I think I may have schizophrenia?

I think I may have schizophrenia? Topic: I think I may have schizophrenia?
June 16, 2019 / By Davinia
Question: I'm 12 years old, and I always have hallucinations and I hear things that other people don't hear. I've been researching about that lately, and schizophrenia disorder was what I found online. I've been taking online tests lately, and I've gotten all results that were very high. On one site, I had 90% chance, another site I had 83% chance, and another site I had 80% chance, and another site, the results were kind of weird, 15+ was considered very high, and I scored a 46% chance. I've been hearing and seeing things ever since I was really little. I've always been interested in things like, the law of attraction, quantum jumping, around the age of 11 I studied witch craft, but I stopped because I'm a christian. I never practiced witchcraft, I simply studied it. I've also been interested in psychic abilities too. My intuition is very high, I also took a quiz on that, and I scored level 4 intuition. I've told my mom about schizophrenia, but she didn't believe me. She told me that I was over exaggerating and I was probably half asleep. She told me about how when she was little, she saw an Indian man in her house, except no one else could see or hear him, and she was scared out of her mind. But that only happened once in her life when she was my age. But she STILL doesn't believe me. and I was just wondering if anyone else seems to think this sounds like a case of schizophrenia. I think partly the reason why she doesn't believe me is because she didn't even understand what I was trying to tell her. I showed her my quiz results right in front of her, and I let her read up on it, but she said that it was best to keep all of this to myself because it's just too weird, and if I keep talking like this when I'm older someone's going to end up sending me to a mental hospital. I read that most people can't keep up with a schizophrenic person's train of thought. Almost no one understands things that I try to explain. If you need anymore details or other examples, feel free to email me at [email protected] . Thanks. lol, just so everyone knows, I never practice anything like the law of attraction, quantum jumping,or witchcraft. I only read about it because it seemed interesting. My mom also thought that I might be seeing and thinking the way that I do because I play an online game called Maplestory. I don't know if anyone has heard of it, but it's in a fantasy world, where you kill monsters and stuff. I also never get sick. I have a very strong immune system. I haven't had the flu since I was 2 years old. I also have a very high pain tolerance. Right now I have an ear infection, that's been going on for months from what it looks like. The doctors said that they're surprised I'm not screaming in pain right now. I also have 20/20 vision. I get my eyes checked frequently and no one has ever spotted any tiny specks on them. Also, I don't plan on practicing any psychic or medium powers because of my religion. I am aware that they're real and that I may have them but yeah, I also grew up in a christian home, and still am considering I'm only 12, both of my parents grew up in christian homes too. Also when I read about witch craft, I was reading about it from the bible, so I obviously did not get involved with it.
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Brenna Brenna | 10 days ago
Most people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia are unaware that they have it until the diagnosis. I would need more information on what you were seeing. I am an intuit, which means I get very strong intuitive feelings about people places or things, and seem to tune in to those who have passed on. It is a gift that could be confused with schizophrenia, but I suffer from depression and was told I am not schizo affective. You may have a gift with communicating with those who have crossed over. Or if you are seeing the same people over and over again and can't distinguish them from the living you may be schizo affective. But it sounds like you can distinguish between them and reality w hich makes me think that you might have a gift to see the dead. I hope this helps. good luck
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Brenna Originally Answered: I think i have schizophrenia?
The symptoms you list could be those of a number of psychiatric disorders, not just schizophrenia. Don't try to diagnose yourself. See a competent psychiatrist.

Alexia Alexia
I think if I were you that the person I would want to talk to first would be my family doctor. If you need your parents to make the appointment then just tell them you've been feeling very tired and run down lately and you feel like you need to have a check-up and talk with your doctor. There are things that could cause this besides schizophrenia. And your doctor would be the best one to explore things with. For instance, do you take drugs of any kind, either prescriptive or illega? When you say you are really tired, have been pushing yourself to where you are sleep deprived? Are you dabbling in anything occult or new age? At any rate it is nothing to fool around with and I suggest you talk to your doctor right away. Because of privacy issues, and if you are student, I would choose him over a school nurse or counselor. And also your parents. Because if there is something they need to know then the doctor would be your best guide in getting you the help you need and the cooperation of your parents or anyone else who might need to help. This may sound silly to you, but spiritual issues could be involved, and I don't kow if you have ever read the Bible, but Psalm 23 might be of help to you--the mind is a mysterious and wonderful thing and what we fill it with matters. I don't know of any better thing to fill my mind with when I am hurting the Book of Psalms. Wishing you health of body and spirit, Maggie
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Tybalt Tybalt
Dont believe stupid test... believe what you see/hear.. if u truely see/hear unheard/seen things then you may be schizo .. My uncle is (: Your just gonna take meds that make you depressed then you'll take meds for that... then you'll stop taking the meds.. try and commit suicide and then end up in a padded cell for a month and then end up in a mental home..
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Rickey Rickey
First, Online tests for this will never give you proper answers. There is only one person that can answer these questions and these people have been studying the mental process and human behavior for years. Second, you sound more like a hypochondriac. This is a person that self diagnosis or believes they are ill or inflicted with illness all the time. Your are 12 and your body is going through a lot of changes and fluctuating hormones could be the root cause. I am currently an undergrad psych major and have been in school for almost 3 years studying the mental process. So in no way am I an expert in the field but you don't seem to be schizophrenic. Many of the things you are looking up such as quantum jumping and things are seen in movies like jumper. They are fiction not real. Witchcraft has been around for centuries. Paganism which is the religion based witchcraft is the belief in the natural elements of the earth. Not casting spells to float or make onions into apples. It is good to look for answers to broaden knowledge. But if you take an online test to see if you have a psychological disorder a lot of doctors would be out of work. Find a healthy hobby.
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Merle Merle
Ok. Listen to me carefully. you probably have schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. These are just labels for doctors. I've very intuitive as well. You can probably read energies from other people right? You can probably also tell if they are "safe", harmful, or neutral. psychic abilities run rampid among the mentall ill. I have schizoaffective disorder which is a mild form of schizophrenia. I do take medication for it but it doesn't stop the voices or the visuals. For me, they try to help. I talk to them when i'm struggling. See if they will repond to you. Are they friendly voices? I hope so. never the less you need to see a psychiatrist. don't be afraid they are there to help you. And you won't be hospitalized either unless you are a danger to yourself or to others. I'm guessing that you are neither. Your mother is incorrect about being locked up in the loony bin. They will not force you to go in. The only way that can happen is if you are totally unable to function in this reality. Right now you sound like you are within a few realities. You will get used to it. You just have to decide which reality you want to be in at a given moment. If you can't control it, then medication might be best for you. I couldn't control it but you may be different. But don't get lost in that world, ok? You need to function here. Spend time on the other side in your free time. It's a little known secret among us that most of us ingage in. Let it be ok. If they show or say things that scare you, tell them. if they don't stop disconnect. Understand? Learn to improve these ablilites. well, gotta go. If you want to contact me further my email is [email protected] You are going to be ok. Try to convince your mother to just let you see a psychiatrist to rule anything out. Regardless what the shrink says know that the label may say schizophrenia but underneath that is an entirely different world to explore. try everything related to psychic abilities. Improve them. I am clairsentient and clairaudial. These are scientific terms. It's been studied for a long long time. Clairsentient is the ability to read human vibrations or energy patterns given off by people. Does that sound familiar? can you do it too? Clairaudial means that I can hear them. Doctors call it audio hallucinations. Most psychiatrists won't listen to you if you say that you think they are spirits on the other side. Don't even try. Look, the best psychics in the world would be locked up and called schizophrenic or schizoaffective or bipolar if they couldn't control it. Does any of this make sense to you? let me know. Armand
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Jonty Jonty
Self diagnosis is very dangerous, you don't look at things objectively but instead try to look at behaviour patterns that match the condition of choice. And definately don't take any online tests to be more than a quick laugh. From your description the only actual symptom listed is hallucinations. Hallucinations can be caused by numerous things such as drug use, sleep deprevation, dementia, withdrawal symptoms or eplilepsy. A mental problem is possible, but only a qualified professional who can run some one on one tests would be able to narrow the cause down and thereby recommend a treatment. Questions such as how often they occur, is there any pattern to when (time of day), are there any other factors involved (drugs, illness etc) and is there any family history of mental illness would have to be considered. If its regular and of concern then you need to get to a doctor. If its been ongoing for an extended period of time then its also a sign that its not getting better by itself and should be checked.
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Ham Ham
Honestly it sounds like 1 of 2 things could be going on. 1 you could actually be schizophrenic, my mother was diagnosed, and I've lived with her all my life. 2 It sounds like you may have some kind of psychic/medium abilities. Since I don't know you personally I can't tell. But I would definitely suggest that you have a serious talk with your mom about seeing a psychiatrist. They would be able to tell you for sure, if you are schizophrenic. There is a list of qualifying symptoms over a certain period of time that you've experienced them that would hint that you were. But you need to communicate you're concern with a parent and make an appointment, because there are medications that can help you, but AND I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS, don't just take a medication and expect it to take all you problems away. In addition to medication, you need therapy. I know because I'm going through treatment for anxiety and talking about things helps. And if your medication doesn't fully work, a therapist can help you cope. I wish you the best of luck :)
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Ebenezer Ebenezer
Since you are a Christian, why don't you go and talk to your pastor and ask him to pray for you and give you some advise. Many people believe that this is a self induced state, meaning that at some stage you actually begin believing in the fact that the voices exist, often due to something that happened or you want to happen. Remember we all have a small voice inside of us and we all sometimes think we hear things. If Jesus was in you at the time you played with whitch craft, you are likely to be safe. But I would advise talking to a Christain parent and pastor to repent and cut off any hold this may have on your life. Law of attraction - the more you focus on the voices, the more they will expand.... Please act on this now. If you leave it till later, you may be stuck with it. At this age, you should be fine. Don't take those stupid tablets that will put you in abubble and make you believe even more that you are ill. ALl the best
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Cairo Cairo
it really does sound like that...i kinda have the same thing but i believe its part of the human's 6 sense aka esp. , you should get your eye's check for little specks that can float on the eyes and make it seem as if u see someone. it is possible that you are able to see ghosts or even one of your past lives ( if u believe that), try listening to the sounds u hear. it could be your subconscience messing with you or even u might learn about something that will happen in the future. if u still aren't sure, go to a school nurse or consenlor. good luck
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Cairo Originally Answered: Do i have Schizophrenia?
-You are not crazy hon this is normal.... there are plenty of teens out there that think the same thing... but you just have the Fallopian tubes to actually come out with it.. I give you props. - people naturally get lost in their own imaginations, i often do. But to stop this, you need to keep yourself preoccupied. Go Work out or hang out read a book to keep your mind on different things. believe me, it works. - Explain to me what "NORMAL" is.... There is no such thing. we are all Different..... you are your own normal. dont worry about others. Be you. Cutting is a very serious matter... if you wish to to quit, release all of you self harming tools. when you feel that urge, hold a piece of ice to your wrist. it has the same feeling, just not the scars. but that's to the maximum.... i suggest walking or running screaming while alone, and scream your heart out... think of why you should stay alive.... who is the most important to you? and who would need you the most on this earth.... Think if it's worth it then... - Get over it. i know that's harsh, but your friends need you just as bad as you would need them.... Remind yourself as your past self. and make that a reflection..... Life is a choice, you can either choose to be happy or sad.. its your choice. and yes it is that simple. - Negative thoughts eh? try to focus on something positive, pessimistic thoughts are common in most corrupted minds. but think of good things... im not referring it to be a field of flowers and Goldie Locks scalloping the beautiful scent. (well if you're into that, then... do that =) but focus on what makes you happy. (positive things.) instead of thinking of what bad could happen, think of what GOOD could happen during the scene. - Get a journal and record what you did.. you will know what did, and did not happen. for proof you know? write positive things in there... if thats possible... =) I'm SURE! lol - Ah i understand what's going on here..... You deal with other people's problem avoiding your own. I'm sure you have great advice, but Practice what you Preach sweetie. take some of your own advice and put that to use...i know you like to help people, but did YOU ever think about YOU? what about you? who is there for you? you can't solve everyone's problem for them hon.. i promise you that. so dont take it as a burden because sooner or later you will be alone feeling alone.. that no one is there for you as you were for them... its not your priority to take them under your wing. of course you can help them, but dont take their problems as your own - You're going to think this is crazy..... YOU WATCH TOO MANY MOVIES! lol, it's not real.the grudge is fiction. get that through your head and you will conquer your fear. any fear you face, confront it. and you will find out, that you are stronger than it.. get a doll and destroy it in the dark with empty space, fill that space with the torn doll or stuffed animal perhaps. and it will work. =) gradually of course - I would take it as a good thing for this 'Grudge' to be comforting me. It may be weird. but dont judge by the appearances.... i do believe you on the whole seeing things and feeling them. sometimes the energy is so strong we can Actually feel it! and that is the truth. .. i used to be absolutely scared Sh**less of the movie "signs" lol... but i got over it... - Professional help? maybe you could give her a try. if you dont feel comfortable talking with her, then just forget her. there are many other people out there to help you... Mental? you mean... a mental disorder? No one is able to diagnose you with anything on here. it wouldn't be right. they dont know you. You sound like a beautiful person with so much to offer, i know you think... only if you could come out with the truth, they would understand.. Only you have control over yourself. you will only become harmful to others if you CHOOSE to be. i can't tell you that you will or won't. it's in your hands. I can tell you this, You are not Schizo. Schizophrenia is caused when you become out of touch with reality. you are in touch with what is happening around you, so you are not schizo. You may have a few social disabilities, but that will change in time. You're young. it will all be ok. if you need me, my email is [email protected] I'm 15 years old I'm not that old but i do have experience. <3. i'm here for you. have no worries. it will all be ok

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