I want my mum to have a baby?

I want my mum to have a baby? Topic: I want my mum to have a baby?
July 20, 2019 / By Dara
Question: My mum is 46. i know what is pretty old to have a baby, but its still possible. basically im desperate for a baby brother or sister. im fifteen and have grown up lonely for my whole life. my friends mum has just had a new baby and seeing that makes me just more jealous to have one. i know people say, your lucky to have noone. but there wrong. yeh you might fight with your brothers and sisters now, but they grow up to be maybe your closest friends. also they keep you company, i come home to a empty house, my mum and dad put more pressure on me to do well at school than normal parents do,i will never get the chance to be a proper auntie, ect. i also feel embarressed to say i have no brothers or sisters. incase people think im spoilt ect. i just dont know what to do, my mum and dad have a plan in the next few years to move and they seem like a baby is not in there plans. even if they adopt, or foster. just how can i ask them
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Brady Brady | 6 days ago
You shouldn't force such a thing on your mother. Do you have any idea how much a child changes your life? Its a whole other cluster of experience and memories, a whole other life. Also, the new baby wouldn't have as many advantages as you. No offense but your mother is pretty old for another child, not only are the health risk in labor because her age, but there's a possibility anyone of these years age will start catching up with her and she won't have the energy or time for the new child. Believe me, my mom is 43 and relatively took good care of herself but even she's starting to feel time. It just sounds like your lonely to me. Though it might not be anywhere near the same thing, try getting a pet instead. I understand what you mean, for the most part, I have a brother and even though we are like day and night and can argue over anything he's the only person I can talk to about whats going on in my life, I'm 15 so I'm right in the middle of 'the drama age' so some things I'd feel uncomfortable talking with my mom of dad about. He's moving to china because his business major so I can image that not having a brother or at least ones that is around is gonna get pretty lonely.Still think of your mother, a baby now could seriously mess with her health and put a lot of stress on her.
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Albertine Albertine
Wait. Let me get this straight.... one reason that you want them to have a baby is so you don't come across as spoiled, and yet, you are writing this post which makes you seem extremely spoiled and a tad selfish, not to mention very immature. You obviously don't know what having a baby is like and how hard it is. It's as if you see having a baby is like getting a new hamster or a goldfish. Trust me: you're going to get bored of the baby and get tired of having to babysit it all the time. There will be a 15 year age difference between you and the new baby. You won't even be able to connect with the baby or become really "close" to him/her for years. You will be on a much higher maturity level than your new sibling. Let's face it: 25 year olds and 10 year olds usually aren't friends and don't often have many things in common. Last thing: IT IS NOT YOUR LIFE, and you're obviously not able to think such an important decision through. You're probably a smart girl, you just don't understand. Why don't you go out and get pregnant instead? You'd probably say "because I have plans for the future." Well guess what? So do your parents.
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Trevor Trevor
Hi just think about your mum and dad if she has a baby now there is more chance of it being a downs baby with their ages. not that there is anything wrong with a downs baby but they are hard work and even if there is nothing wrong with the baby your mum wil be 47 before the baby is born 52/53 before it starts school and 64 by the time it is 18yrs old and like i say a baby is for life not just for a few months whilst they are cute. also they scream with colick all night long and day. it is ok for you to want a little brother or sister but think of your mum who will have to carry the baby and give birth to it and at her age it will take her longer to recover i think all parents put pressure on their kids to do well in school so its not because you are an only child Also you are 15 you will be leaving school soon getting a job and maybe leaving home so you wont have time for your sibling as you will be too engrossed in your career I hope this has made sense
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Reginold Reginold
You have no control over that. If you love your mom you would not ask her to have a child. Having a baby at her age, can be very complicated and even deadly. I'm sure you see women at your mom's age having babies all the time, but it's risky and with today's economy who can afford one? Yes, you are spoiled. Your parents can only do so much to fill a void your feel is missing in your life. Do you have friends and personal interests? It sounds llike you have a lot of love to give. Find a big brothers or sisters organization in your area. There are a lot of young kids in difficult family situations who could use some extra special attention in their lives. Good Luck
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Mead Mead
46 is a little too old to have a baby, but tell them how you feel. Maybe they would consider adopting a baby or maybe an older child. Maybe they don't know how strongly you feel about it. Even getting a foster child might be an answer. Take the time to talk to them and let them know how you feel. They love you and will want to hear how you feel, even if they don't agree with you. Good luck!
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