How to Bring it Up to Her?

How to Bring it Up to Her? Topic: How to Bring it Up to Her?
June 16, 2019 / By Dana
Question: About 5 Days Ago, in the evening I was drinking and texted a friend at work and told her to tell the girl I have had a crush on for 2 years, to tell her, she did, I never remembered sending those texts but, Yesterday I appologized to her, I told her I wanted to tell her in person it really would have meant more She Responded With "It's Not Like Anything You Said Was Mean, It Was Cute" I proceeded with "I Still wish I could have told you that in person" Now at work everyone is asking us if were dating and everything I am taking her friends' advice by lettin it cool down However I am trying to figure out the best way to bring it up to the next time we work together I was going to mention "Hey (her name), now that you know about my crush towards you and that you found out in a very unconventional way, I was just wondering if possibly I could redeem myself and take you out to dinner sometime and actually get the opportunity to express my feelings towards you in person" if anyone thinks this is a good plan or have any other suggestions of how I can mention it to her and seize the opportunity to tell her how I really feel in person please answer this for me much appreciated I Have to tell her I feel like i owe it to her now and she is going to be leaving in august in to go back to New York City for college
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Bobbi Bobbi | 10 days ago
Yes, ask her out but not with this long essay :) You can say just "coffee?" or something like that.
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Alana Alana
Definitley a good plan but listen to your friend first by letting it cool down(: sounds like she may be interested in you too
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Travers Travers
Cut the stupid wishywashy crap and ask her out. If you continue to act like a twerp, she will start to treat you like one. Dig?
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