What changes would you like to make happen to preserve the earth's ecosystem?

What changes would you like to make happen to preserve the earth's ecosystem? Topic: What changes would you like to make happen to preserve the earth's ecosystem?
June 16, 2019 / By Deanna
Question: Here are my thoughts on changes that everybody should make. 1. Having less kids. (world's population is out of control) 2. Living in apartments in large urban centers. (less urban sprawl, uncontrolled growth of suburbs pushing out wildlife habitat) 3. Buying local produce as much as possible (less fuel used to transport) 4. Stop buying so much disposable stuff (water bottles, paper plates, etc..) 5. Take public transportation or walk (this is much easier when you live in a city that has good transportation available) 6. Greater use of biodiesel, and more research on alternative fuels. 7. Conserve energy. 8. Reuse and recycle. These are some thoughts. I'm sure there are many more that people can think of. What would your changes be? I'm not trying to say that these should be mandatory laws, but I think people should be educated that they have options. It should all be voluntary.
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Bridgette Bridgette | 5 days ago
one change i'd go for is removal of cafe standards. it would be SO cool to have a factory installed big block V8 in a modern car. like a 440 or a 426 in a dodge magnum/charger. or a 502 in the new camaro. it's a lot of work getting one in there from scratch.
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Bridgette Originally Answered: What will happen to the earth eventually with the growing population and pollution?
It is common to see predictions of the destruction of Earth's environment due to overpopulation, and pollution etc. I agree that these are serious problems and are getting worse. But the ultimate outcome won't be the ruin of our planet. It will be the end of the form of government which is ultimately to blame--democracy. We have our beloved democracy to thank for this mess. Try to win an election by forcing the dummies to have fewer kids, or cut down on consumption. We'll never solve the problems as long as the average dope has a say. The ultimate outcome will be a crisis in which those who have the answers will seize power and dictate solutions. Earth will survive but not the form of government which empowers the ignorant and irresponsible.

Algoma Algoma
We are causing mass extinction through exploitation, devastation, industrialisation etc. This is not the natural status quo and unlike anything the earth has ever seen before. You could consider it a first. What we are doing could tip the biodiversity scale against the desirable medium and therefore cause some serious problems. We are destroying the ecosystem. From a simple plastic bag (thousands of years to degrade) poisoning and putting widelife in danger to nuclear radiation (hundreds of years before land is habitable again) we are affecting the environment as I said before, in ways the earth have never seen before an doing so in a negative way. The extinction of the dinosaurs from most likely a meteor I a natural occurence and the earth is even constantly bombarded by them everyday and even prior to the dinosaurs. Some extinctions which are occurring CAN be easily avoided or are happening due to poaching, disregard to wildlife etc. These extinctions should not be happening at all. The Mayans are an example of what happens when you don't respect the environment and what comes with that respect is to make it sustainable. It is on a small scale and did not result in a completely barron landscape as a result of that. I think you are confused as to what a vaccine is. Though to imply is it a good thing that we have created superbugs is nonsensical.
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Tyrell Tyrell
I agree with everything you suggested except for #2. I am sorry, but I live way out in the woods and have a cleaner, more environmental homestead than the townies ever will. I do not like being around crowds of people, and being unable to hear the owls and whipoorwills at night or see the bats swooping down beneath the moon to eat mosquitoes. Since I don't have kids or drive an SUV or water a lawn, I think I've earned the right to live this way. I'd like to see more solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, and biopower and less fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Also, small electronic devices might one day be powered by organic batteries containing engineered microorganisms. Just add water and a nutrient and they would produce electricity (read up on chemosynthetic bacteria and genetic engineering).
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Riel Riel
All great ideas--except the kids part--yes the world is WAY over populated, but realistically less kids isn't going to make a real dent. Although I think voluntary birth control for anyone who wants it should be available--and I mean everywhere and every person. Otherwise, "Saying there are too many children is like saying there are too many flowers" --Mother Theresa And for the earths sake--outlaw disposable diapers!! ;-) My personal wish is that the solar energy companies would make panels more affordable, and also get them to low-income people. 2 birds with one stone! (That's a rather gruesome saying.) I'd like to see every new construction have solar panels (or wind machines in appropriate areas) enough to provide for the electric needs of average occupancy. If not, the builder must pay a LARGE fee to build, the fees must be used to provide solar/wind power to schools in the area. And; don't buy products that are way over packaged. And then be sure you let the manufacturer know why you didn't buy it. Reuse Reuse Reuse How many things can you do with plastic grocery bags? Habitat your property for native creatures and plants, invite everyone to see how awesome it is.
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Riel Originally Answered: Biology Question. regarding humans polluting our ecosystem.?
There are two main problems: 1) as the zebra mussel is not a native species, it has no natural predators in the great lake region, therefore the population can multiply, almost completely unchecked. 2) If the mussel population does in fact grow unchecked, then that's a steadily growing population that requires more and more food to sustain itself. This takes away food from native species that will begin to be out competed by the zebra mussels, and this will lead to a decrease in the population of native species, which in turn decreases the amount of food for the native predators who prey on the natives that are being starved out, which could lead to a collapse of the entire ecosystem.

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