How would you describe music in the 1930's?

How would you describe music in the 1930's? Topic: How would you describe music in the 1930's?
June 16, 2019 / By Dahlia
Question: Okay, so i have to do an essay, and the book im using doesnt describe what the music was like in the 1930s. I really need this, please help! Was it swinger music, i know 1920's was jaz but like, that doesnt help me! lol 10 points to whoever gives the best answerrrr!
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Bithia Bithia | 8 days ago
the music of the people or what history states. which is it.One of the best known singers in the Day was billy Holiday. She was blues. Still easy to find her recordings on the net.Jazz and blues were hugh at this time the transition. to big band music which hit hard in the forties was gleened by white musicians. From all the black musician in the thirties.Things change quickly in the thirties, Tommy dorsey,Benny goodman,Duke ellington. Elle fitzgerald. these peole are great names of the time. Look them up and listen to them. There recording are on the net.Plus the twenties was dominated by ragtime. not Jazz. These individuals are considered popular music of the time.You do have access to a computor. The net is the largest archive in the world. Its all there.
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Ailsie Ailsie
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Ailsie Originally Answered: Will I be able to get into Ohio State University with a 1930 SAT but a 2.6 GPA?
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