doctrinal point. God requires a personal fellowship with him through a relationship and belief in what he accomplished through Jesus the Christ. As we believe what the Holy Spirit guides God's children to understand as truth in life's situations, a person can prove what is good, acceptable and God's perfect will is in their lives.
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Ailee Ailee
Most religions say that you should live THIS certain way, treat your fellow man in THAT particular manner, etc., and doing so will get you into paradise. Christianity dictates that believing in the teachings of Christ and accepting him as the son of God will get you into Heaven, and in doing so, you more usually end up leading the sort of life that these other religions would dictate (minus a few specifics) anyway. :P And if it turns out that all religions are wrong anyway and you just rot in the ground when you die, it doesn't really matter how you lived in the first place, so who cares? If you're going to treat religion like an eternal insurance policy, Christianity appears to give you the best coverage.
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Tobin Tobin
You have made a slight error. You indicate that evangelicals, Catholics, Seventh Day Adventist, Church of Christ, etc are DIFFERNET religions. they are not -- ALL are Christian. Mormons fall under the heading of "almost Christian". the Mormon Church (and Jehovah's Witnesses) believe in a "different" Jesus that mainline Christian Churches do, a Jesus that many consider to be "unbiblical". And why did you use the term "Evangelical"? this term itself encompasses MANY different churches such as Baptists and Pentecostals -- all undeniably Christian. it seems that you are greatly lacking in knowledge about the Christian Church. How is it that you fell qualified to make a decision, based on such poor knowledge? If you did that in olden times, you’d be buying snake oil and ownership rights to the Brooklyn bridge! if you have 36 baskets, and all but one have holes in them, doesn't it make sense to chose the one that will do the job you need done? ALL religions do the same thing -- they attempt to show you how you can be "good enough" or "peaceful enough" or "loving enough" or "spiritual enough" to get into God’s Domain -- Heaven. And here is the "hole in the basket" -- who defines how good "good enough" is? Do YOU define it? Does God Define it? if God defined it, how do we learn what HIS definition is? ONLY CHRISTIANITY take a different tact. Christianity says that you canNOT be good enough to get into Heaven. There is no one; NO -- not one -- good enough to get into Heaven. God laid done The Law, and then said, "if you break even the tiniest of these law, you have broken them all". There is NO WAY that you can be good enough, do enough good, pray enough, cry enough, plead enough, to get into Heaven on your own merits. In fact, the punishment for ALL lawbreaker is the same -- DEATH. Not just the body dying, but being taken completely away from God, given no source of love, so source of comfort, no source to ease the agony. ALL lawbreaker are sent to Hell! based on this, Heaven is completely shut out from ALL people. NO ONE gets into Heaven. ALL people go to Hell! But God, in his wisdom, provides the ONLY way out of this predicament -- he sends His Son to pay that price. JESUS SUFFERED DEATH, the death that was intended for YOU. HE paid your price for committing sins so that you will never have to. And. according to biblical law, when the debt is paid, the law is cancelled. So Jesus, by dying ion the cross, cancelled ALL the old Laws. but God cannot have anarchy! there MUST be laws! So God sent Jesus to tells us of a new law, ONE solitary law, the ONLY way that we can get into Heaven -- "Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind". And when you love someone that deeply, you also believe what they say. So Jesus pointed out that what God had already said, what is written in the Old testament, is ABOUT JESUS, and every bit of it is true! So, if you believe in Jesus, then you show your love for God. And when you show your love for God, you no longer pay the price for sin. You are "covered in Jesus blood", and because of this, when God looks at YOU -- He sees His son Jesus, who is ALWEASY welcome in heaven. Thus, so are you! God Himself fixes the "hole in basket" that ALL other religions offer. There is no "hole" in the Christianity basket, and because it is true and safe, you can, YOU SHOULD, put all your eggs in this one basket!
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Randolph Randolph
Actually truth is mutually exclusive. If I tell you the only way to live is to breathe oxygen, and you decide to breathe oxygen with a big helping of carbon monoxide you will surely die. You see God promises if you seek Him you will find him. I had a supernatural encounter with Jesus doing just that. I said God revela yourself and boom Jesus showed up - so yes HE IS ALIVE! Neve felt so much love then supernaturally good things started happening - started praying in tongues, prophecying etc - loviing people like never before etc and the list goes on I highly recommmend you listen to this guy who heard from God at an early age - send them emails and they reply http://www.spiritpoweredliving.org/
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Martin Martin
Silly Idea If you were going in for heart surgery and your life was on the line would you allow a plumber to do the work how bout a car mechanic? There is only one I trust with my eternity Jesus. Hey lets get on an air plane lets not be closed minded about who is flying lets not discriminate let the janitor who cleans the plane fly!
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Jess Jess
You're forgetting Christianity isn't the only religion. What should people do to cover their butts about Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, etc...?
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Glendower Glendower
I think this is what Unitarian Universalism tries to do. God knows your heart. Do not be afraid to follow where your faith and reason lead you. With love in Christ.
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Dougie Dougie
But to many religions, it's a sin to be a part of another religion. This makes it so that you have no choice but to "put all your eggs into one basket". In the end, believing in ANYTHING without proof is folly. ╔═════════════════════════════════════ ║Those who regard a freedom from the false morals and obsolete ║practices regarding sex or religion as debauched are doing naught ║but corrupting their minds with foolishness. ║ ║My morals come from compassion; my compassion from ║understanding. And I seek to know and understand... everything. ╚═════════════════════════════════════
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Brent Brent
Just the opposite...which is why you can go to Hell for doing what you recommend. It's like having other women and not marrying the one for you. It's 'whoring' and that's what the Bible calls it. You'll be SURE to go to Hell.
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