First word or two of each chapter in all caps?

First word or two of each chapter in all caps? Topic: First word or two of each chapter in all caps?
June 26, 2019 / By Darien
Question: Why do some books have the first word or two of each chapter in all caps? If those books are following some rule that not all books follow, what is the rule? How do they decide, for each chapter, how many words should be in all caps? cheshirecat: Thanks, but that is just a statement of the obvious. Also, it's too commonly done for it to be nothing more than the personal whim of random people involved. Obviously those that do it are following some king of standard or fashion. Is there a name for it? Any information on it anywhere? carci: Thanks, but I'm not talking about chapter titles. I'm talking about the text of the main body of the chapter. In some books, the first word or two are in all caps. Here's an example that I was just reading to my kids last night: Chapter III Reddy Fox Makes a Discovery REDDY FOX had boasted that he was not afraid of the unknown stranger who had frightened Peter Rabbit so, and whose voice in the night had brought the great fear to the Green Meadows and the Green Forest. (from The Adventures of Old Man Coyote by Thornton W. Burgess, 1916. The 1952 edition, reset by a different publisher, has the same caps.)
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This Site Might Help You. RE: anyone know where to find a chapter by chapter summary for Eva Luna? Sparknotes and pinkmonkey do not have it and I have tried some other sites with no luck. PLease help me!
Originally Answered: If my parents filed for chapter 7 already, is it too late to file for Chapter 13 on the date of the hearing?
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/aykZP chapter 16: bella is still in Edwards house and Edward is telling Bella bout Carlisles life b4. at the very end of this chapter they r in Edwards room and Jasper and Alice come in and ask if they wanna play baseball l8tr. chapter 17: Bella and Edward went to Bellas house 2 c if she cood go out and play baseball with Edward and the rest of his family. And she can so when they get to the field in this huge monster truck, bBella is scared to run on Edwards bak again but she finally lets in and he takes her. She is amazed at the game becuz they run so fast and whenever they hit the ball it sounds like thunder. Thats y they have to play it during a thunderstorm. Well all the sudden they smell ppl coming in from the woods. chapter 18: the ppl that had emerged from the woods were james, Laurent, and Victoria (they r bad vampires thsat rnt vegetarioan and eat ppl). Edwards family were acting like Bella was part of the family and not human a vampire, but just as James was gunna leave the wind blew and he smelt bellas scent so he tried to attack but Edwrad saved her and ran towards the car so that they can take her to safety where he wont eat bella Chapter 19: bella has to say goodbye to charlie in a mean way but he lets her go, sadly. They go bak to the Cullens house and say goodbye and Edward is reluctant to leave bella but has to 2 save her life. Bella goes w/ Jasper and Alice in Pheniox. Chapter 20: Bella is in a hotel with Alica and Jasper stuck inside all day nvr to come out, impatient. Chapter 21: Bella gets a phone call from James about how James has her mother and if she tells any1 that she is going to come to come to her moms house alone and call the # on the board, James is going to kill bellas mom and bella has to come alone. So bella writes a letter 2 edward saying how sry she is and that its her mother life! Chapter 22:Bella, Alice, and Jasper r in the airport ready 4 Edward to come bak and take Bella home, and bella is all worried cuz she hasta not go with him and find away to escape and go to her moms house without getting caught. Well bella finds a way and goes into the bathroom then takes a run 4 it and gets into a taxi. She is worried bout Edward, but thinks its the best thing to do.When she gets to her moms house she calls the # and he tells her to go to the old dance studio a few blocks down so she obeys. When she goes in she hears her moms voice saying "bella bella!" and runs 2 save her. It ends up that James had tricked her and put a movie in the tv that was he mother, so her mom really wasnt there. All james really wanted to do was bite bella and get her blood to not lose this challenge of his he had made with Edward, bella had tried her hardest to fight bak she had so much blood allover 4 being slammed into mirrors, and james had snapped her leg. He finally bit her on the arm right when Edwadr came in and he saved Bella by sucking all the venom bak out of her. Chapter 23:Bella woke up to hear a crying with no tears from an angel. she had thought that she was dead but woke up in the hospital. chapter 24: Bella is in the hospital with Edward. her mom comes in and they have a talk bout edward how it seems that hes madly in love with bella. Edwrad was trying to tell bella bout leaving but bshe wont let him and Epilouge: Edward brings Bella to the prom! I hope i really helped it took me awhile but it was my fav book eva so i didnt mind!

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