Which one of these two things is worse? ?

Which one of these two things is worse? ? Topic: Which one of these two things is worse? ?
June 16, 2019 / By Cymone
Question: I was browsing around the polls & surveys section earlier today and I came across this... http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... question in which someone asked what was up with the nude avatars here on Yahoo! Answers (yes there are a few of them). Now most sane people agreed that a nude pic in a Yahoo! Answers avatar has no place on here. Many of them cited the fact that children read this website and called people who did that sick losers or trolls starving for attention. Even if you like porn (I do!!, guilty as charged); most sane people would agree that this is not the place for it. But then I began to think of other things that are on Yahoo! Answers, particularly in the religion & spirituality section and the politics section; where many dangerous viewpoints are expressed that could potentially corrupt anyone, including minors. We have atheists on here who repeatedly say that God doesn't exist and that the Bible is a fairy tale. We have people advocating positions of God being removed from the government and not being taught in schools, positions against public prayer; and other things which could encumber mankind's relationship with God. We have people wishing for the death of all religion, blaming religion for wars, and we even have people saying that religious people have a mental disorder. We have people advocating immoral viewpoints on things such as abortion. All of these things could potentially harm society even more then anything pictures could ever do. So, which is worse, mere pictures (of God's creation no less); or corruptible words? What are your thoughts? I may have opened up Pandora's Box; fire away. Well I never said I was against free speech I intended to ask what was more harmful.
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Bevin Bevin | 2 days ago
Neither are harmful. Everyone sees naked people. Porn pictures, might be a problem, but the human body? I could care less. By the time one can use the internet, you've seen naked men and women. No big shock in seeing another set of breasts. It's certainly in extremely poor taste, but it's not mind-scarringly horrible. Of the two, however, this is the 'worse' one, I think. As for the second one, such words are not harmful or corrupting. They are questioning. All children should be encouraged and allowed to question. To do otherwise is to crush their curiosity and critical thinking. I was raised an atheist, and exposed to religious viewpoints from others. My parents didn't complain, but instead focused on explaining any questions such interactions raised. We are not here to do their parenting for them. If they want to isolate their kids from all other viewpoints, they can do that, no matter how harmful it is. But they shouldn't ask everyone around them to self-censor viewpoints that conflict with their own.
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In simple terms, we now live on the wrong side of the mirror. We're in a "dark mirror universe" and have been since late 2001 or so. Evil has won. Only complete idiots ever get listened to. Only complete trolls and jerkfaces ever have friends. Big money rules everything and all they ever do is sell us out. Also consider: --Ponies have frikkin' laser beams on their faces, when it _should be_ sharks. --Vampires are all cute and sparkly creatures. --Fairies have become dark and absolutely non-sparkly in fiction lately. --India, home of Gandhi, has a nuclear arsenal, --America doesn't have the _worst_ obesity problems in the world--Saudi Arabia does. --Japan's economy has been in a toilet for a decade-plus now. --A Socialist got elected.....in France of course. --The Queen of England actually DID something political in the UK. --The Dodge Dart is making a comeback, as a new car, and.... --Doctors are reluctant to release a pill that could prevent HIV infection. They're saying that "making it easy" might encourage unsafe sex and/or discourage condom use. Not to mention... --The TSA still exists, hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husbands too and DRIVE everywhere you go. Yes, even across the ocean. We live in someone else's Dark Mirror Universe now, where right is right, left is right too, top and bottom are upside down and it's considered "bad" to either make sense or solve problems.

Ailene Ailene
Three amazing things: 1) im 9 weeks pregnant and can now feel my uterus pushing up which is sooo exciting! 2) Ive finished all of my uni lectures until october (just exams to revise for) 3) my son! he's a good thing on any day of the week, in the month or of the year! One bad thing: My morning sickness has started and was really bad yesterday! but then thats also a good thing as i know my hormones are working!
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Tod Tod
Personally, I think the pictures are worse, only because the viewpoints expressed (no matter what beliefs they represent) can be discussed in a family. It might actually make for some great conversation, and a kid can choose what he/she believes in after hearing about many different beliefs. With pictures, they are images that will probably stick in young minds that can't be erased and are inappropriate. That's just my opinion!
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Randy Randy
Free speech or a pedophile's penis? That's a toughy. If I had children, I would definitely not want them to be exposed to people exercising their rights of free speech.
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Marvin Marvin
We could also have brainwahsed people pandering to an imaginary being's supposed holy book. We wouldn't want to corrupt any children with that, now would we?
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Oh no ... honestly, it sounds like he is trying to avoid a huge issue in his life -- which is trying to take care of two sets of children. That's his personal problem right there, he simply doesn't want to deal with it. More then likely, he doesn't want to hurt the children he has with you by saying he not going to be around much. So he's trying to pull the whole "disappearing act." Unfortunately, many men who want to lighten there responsibilies do this. Women cannot because we are the ones with the initial responsible and we are not too quick to run from are problems. One more thing, may want to go to the court and inform them of what going on so that you are covered. You don't want him coming back 10 years letter accusing you of not letting him see his children. After, leave him alone. If he doesn't want to be apart of his kids life, don't push. He's a terrible excuse for a man keeping your children hung on such a guy will not be healthy for them. Since you are a Mom, the children come first, forget the father. Make sure that they are well adjusted and taken care of. Don't bother with the other trifles.

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