Where can I go to flight school?

Where can I go to flight school? Topic: Where can I go to flight school?
June 16, 2019 / By Cybill
Question: I'm 17 years old and I live in Jacksonville Alabama and I want to go to a course to get my pilots license over the summer. Could someone give me a website of a course I or a school located in Alabama? I want to be a pilot in the Air Force and I'm trying to get my license so I can have an edge in becoming a pilot.
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Beverly Beverly | 1 day ago
You are going to have to do some homework to find the best school for you. Check out the following for information on becoming a pilot and flight school listings: Flight School Listings: http://www.flightschoollist.com/alabama.... http://flighttraining.aopa.org/learntofl... http://www.bestaviation.net/flight_schoo... http://www.aviationschoolsonline.com/school-listings/Flight-Schools/1.php Becoming a Pilot: http://flighttraining.aopa.org/learntofly/ http://www.beapilot.com/ http://www.faa.gov/pilots/become/ Good luck!
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Beverly Originally Answered: what type of flight school is best?
The very first license you obtain is the PPL (Priate Pilot License). After that, to get to CPL (Commercial Pilot License) you should obtain numerous other ratigs. These are: Private Pilot License. Instrument Rating. Commercial License. Multi-Engine license/add-on. Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII). Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI). Multi-Engine Flight Instructor (MEI). There are quite a lot widely available. The first one you will do, PPL, you can start the lessons at a minimum age 14 years old, go solo at a minimum age 16 years old and obtain license at 17 years old. From there your instructor can advise you what to do next and from then on. The basic aircaft, the one which I also did my PPL in is the Cessna 150. The total costs to obtain your PPL are as follows. Please note that it could be higher depending on how many hours you take. My pricing is based on 45 hours. For training for a PPL on a Cessna 150M here are the costs: 45 hours flying C150 - £5,175 Landing fees (estimate) - £300 Training items - £175 Annual membership varies for each school but mine is £99.50 Radio-telephony test fee - £55 Total - £5,804 GROUND STUDIES: Ground school (when required) £25 per hour Written exams - £30 each IMC test - £65 Radiotelephony test - £65 PPL skill test - £130 Class 2 medical examination - £140 However, if you want to do lessons in a better aicraft such as a Tobago TB10 then add £21 for every hour you do. So all in all: Class 1 Medical examination Study books (7 books at approx £20 each) Instrument Rating Radiotelephony equipment and test fee Landing fees (varies on size of airport) Ground studies and tuition Written examination fee PPL Skill test IMC test The only clothing you need is a highly visible vest (bright green or yellow) Membership Total cost approx £5500 Now I'm not sure which country yr from, I'm thinking USA but I don't know for certain so I haven't converted the prices into your currency. To find the price for you, multiply the prices above by the exchange rate i.e. if you are using U.S Dollars and the exchange rate is $1.8 to £1 then multiplty the total cost by 1.8.
Beverly Originally Answered: what type of flight school is best?
dude just go through the rotc program. (reserve officer training corps) Most universities offer this. They cover all college fees, plus give you training IN the cockpit, no books and stuff. You come out as an officer in the airforce once you graduate as well. Rather than a grunt. Plus family traveling benefits are included. Good luck dude.

Aileen Aileen
Contact any airport or contact any flight school training facility in the yellow pages or go on line to flight schools .com
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Toby Toby
first buy the kirshner studen pilot handbook.... any airport can teach you.. every small airport has a flight instructor.. ok.
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Toby Originally Answered: which is the best flight school in the world?
I think you are looking for a school that has such a great reputation for quality that graduating from it will greatly increase your chances of getting a job. However, with the exception of the military, no such flight schools exists. It's not like there is one school that just stands out from the rest. Your certificates are the same no matter what school you go to. Most flight schools in your local area will offer very fine quality training at a reasonable price. There isn't any advantage to going to one of the university programs, especially if you already have a degree. I recommend shopping around in your area and picking the school you like the best. You can find flight school listings here: http://www.flightschoollist.com/ http://flighttraining.aopa.org/learntofl... http://www.bestaviation.net/ http://www.aviationschoolsonline.com/school-listings/Flight-Schools/1.php General Information http://flighttraining.aopa.org/learntofly/ http://www.beapilot.com/ http://www.faa.gov/pilots/become/ The following sites have some pretty good discussions about the things you should consider when picking a flight school. A couple of them are from a site about helicopters, but the parts about picking a good school are still the same. http://www.sportys.com/learntoflyhere/documents/Flight-School-Brochure.pdf http://www.helicopterflight.net/flight_training.htm http://www.helicopterflight.net/instruc.htm http://www.helicopterflight.net/flight_schools.htm One other thing to mention here. When you do your initial training (Private, Instrument, Commercial, Instructor, etc) you will be in small aircraft. Once you have finished your initial training, you do not jump into a 747 right away, nor do you just pay for another flight school to train you in it. When you finish primary training you will have about 250-300 hours. At that point you will likely build experience by instructing or doing light commercial work in small aircraft. You only get into the largest aircraft with several years of experience. It's not like you just go to a flight school and when you finish you're an airline captain. Lover not a Fighter posted this site recently and I think it explains the process pretty well: http://science.howstuffworks.com/pilot.htm Do your homework, shop around, get many sources of information, and evaluate every possible path before you begin. Good luck!

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