Help with S.S. homework!?

Help with S.S. homework!? Topic: Help with S.S. homework!?
June 16, 2019 / By Darnell
Question: This is what I have to do... I don't get it a little... Write a letter to the Church, telling them whether you will be reforming or not. We are learning about rome in class, so we have to pretend we are a person during the reformation in rome. Just so you know... My school is MS216, and class 6256
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Breda Breda | 6 days ago
Dear Pope, You know that indulgence is not a good way to forgive people's sins? Even if you have forgiven them God hasn't. Your way of forgiving people isn't a good way for example if a rich guy beats up a poor guy what does the poor guy get? Nothing. Your ways of forgiveness are fair. I don't think the way of Indulgence is a good way to forgive people.
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Alex Alex
Chances are pretty good that if you living in Rome at the time of the reformation- you're not joining the reformation. Thus most Italians are- and always have been- pretty much Roman Catholic.
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Tucson Tucson
well if you have to write a letter to the church write the letter.... not trying to be mean but it looks to me like u know what to do ... if u can write down what ur supossed to do then you know so either do it or be a brat and try to figure it out u must be a blonde....good luck
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Rich Rich
what dont you get? it's just pertending you are a person from that time period and writing a letter to the church about said topic.
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Menahem Menahem
so are we! are you in my class? basically, say if you would like to stay with the catholic church or if you dont believe in their teachings and would rather join the protestants, or lutherism
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