I need help making up a lieeee?

I need help making up a lieeee? Topic: I need help making up a lieeee?
June 16, 2019 / By Daffodil
Question: Okay so I really need to go see someone in another state I was planning on staying for 7 days .. but my mom can't find out I'm flying by myself or that I'm leaving the state .. what should I tell her .. ?? Please help !! I lie to my mom all the time .. and I promise I won't regret it ... and this is really important to me !! Thanks Marrisa ... but what if my mom wants to talk to my friends parent ? Sam .. it doesnt matter how old I am ... and besides I'm gonna do what I want regardless .
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Bindy Bindy | 7 days ago
Of course you're able to promise that you won't regret it because you have no idea what the consequences will be if you are caught. Even if you do, you're an admitted liar, so we have zero reason to believe anything you say. Besides that, no one under 18 can purchase an airline ticket, so it looks like you'll be staying home where you belong. No, wait. Where you belong is a juvenile detention center and it appears that you stand a good chance of getting free room and board at one. Lastly, WRONG FORUM. When Y.A. suggests a category and forum to post a question in, you should apply critical thinking skills to decide if the suggestion is valid or not. Obviously you very much lack those skills. But I wish you good luck anyway, because you'll need all you can get.
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oo hun. YOU ARE ONLY GOING INTO SEVENTH GRADE!!! you guys are still consittered kids! Those girls who are into all this making out crap may seem kool but they are not. they may have a lot of boyfriends now but thats only because guys are pigs and basically thats all they want. Don't feel left out, im sure you are beautiful and smart and you dont need to be making out with guys just because some wannabee teenagers are doing it. i made my boyfriend wait 6 whole months before we made out. and thats a long time. congradulations that you already had 3 boyfriends..some girls haven't even had a boyfriend yet so feel special=D And believe it or not..when guys get older they are NOT turned on by women who give themselves off on the first date. Well mannared smart men like women with respect and obviously you are one of those respectful girls. So dont feel left out your doing great hun! have fun in 7th grade its a blast!

Ailse Ailse
i don't know the laws of your state, but where i live a parent who lets his/her dependant child roam uncontrolled, is technically trespassing the law on parental care (tricked or not). if you need a lie, it implies your mother does not approve of the visit.you better talk to her and win the argument with facts so that she knows where you're traveling (as unaccompanied minor) or travels with you (to take care of you). last but not least, you should leave a notice at anyone reliable in case you do NOT return in time, to tell the authorities, police and your mum so that they know where to start searching for you. anyways, when finding *excuses* for your visit, don't hesitate to approach your goal with least possible deviations.. i mean. you're traveling to Atlanta to see your first love your mother did not ever really like.. tell her you're going there on a field trip with your schoolmates to see the Coke museum. the closer you are to reality in your lies, the less you need to remember and make up to have a consistent cover story.
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Tommi Tommi
how old are? either way don't lie to your mother. if your below 18 you need to realise that your parents are in control of your life. after 18 do whatever you want!
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Ray Ray
JUst tell your mom that your going on a school trip make up a fake papers for her to sign and your should be good to go
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Matania Matania
Get a friend to help you out and say your friend wants you to go away with them and their family, say your driving so you don't have to worry about air fare. I hope that works for you and be safe.
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Matania Originally Answered: My mom is always making me cry?
I'm 15 and was in the same situation. It got better with time. Please don't hurt yourself. You seem like a very great person. You'll reach a lot in your life.

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