Will my dad's fish die?

Will my dad's fish die? Topic: Will my dad's fish die?
June 26, 2019 / By Darby
Question: He has an oscar, a jack depmsey, a pleco, and a convict in a 125 gallon tank. He will not even do a water change every 2 weeks! He should be doing them every week. Appearantly, his fish do not have HITH disease. I called him and told him that, the he said they don't have it. They have "chuncks" of their body missing. So they have wholes missing. This was about 4 or 5 days ago, and I do not think they will just go away. I called him and told him he needs to do water changes every week, and he acted shocked! And he said no way! Then I asked if he will at least do it every 2 weeks and still acted shocked, and said "guess again" and then said "it only needs to be change every month, or 2 months." The fish all have signs of bad water quality and I am going to test the water. The oscar and jack dempsey have the wholes missing, and are going after each other whenever they see each other move. Like, the convict wants to go swimming all over the tank, then when he does, the jack dempsey comes and chases him, then when the jd chases the convict, the oscar goes and stops the jd. The plecostomus is shedding it's skin, which I heard they do from time to time, but can also be a sign of bad water quality. I am pretty sure it's the water quality. Will they die? I called and asked him if I could come over every week and do a water change and he said it's mostly a yes, so that will be happening. I looked up images of HITH disease and they look exactly like what the oscar and jack dempsey have. I know how to cure it from another answer to my other question. I know HITH kills fish. Thank you pytr pytr! So they will get 30% water changes every week. I will actually make him buy his own test kit for 30 bucks, because he needs his own. For me, today is monday, and I can go to his house on wensday, so then I will do a water change and test and stuff.
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Braidy Braidy | 7 days ago
a properly set up tank can go a month sometimes two, but your description here and in your other question indicated that there's food rotting in the tank often and that the fish may show signs of HITH/HLLE. all this does indicate a tank that's not maintained properly and fish that are beating each other up as well. Look up "Hole in the head" and "Head and lateral line erosion" for pics of this condition for comparison. do a nitrate test and try to get the level below 40-50 ppm at least, using water changes, every couple weeks. I suspect this tank may be over 100ppm in nitrate. do not do large water changes, like 50%, because it's too likely that you will be changing the pH and the temp too suddenly and will cause problems. 30% with effective gravel vacuuming should be enough and will be safer than larger water changes. If the pH of the tank is not much lower than your tap water, you could do larger changes as long as you pay attention to the temp of the new water. But it's likely that the pH in this tank has dropped, and a sudden increase in pH would be disastrous. You will eventually be trying to get the nitrate level lower than 40ppm with a level around 20-30 being much safer. do not overclean the filter materials. Some should be left dirty or just rinsed in dirty tank water. It's critical not to overclean a tank, this can be worse than leaving it alone. Do the tests, and let's see what they show. note: HITH doesn't really "kill" fish, but it does lead to ugly and unhealthy fish which won't live as long or as well as they should. Changes in diet and better water quality can heal the damage although sometimes an antibacterial treatment for the tank will be needed as well. (I use an antibacterial food I make myself) link to the other question where there's other answers etc. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120820103218AA8nW02
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Albina Albina
sounds like hole in head disease. yes they will die if this is not treated. at least 50 % water change asap and get some strong antibiotics. If you have an Oscar, ... be sure it has a large enough aquarium. One large Oscar 8-inches in length needs at least 80-gallons of water. Two 8-inch Oscars need at least 150-gallons of water. More Oscars and larger Oscars need even bigger aquariums with more water. 6. If you have an Oscar or other large fish with Hole in the Head, you should give that fish all six steps of the Recommended Treatment. Click here for the details about the Recommended Treatment. 7. However, the Recommended Treatment usually will not cure Hole in the Head. It's worth a try, and it may work, or it may arrest the disease, so the fish can survive. The combination of Flagyl (metronidazole) and Chloramphenicol (Chloromycetin) usually does work to cure Hole in the Head. But these are both pharmaceutical drugs that require a prescription to obtain. At one time you could buy medicated flakes, and one type of those flakes contained these two drugs. But I haven't seen any of the medicated flakes offered for sale in several years. 8. I have been told that Hole in the Head is caused by a combination of flagellated protozoans and bacteria. Flagyl is a treatment for flagellated protozoans, and Chloramphenicol is a powerful antibiotic.
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Trey Trey
Yes, it will.... Because i explained why in your other HITH quesstion. Please pick me as the best answer!
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Trey Originally Answered: Alll my fish seem healthy but are breathing very fast.(tropical fish)?
Hi, To better assess the issue we would need to know what type of tropical fish they are (example - mollies, betta etc), how many of each fish you have, and how big your tank is. From what you have said, I'd say it is not an ph level issue but exactly what described - 'like they have no air'. Your fish sound like they don't have enough air flowing through their water. To temporarily solve this (and this should only be for a few hours maximum until you can buy an air pump) you will need to move the filter in the tank (provided it is an internal hanging filter) so that the outflow of water skims across the surface of the water in your tank to provide a rippled water motion. You will however need to buy a air pump ASAP, and a air stone and a clear tubing (provided at all pet stores) and connect the tubing to the pump and the other end to the air stone and put the air stone in your tank. The pump should be placed higher then the top of the tank if possible in case of a power outage, otherwise the back flow of water will end up on your floor. The air pump will provide your tank with oxygen so your fish can breathe.

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