how do I convince my parents to get at&t high speed internet. right now i have peoplepc dial-up. :-(

how do I convince my parents to get at&t high speed internet. right now i have peoplepc dial-up. :-( Topic: how do I convince my parents to get at&t high speed internet. right now i have peoplepc dial-up. :-(
June 20, 2019 / By Darian
Question: I am in 7th grade and my parents say i don't need fast internet..I am a straight A student and i have tried everything.. But nothing works. The internet costs $32.95 a month. I even tried offering to pay for it myself.. Can someone help me.. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Best Answers: how do I convince my parents to get at&t high speed internet. right now i have peoplepc dial-up. :-(

Brandy Brandy | 1 day ago
with dial-up you can't use the home phone and use the internet at the same time if you use you're cell phone it will get expensive you also need the fast internet because a lot of teacher do things online now my 8th grade history made us do everything through the internet we had to email homework, take tests, she gave us project rubrics, and a lot of other stuff all through the internet im in 9th grade now and can imagine there will be a lot more of computer usage also look for deals on dsl ive had sbc yahoo dsl for about 3 years and its great they usually have for the first twelve months its like 15 bucks a month then after i think its like twenty then now i think its 30 Hope this helps, Kris B.
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Brandy Originally Answered: Should the government make high speed internet free for everyone?
Well, the FCC is working on a free internet plan. It will provide free internet for all those who either don't have access or cannot afford it. But obviously there is a price to pay. The infrastructure will be subsidized by tax dollars and it is not going to be even half as fast as paid services. To help maintain and expand the network, there will likely be a heavily ad supported system put in place to help pay for the costs. You might be getting free internet, but for most of us the higher speeds you get with paid internet will justify the price. Setting up your own server will not eliminate the need for the internet. Sure, you can setup a closed network without internet, but the data you can access is only limited to whatever is stored on the server and computers on the network. Edit: Free internet will only create new jobs for those who are needed to build and maintain the infrastructure. It won't bring new jobs simply because more people will be connected to the internet. Also, businesses can afford internet as it is not that expensive these days for them. The prospect of free internet has more to do with providing everyone a chance to connect with the world and let children have better resources for studying. This indirectly will be what creates jobs in the long run.

Aleesha Aleesha
Do they use the internet too? Peoplepc is about 10.00 a month, my friend has sbcgloal for 19.99 a month. The extra money is well worth the aggravation. I'm sure they feel like they are doing what is best for you. Promise that you will not abuse it in anyway and that can moniter your usage.
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Troy Troy
Explain to them, that in the long run it will save time and money. That it will help you to do projects much faster,so you can find all your info in a timely matter, and that you would be able to watch educational videos that relate to school work at a much fast pace. Once you start putting your education into the topic it might help your case a lot better. Also I think that it's on like 20 dollars a month, that's what we pay and we have about 4-5 computers all on one network. http://localization.att.com/loc/controll...
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Reubhen Reubhen
Sounds like you need someone to talk to them for you. Like a teacher or grandparent or someone who understands. I think it is commendable that you are willing to pay for it yourself. Maybe there is a neighbor you can share their wireless with and split cost. As you get into high school you will need a faster connection for doing reports, papers, research etc. And you can probably find a better price if you shop arround. Good luck
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Melbourne Melbourne
extreme velocity is extra effectual. It facilitates you to do exactly approximately what ever you desire. If dial-up is the sole element you will get then decide for it. I lived with it for a whilst so why will not be able to you.
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Melbourne Originally Answered: My internet connection speed is high, but my streaming is very slow. What can I do to solve the problem?
There could be a number of reasons, PC needs to be defragged, disk cleanup, corrupted files in the browser cache, just to name a few. Instead of listing the myriad of possibilities, consider taking the approach that I do, and unless your PC is positively ancient, the following tips will help. 1. make sure your browser's up-to-date. This varies from browser to browser, but generally, click on help, about, check for updates. Update if prompted. 2. Make sure that flash and/or shockwave is current by checking current version(s) at adobe.com 3. For basic cleanup, CCleaner (formerly Crap Cleaner) http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner (enable all non grayed-out options under the "applications" tab after install) 4. For defrag, go to Auslogics http://www.auslogics.com/en/software/dis... 5. Optionally, consider an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Steps 3&4 are arguably most important in the hardware sense, but they will keep your computer happy :-)

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