Do we need bigger 'No Gun Zone' signs?

Do we need bigger 'No Gun Zone' signs? Topic: Do we need bigger 'No Gun Zone' signs?
June 20, 2019 / By Darryl
Question: I had never before been in a situation where I felt I needed a gun but did not have one...until the year 2009. I had a meth head freak in my business getting violent, tossing out death threats, and my 2 year old son was with me that day. I managed to get the guy out, but it was a few tense moments where I was thinking he might pull out a gun and start shooting. It was enough to finally rattle me and considering I also now had to consider protecting my son's life it was a no-brainer...I bought a handgun. I kept it with me 24/7...legally of course. 2 months later I had just gotten home from work late, about 10:30 pm and I was in the bathroom washing up when my wife comes in scared to death and tells me "some big drunk man is right outside the front door". As I am heading out the bathroom there begins a hard and loud pounding on the front door and then I hear him "open this f ing door you mother f'ers I am going to kill all of you!!" he is screaming it, kicking on the door at the same time. I tell my wife to get the 2 year old and take him into the back bedroom as I am getting 911 on my cel phone. As the 911 operator answers I am getting my gun out and loading it. The door is beginning to give way, the hinges are buckling... I stand about 6 feet back from the door and point the gun at it. I holler out a warning "You come through that door and your going to get shot, better get the F out of here or die." Cel phone still in my hand I hear the operator "SIR SIR SIR", kicking suddenly stops, I fill the operator in on what is going on, she informs me police are minutes away, I inform her that I have a wife and 2 year old in the house and if the door opens I will kill the intruder. I hear him yelling again. Another hard kick to the door. Then more sounds, more yelling and banging that lasts about a minute then all quiet. Cops got there and tackled the guy. Later found out he was drunk and was a meth head as well. The thing is that during the confrontation in my store with the other meth head...I was scared, I was shaking, I did not know what was going to happen, I was afraid for my son's life. But that night standing there as a cranked up freak was trying to break into my house and cause harm to me and my family...I was calm as could be. My heart rate never rose a beat the entire time. The reason was because I KNEW how it was going to end. Either the cops take him out or I do. I had a gun. I had protection. My wife and son were safe during the entire ordeal. I was safe during the entire ordeal. I am as liberal as it gets...but ain't nobody going to take my guns. At the same time, I am a law abiding citizen, if the Feds say I need to be checked out before buying a gun...by all means, check me out, I am not hiding anything. It is time for serious gun CONTROL and REGULATION...but there will never be a time for an all out ban...NEVER.
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Bree Bree | 7 days ago
I've actually had to use one in my own defense, So for the record I think the only people who should be aloud to speak on the topic are people who have either survived through the use of a firearm or people who if had been armed would not have fell victim to a crime or invasion. Every one else should just shut the f*ck up. I don't get all "up in arms" pardon the pun, about old peoples medicaid, so why is some shriveled up old b*tch down town boycotting a planned parenthood when she knows the last time she had some tail was 1970...something? Vote for what concerns you and let other do the same. F*ck gay marriage, take it or leave it, it doesn't affect me, so why do I care if it's legal?
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step 1- Change Your Actions There’s something you probably never realized... The reason that you’re friends (and not intimate) with this girl is DIRECTLY related to the things that you did when you first met her. As your relationship developed, you made her look at you like a buddy, NOT as a sexual being. In order change her opinion, you need to “shake things up” a bit! This means ELIMINATING the specific actions that initially pushed you into the ‘friends zone’. For instance, here are a few things you need to STOP doing immediately: • Calling her all the time • Listening to her talk about her guy problems • Taking her on ‘pseudo’ dates • Putting her needs in front of yours • Being the shoulder she can always cry on You might think this is a bit drastic, but remember we’re trying to completely shift the nature of your relationship. So, it’s necessary to have her completely change the way she thinks of you. The key is to do these things without coming across as a complete asshole. What I suggest is to simply become “really busy” in your life. Don’t completely blow her off, but let her know that you need to take care of some things for awhile. Which brings us to the next phase of this plan... Step 2- Transform Yourself Now that we’ve removed yourself from her immediate radar, you’re going to work on becoming the kind of person she would find sexually enticing. Whereas you were once her “emotional tampon”, you’ll now become someone who she WANTS to date. This means creating an attractive lifestyle where she can’t help but be drawn to you! First, start doing stuff that makes YOU happy. I’ve found that an infatuation with a particular woman often stems from not having a lot going on with your life. By engaging in activities that are fun, you’ll start to gain a broader perspective on this particular woman. Perhaps she might even be as great as you once thought! Next, you should start hanging out with more women. This is another action that’ll give an idea of what else is out there. For all you know, there might be someone who is MUCH better than this girl. Finally after a few weeks, even months, you want to reconnect with your female friend. Call her up and talk about some of the things that you’ve done with yourself. (Hopefully you’ll have a lot of stories that’ll pique her interest). Furthermore, you want to vaguely mention a few of the women that are in your life. Don’t brag, just casually mention a few new “friends” that you now have. Trust me, this will make her feel just a *little* jealous. Now once you’re on the phone, make a suggestion to “hang out” sometime. This leads us to the next (and final) phase... Step 3- Sealing the Deal The key to a successful meeting (or date) is to do something that’ll connect to the emotional (not logical) side of her brain. You want to bring her somewhere where you she’ll connect the positive feelings to being around you. So forget all thoughts of a boring activity like a dinner or movie! Instead you want to bring her somewhere that’ll elevate her mood and make her feel excited! Remember FUN is directly connected to AROUSAL. For instance, you can bring to places like an amusement park, dancing, exercising, working out, engaging in a sport, watching an exciting athletic game, doing something risky/dangerous, or going to a fun concert. All of these ideas are great for getting her to move around and arousing the emotional side of her brain. Now when you’re with her, you want to focus on creating SEXUAL TENSION. Rather than being the predictable, sexless man she once knew, you’re acting like a potential lover. This means flirting, teasing her, playfully touching her and having fun. These actions are critical because you want her to see you in a completely new light. And since she is already having fun, she’s not going to be in a position where she worries about “ruining your friendship”. She’ll no longer see you as a friend. You’ll be the exciting guy who can elevate her positive emotions. And at this point, things will naturally evolve into a more “intimate” relationship. This three-step plan is incredibly effective because it avoids the awkward conversation that some guys feel is the “only” way to change the nature of a relationship. Rather than forcing her to make a decision, you’re subtly altering her opinion of you in a way that’s Connecting her emotional state Instead of her logic.
Bree Originally Answered: How do I get out of the friend zone?
Yeah you ought to commence changing your relationship along with her rapid. each and every time she does some ingredient dorky or dumb bust her chops on it make relaxing of her and convey it up extra advantageous than as quickly as interior the day now not too lots cuz then you particularly gets annoying. additionally each time she inquires approximately something on your existence like your weekend, exes, pals, etc. Be style of a smartass approximately answering her. Be fairly boastful notwithstanding now not an entire prick or you will lose your friendship along with her. If she is a helpful woman be waiting to have a number of what you're doing dished back at you so be in a position and continuously on your feet haha she will must be thinking "wow this guy who i presumed replaced into so incredible and harmless is amazingly attractive he's so helpful and he isn't bending over backwards for me purely with the aid of actuality that i'm suitable what the hell?!?! i ought to unravel this" at this ingredient she must be exhibiting you the undemanding indicators of a crush: giggling on the entire ingredient you assert punching you interior the arm or slapping interior the arm offering you with the :O face accompanied by potential of way of a grin each time you dish her a staggering comeback saying "omg you're sooo humorous!!" or some ingredient alongside those lines watching down on the floor when you lock eyes taking area in along with her hair plenty licking her lips then finding at your eyes then down at your lips (way she desires you to kiss her) purely perfect stable fortune bro!! Oh and btw if she starts off telling you approximately adult males she likes repeatedly then you particularly could be style of doomed and you're gonna ought to paintings fairly lots harder. additionally attempt to not make your self so which you ought to be had.

Alexa Alexa
And reasons like this are exactly why they won't be. Because that's ridiculous. Arm yourself with a knife against a big crazy methhead, and your odds are significantly lower. The vast majority of people who own guns, own them for reasons like this.
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Tudor Tudor
Get a grip, there won't be a gun ban. Thanks for showing us what you are really concerned with. So sorry the deaths of 20 kids threatened you enough where you need to defend yourself on here.
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Tudor Originally Answered: Do guys more or less 'friend zone' themselves?
I don't care if this is a rant, it's awesome insight!! K.V. Lady - I have a feeling that even though you and your friend are happy for each other, either you or your friend, or both sexually and emotionally desire each other, which means you're a little more than friends but don't want to acknowledge it. Which means you're not truly best friends, you are wishful lovers who haven't yet acted on your impulses.

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