How should I deal with my fiance's father he insults me every 2 to 3 days?

How should I deal with my fiance's father he insults me every 2 to 3 days? Topic: How should I deal with my fiance's father he insults me every 2 to 3 days?
June 20, 2019 / By Daryl
Question: one day he said I was slipping just because I don't speak or come out our room saturday before easter he said hey man you need to come out your going to sleep easter away I am very tired of these insults I can't go back to my grandmothers house because she don't want me back there after 21 years and a few months and its going to be 8 months april 3rd that my mother passed away I really need some advice on how to handle this and another thing both of her parents call on her constantly to do things like every 5minutes and they don't ask they command and demand like do this now! do that now! I know that they are her parents but no parent will need their child every 5minutes she works at night from 10pm to 7am she gets in the house at about 7:30 or 8:00 as soon as she goes to sleep someone is banging on the door your mom wants you or your dad wants you I understand that they are sick but they also take advantage of her and I am tired of it I really hope someone can give me an answer.
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Breeda Breeda | 8 days ago
You said insult" hey man come out your going to miss Easter" how is that a insult. Are you paying rent if so you have some rights, just say no thank you i Don't feel well. Do you have a job. These are important in-for before a true answer can be made
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Breeda Originally Answered: How to deal with a bipolar father?
http://www.bpso.org/ Bi Polar Significant Others website might be useful :) I would suggest getting him to agree to hospitalisation to a. help him find some sort of help with his anger and b. give the family some much needed r&r Good Luck!

Alexandra Alexandra
It is not easy being accepted by in-laws, no matter what you have to offer. All you can do is tolerate and stay out of their family matters. Your fiancee needs to deal with her parents by herself. Her only comfort is for you to be there for her during these tough times. You need to be more understanding and patience, you will not do anyone any good if you give them your two cents worth of comments. Your only option out of this hell hole will be to move out and be as far away from them as possible. By staying under their roof, her parents have the right to call the shots with the both of you. Their house their rules.
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Turlough Turlough
This is quite risky, but you should really discuss this with your wife, though, be very cautious about this because she might not see the same way you do. Possibly, here are your options... 1. Hire a nanny to help take care of them. 2. Send them to a retirement home. 3. Tolerate it till you're married. These are just options I can think of, there are possibly more, anyhow, good luck, hope you find something
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Richie Richie
man, you got yourself in a situation. as long as you are in his house its his rules. and if you are going to be lazy in it then he can give you as much crap as he wants. No father wants his daughter dating a lazy guy. I actually read somewhere that you are NEVER supposed to let a girls father see you laying down or even in a reclined position. They probably are making your stay with them uncomfortable in hopes that you will leave. Here is another thought. sure its really "mean" that they demand and command your girl to do all this crap for them... but here is a thought... why don't you get off your butt and HELP her. It jsut might earn you some respect as well.
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Meredith Meredith
You and your fiance need to get out of there! As hard as it is find your own place, even if its a share arangement with people your own age. Put a bit of space between you and it's guarenteed that you will get on better. Also, try not to slag her parents off to her because it will just create more friction.
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Jonathon Jonathon
I'd talk to your fiance because its not right to insult you. Her parents should be just as welcoming to you as you are to them. or if your fiance isnt willing to talk about it confront her parents, because they cant insult you. good luck. x
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Jonathon Originally Answered: How to deal with lying, self-centered father?
Seems you have solved most of your problem already. You have distance yourself....which is perfect and you have limited time spent with him....also ideal. My only suggest is to get some closure for yourself by now confronting your dad. Let him know what a huge disappointment he has been and how much you pity him because he will never have a close relationship with you. If he tries to interrupt stop him by telling him he doesn't get to talk now. It is your turn. Once you are finished, tell him goodbye and walk out of his life. Since the two of you never truly had a relationship to begin with there is little point in trying to establish one now. He will never be ready to do that. You know you can't change him. All you can do is change how you react to him. Finally, treat yourself to some therapy to help you deal with all that you went through so you can find the courage to put it behind you and get on with your life. I wish you well.

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