I want to write it alone. What to do?

I want to write it alone. What to do? Topic: I want to write it alone. What to do?
June 16, 2019 / By Dalilah
Question: A while back, I started a plot that required to be told from two different Point of Views, one of which being a boy. At the time, I wasn't that confident in my work and decided that I wouldn't be able to write the novel. My friend, who also writes, offered to help me with it. She would write the boy's POV and I would write the girl's. I was ecstatic, to say the least. I was still thinking about this book quite a lot. However, my partner only wrote one chapter, which I helped her with. From the beginning, we had set this up so that no one would write another thing until we had read the others chapter. I wrote both of my chapters, not taking a selfish amount of time. By then, she said she couldn't get it right and that she'd try again later. I regret agreeing to co-write with her now, because she hasn't ever stuck to a plot. Since this novel, she's started writing at least six new plots, attempting to juggle them all and then just "putting them off for a while." I want to write this story, by myself. She doesn't seem to be interested in it at all, even making a joke recently about how we "sort of just dropped it." I'm not going to say that I made every decision in the plot, but the original story was mine. I wouldn't say either one of us really took more action than the other, because one would suggest something and the other would tweak it. And now, after such a long story, I'll ask my actual question. How would I go about telling her I want to pursue the plot by myself? And if it ever did get published, by chance, could I be brought into legal trouble? We're both teenagers, so we obviously don't have any contracts about this sort of stuff. Thank you in advance. I'm sorry for writing such a horribly long question. Thank you for the advice. I doubt she'll get mad, but you never know. I'm paranoid, I know. Haha.
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Blanid Blanid | 3 days ago
You simply tell her 'in passing' that you are going to 'go ahead and finish the novel'. When she asks or hints at being part of it just say 'nawww, I just need to get these thoughts out of my mind and onto paper and move on.' Play it out like it's just something you are getting done before starting on something new. It sounds like she isn't interested anyhow. Hey, do you actually have to tell her? Go ahead and just write, don't let this block your imagination and creative flow. If there is a problem with her later on so be it, just go ahead and write now. I don't know the legality, but I would mail myself what papers you have written already and keep it sealed away. It proves that you had the work on a certain date. You can always acknowledge her in the credits for her assistance and motivation, authors do that all the time. Sounds like she was more a creative editor than anything. :)
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Airla Airla
Hey there, I am also some one writing a novel, And i have to says it is much harder then it appears. As for what i read in your question. I believe you should just tell her the truth, tell her you want to work on it by yourself because she hasn't really helped much and that you feel waiting for her to get it together isn't going to get the novel finished. I also believe that IF you made the plot then you cant get in any legal trouble, plus its not like you girls made a contract or anything, right? So its not like she would have proof anyways. OR you could just not tell her and make it appear that you guys dropped it and keep writing it, If the plot really was of your creation then i see why you cant do what you want with it. and another thing, would you like to keep in contact with me? It would be really nice to talk to someone who is going through the same experience i am going through too. We could maybe compare our ideas, or give each other suggestions. That would be really nice. If yes, you can contact me through [email protected] Or we can talk more comfortably over f.a.c.e.b.o.o.k. My email for that one is [email protected](I never use that email). And again good luck. I hope you decide to keep contact. :D
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Topher Topher
It rather will depend on tough you're inclined to paintings. I realize writers making a good, core-elegance dwelling writing guys's journey fiction at paintings for rent premiums (approximately 3500 greenbacks a ebook to begin) and dealing on their possess fiction as good. Many mid-record authors do ok, the trick is to safe promote good sufficient to fee extra books and to put in writing extra books mostly, 2 or 3 or extra novels a yr minimal. there are lots of, many writers within the "makes a well dwelling" class however many extra use writing as a kind of moment task. They paintings complete time and write, most commonly additionally complete time. The writing does not help them, they help it. This most commonly keeps till they both die or can't find the money for to hold their day task seeing that the writing begins to make more cash and insist extra time. Occasionally a creator has the sort of well task he can't find the money for to end up an entire time creator regardless of how good his or her paintings is promoting. Leo Frankowsky owned a (I suppose) chemical production enterprise, and earned way more from it than he would from his very widespread technological know-how fiction sequence. But so much writers, as soon as centered, can write for no less than so much in their dwelling.
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Reagan Reagan
I had this same problem. I outlined the plot, and the co-writer did not stick to it, kept trying to write my characters out of character, and go off at a tangent. I had to keep dragging the story back into line, and eventually she simply vanished. Since I *was* going to finish the story, I did, and later she said that I had to take out everything she had written. (It was part of a fanfiction series.) So I did. It took me quite some time, but I was not unhappy to rewrite as I had originally planned. I would just say nicely, that you want to get on with the story by yourself, and if she prefers, you will rewrite any parts that she originally wrote.
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Matthew Matthew
It was your story to start off with so just write with or without her. Don't let someone hold you back. You can always find someone to work with if you need help, even here on answers. You won't get into trouble it's your story and she wants to take it in a different direction then you. Just write, good luck!
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