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June 20, 2019 / By Dallas
Question: Why are there some teens who dont think oral sex counts as sex?Like some girls say they are still a virgin but they have given oral just becuase its not actual intercourse.I think it should count becuase it has sex in the name.I probably shouldnt be asking this question since i am a virgin (im 17 in case u were wonderin).BUT what do u think of this whole thing?? Thanks for the answers. what i meant was should a girl who gives oral still be classified as a virgin?
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Blondie Blondie | 6 days ago
Well, I think it most truly matters most what the act means to the person doing it, or for the person doing it. For example, a boy gets a girl to give him head and brags about it all the next day. When the football team hears about it they'll just dump on him no end and both they and he will still regard him as a virgin at that point even though his thinking up til then would have pretty much figured himself as no longer being a virgin. So, since he would end up fairly deeply thinking himself still a virgin, to a large extent he still is. Maybe a critical factor here would be him not feeling himself yet to be a man because of his accomplishment. If he did and the sex was the key then he would really no longer be a virgin. To some extent, that would apply to the girls who give head but won't countenance any other sex. One side factor here and above is that head has the two people assuming the opposite roles to the "becoming a man/woman" role: the boy lies back and "takes it" while the girl goes forth and "does it." I think many people regard loss of virginity as becoming a man or woman and therefore accepting the traditional role for each: the boy "doing it" — penetrating the girl, not "taking it" like he would if his first time had him passive and her taking charge and the girl doing the opposite, accepting the penetration as supplicant, rather than attacking the boy and running the show. But for intents and purposes outside of their little milieus, once someone uses, or make use of, the penis, we consider them to not be virgins. By that, I mean everyone but the schoolkids. Parents, grandparents, police, teachers, older boys looking for impressionable girls... But most parents would consider themselves to have gotten off lightly if their kids limit themselves to acts that cannot end in pregnancy. They'd probably be happy to go along with the kids in calling them virgins so long as the kids stick to the not risking pregnancy acts. Just wait until you're 19 and you hear girls say they take it anally because they are saving themselves for marriage... I'm curious though: why is it you are a virgin? I have a feeling the answer to that question would help a lot in you coming to terms with your question. (I'm not asking you to explain it to ME! but for you to consider the answer yourself.)
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Aislin Aislin
oral sex is sex but in order to not be a virgin you must have intercourse. Virginity is about sexual intercourse. Some consider anal sex a loss of virginity but most drs do not. Oral sex though is still dangerous and not a good idea unless with a partner you know and trust.
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Tracy Tracy
In this case, virginity is a matter of opinion. If you consider female virginity to be based on whether or not sexual intercourse has been had, then no, participating in oral sex does not take away virginity. However, if you consider the loss of virginity to be based on whether or not sexual activity of any kind has taken place, then yes, participation in oral sex takes away virginity. In my personal opinion, a girl who participates in oral sex only as a means of keeping her virginity is only kidding herself. This is not to say this girl is ignorant or inferior to a girl who has chosen abstinence. I'm just saying, to me, virginity is as much a state of sexual experience as it is a state of physical fact.
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Redd Redd
Medically or Legally it may not be sex ,, but it is morally, when girl is having physical contact with the male genitalia with the sole purpose of pleasuring her self or her guy , she has moved one step towards sex.. and this has given her also pleasure.. Intact Hymen proves physical virginity. But Psychological and spiritual virginity is lost when whole mind and soul have indulged into the carnal pleasures .. by Oral sex.. So virginity as defined in Holy book , say it is of Spirit.. and when spirit is deepened into carnal pleasures . virginity is no more there I have this much to say
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Mattithiah Mattithiah
I think people these days are disgracing themselves. True, it really isn't actual sex, but still, they shouldn't be considered virgins. It shouldn't really even come to mind at a young age like that.
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