Why do people think the Public School system is corrupted by liberals?

Why do people think the Public School system is corrupted by liberals? Topic: Why do people think the Public School system is corrupted by liberals?
July 20, 2019 / By Darla
Question: Is it because Liberals make up the majority of America, the same way that children who go to public school outnumber those who's mom and pop can afford private school? Or is it because there are surragate spys within the system? I think it's hilarious to hear a conservative say something about the mainstream public being corrupted by liberals in public schools. If you're so worried about the population recieiving a deciptful education from "The Liberals", why don't you give it better funding and save the generation? Because you just like to talk about things.
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Breann Breann | 3 days ago
Liberalism is one thing that corrupts our system, but it's not the root cause. Even though my story takes place at a community college, it shows through that politics plays a part in education. It was my first year of college. I scored low on my entrance exams for college and I was required to take "catch-up" classes. My first semester was 1 basic math class and 3 English based classes. The three English classes were entry-level writing (which I was taken out of because I was too advanced for the class and put into an independent study for a higher level), grammar, and elementary reading. In my independent writing class, I was assigned to write an in-depth paper on my position on the war in Iraq (in which I took a pro-war, conservative stance). Through many weeks of meetings, revising, and depicting sources with my teacher, the teacher gave me an A on the paper- despite her being very liberal herself. Fast forward to the next semester in a Sociology class. We would get an assignment every two weeks to write an essay on our opinion for a certain topic, graded more on writing capabilities and grammar. One of the first topics was to write about your stance on the war in Iraq. I took my A graded paper, condensed, and rewrote it down from ten pages to three (the size he wanted). I handed it into the teacher (who was an outspoken Liberal), feeling confident with my work. A week later, I got it back from him with a C- on it. I approached him and his excuse: "You had too many GRAMMAR and SENTENCE STRUCTURE errors." Funny how the semester before was purely focused on grammar, reading, and writing; furthermore, I got As in all three classes and I heavily excelled. I even helped the teacher in my grammar class teach part of a lesson because I was the only one understanding it! He took it back, regraded it, and gave me a C. If you don't think there teachers who exercise bias in the educational system, you're dead wrong. Despite my past, I believe that there are more problems with the system other than political bias. Most schools are forced to challenge kids to meet educational standards rather than inspire them. They use a general pattern and force children to fit it, holding them to an impossible standard set up by a huge, corrupt government bureaucracy (DOE). If someone excels in art or fitness, why make them learn advanced levels of chemistry or math? If Johnny can understand every topic in a history class and remember it to a tee but has a horrible time writing an English paper, does that make him a bad student? Another personal experience: If by some chance I were to join/start a world known rock band (which I highly doubt), I wouldn't give any credit to any of my band teachers from the eight years of band I took. Why? None of them really inspired me with music. I remember asking my high school band teacher if I could start guitar lessons with him. He said no with no excuse. Not a "I don't think I'm qualified" or anything like that- just a straight up "no." Funny how, to this day, I haven't really touched my trumpet, but I still play guitar. I also believe teachers shouldn't have the impossible job security that they do have. If you're a bad teacher, you shouldn't have a job. Giving high school teachers tenure because of the duration they've worked there makes them lazy- plus, it's pointless because tenure really applies to multi-year research professors and not high school. You're going to do your best if you know that you can be fired for poor performance- heck, maybe they will move on and find a better career field if teaching doesn't work out. I've talked with my grandmother about this topic quite extensively. She used to work for a large public school system (managed at least 4 schools) where she was on the negotiation tables with union heads. One time, the teachers went on strike because of salary issues. The first proposition they initially settled on was approved by most, but the heads didn't agree. The teachers were on strike for an entire month, only to find out that the final approved proposition varied a small fraction of what was proposed from before. They all missed out on a whole months pay because of that. I'm not saying schools don't deserve their fair amount of money to pay their GOOD teachers, but there needs to be a major reform to the education system today, starting with eliminating the DOE and finishing with a system focused on quality rather than quantity. Sorry for the rant, but this is a big topic that people don't usually look into.
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Breann Originally Answered: Politics- Do you have faith in the public school system? Why or why not?
Schools are supposed to teach critical thinking skills. I have no faith in the centralized Prussian model that prefers indoctrination to critical thought.
Breann Originally Answered: Politics- Do you have faith in the public school system? Why or why not?
Yes, well. At least in the one my kids went/are going to. I graduated a long time before most of the BS was involved and at the very beginning of when our system started to go downhill. Public schools for the most part could do their jobs if the parents were involved and doing theirs. Our culture has just as much to do with the failing schools as the unions, teachers, government, ETC..

Alesha Alesha
A tremendous-scale executive-financed study has concluded that scholars in ordinary public colleges do as well or greatly better in math than related students in private faculties. The be trained, by way of Christopher Lubianski and Sarah Theule Lubianski of the school of Illinois, when put next fourth- and eighth-grade math ratings of greater than 340,000 scholars in thirteen,000 usual public, charter and personal colleges on the 2003 countrywide comparison of academic development. The 2003 scan was once given to 10 occasions more students than any earlier test, supplying a trove of information.
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Truman Truman
"AUSTIN, Tex. — After three days of turbulent meetings, the Texas Board of Education on Friday approved a social studies curriculum that will put a conservative stamp on history and economics textbooks, stressing the superiority of American capitalism, questioning the Founding Fathers’ commitment to a purely secular government and presenting Republican political philosophies in a more positive light." Or look to Kansas for that "Liberal" style school books and teachings, what about evolution and creationism? Is that what you're talking about?
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Truman Originally Answered: Why is the public school system so liberal and anti Christian?
Easy answer send your kids to religious school of your choice or home school your kids. Problem solved.

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