What are my chances of getting into a prestigious college?

What are my chances of getting into a prestigious college? Topic: What are my chances of getting into a prestigious college?
June 16, 2019 / By Daisy
Question: By prestigious I mean Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, etc. I was two grades ahead in math since seventh grade, and one year ahead in science since eighth grade. As a freshman I took: Algebra 2 and Trig Honors English Honors Biology Symphonic Band (Basically Honors Band) Spanish 1 Phys. Ed My algebra and geometry credits I got in middle school (With A's) I got a couple of B's and a C+ in algebra 2 (I had a hard time transitioning into HS) As a sophomore, things got better. I took: AP World History Precalculus Honors English 2 Chemistry Economics and Leadership Spanish 2 I got all A's sophomore year. As a junior I took: AP Calculus AP Psychology AP Biology AP Literature Spanish 3 Senior Seminar I got all A's in these classes too. I am very passionate for guitar and music, I dropped out of band solely so I could pursue guitar further (I played saxophone in band) Played Varsity Tennis, and my school is known nationally for sports. My college essay is perfect, it shows that I am determined to let my opinion be heard in the world. I took all AP exams and got 5's except for one 4 in AP literature. (That class sucks) I realize that most of the schools I want to go to won't accept AP credits, but still, its good to have on the application. Thanks! Oh yeah my gpa was a 3.9. Oh yeah my SAT was 2000
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Bithiah Bithiah | 9 days ago
If you are a junior and got 5's on AP tests, I'd say your chances are very good! It worries me a bit that you say your college essay is perfect- is that your judgment or did someone tell you that? No writing is ever perfect, and it sounds like you're a little too impressed with yourself. On second thought, that's practically a requirement for an Ivy League school!
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Bithiah Originally Answered: Would community college better my chances of getting into a more prestigious school?
You'd have a good chance of getting into UVA if you do very well in community college. Here's what they say about transfers going into engineering. "In every case, an applicant for transfer admission must be in good academic standing at any college which he/she is currently attending or has previously attended, and must be eligible to return there. A transfer student is expected to have a better than average academic record and, in considering this record, the Committee on Admission will give special attention to the performance in mathematics and science, fields where an aptitude for a science-based curriculum should be shown. An applicant must present suitable scores from the SAT I of the College Board or the American College Test (ACT). Students may have to take a written English placement test if their first language is not English and they have been in the United States less than six years. An applicant for transfer from the Virginia Community College System should enroll in the Associate in Science degree program with a specialization in engineering. In case the Associate in Science program in engineering is not offered, the student should select courses comparable to those offered in the first year at the University and plan to transfer into the second year." http://www.virginia.edu/undergradadmissi...

Aimey Aimey
You looked as if it would get alternatively simply correct grades and take plenty of honors/ ap categories so to be able to support. And you may have countless extra curriculars, that is certainly a first-class factor. Do now not worry regarding the C in english, it's not gonna have an have an effect on on you that such a lot. It might supply your gpa down by way of like .one million at the absolute such a lot. The object i would fear approximately even though, is foreign language. Most schools require three years of the equal language, and recommend four. You have got to without doubt try to take the one million/three 12 months of it.
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Tommy Tommy
Very good. Throw in some volunteer work somewhere, at an animal shelter or docent at a museum or something. They love to see community service on your CV.
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Raymund Raymund
I pretty say, very good chances! good luck! But fyi, a school doesnt determine who u are in life, its what u become out of it.
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Raymund Originally Answered: Prestigious college without exact major or non prestigious college with exact major?
Since you are applying to UCSB, you might as well apply to Irvine too. Both schools had similar averages in terms of GPA and SAT (not that far apart) but Irvine offers a business admin degree. Also, you should see what other CSUs with business admin that are within your reach (might as well, since you are only applying to schools at this point) UCSB doesn't exactly have a different business major. It pretty much just offers economics only. UCSC does have a different business major, but its still more focused on economics, plus some various business topics. You can find jobs with economics, but its not really business admin because business admin touches upon other business functions at some point. The economics centered majors don't really do that. Although the 3 CSUs have business admin, none have any buzz about it. They are just average schools in general and not really that known for anything in particular. Apply to more schools if you can and take a look at the degree requirements for the intended majors at those 5 schools.

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