Children born out of marriage?

Children born out of marriage? Topic: Children born out of marriage?
June 20, 2019 / By Deb
Question: I have read on here tonight several comments about kids being born out of wedlock, I have two children(with the same father) of which one was born out of wedlock and one wasn't. My son was born 3 months before I got married but I conceived while I was taking the pill (Correctly may I add), but my wedding was planned and booked before I became pregnant - So personally I think every ones circumstances are different and people should be less judgmental! What do you think?
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Brier Brier | 7 days ago
It's no one's business but yours! Forget what everyone else thinks. Besides, when your on here... People just like to be mean. Even if they don't have children of their own and have never been in your situation, they will be happy to tell you what your doing wrong! It's really immature, but that's most people for ya. Sounds like things are great for you and if your happy, that's all that matters!! <3
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Brier Originally Answered: Children "born" atheist?
I was born an Atheist. I was taught critical thinking before I was introduced to the concept of a God. Thus, when that concept was introduced, at the age of 7 I could see right through it. My daughter was born an Atheist. She was taught critical thinking. At the age of 5, she was introduced by her school to the concept of God. Whilst reading her a bed-time story the conversation went like this: "Daddy." "Yes, Ellie?" "You know that Jesus died on the cross?" "Yes?" "And you know that Jesus came back to life again?" "Yes?" "Well, that doesn't make sense. That doesn't happen in real life." "No, Ellie, it doesn't" "So that is a religious story?" "Yes, it is" "So religious means made up?" "Ellie, you're a genius." Do you really think that if you brought up a child in an Atheist family, within an Atheist community and ensured that they had no religious input until they were 18 that they would suddenly become Theist? If that was the case, theist parents would not keep trying to get their religion taught in schools. Children are primed to believe fairy tales because they are taught them from an early age. The only difference is that religion gets a free pass to continue into adulthood.

Aliah Aliah
I had my daughter out of wedlock, never did marry her dad. I have been with my fiance for almost four years and we are currently trying to get pregnant. We are just not the type of people that see marriage as something that needs to be done before children. We are planning on getting married next year. We have held off because I was going to college. I just graduated so now it's time for babies and marriage! I know he is not going to leave me when I get pregnant and have a baby. He will be the happiest man on the planet!
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Tyrone Tyrone
As long as the child is well cared for, loved, fed. educated and taught to respect others who gives a damn whether the mother and father are married or even if they are still together. The child's happiness and welfare come first. Most UK folk would not put anyone down because of a child out of wedlock, for heavens sake this has happened since the dawn of time.
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Rik Rik
if marriage wasnt a union to be respected, well, you wouldnt be worried about any judgmental attitude from your community. it is a world wide belief that we created and accepted. once upon a time there was no 'paper' contract. in your case, you were going for a marriage union and had a child along the way. you did the marriage thing right. but, you were having sex before marriage. and in most all cultures premarital sex is taboo. even in the usa where everyone is free to do what they want. people here still believe in a progressive relationship. courtship, love, engagement, marriage, sex and then children. no matter if you do any of those progressive steps in the supposed correct order...someone, somewhere will try to judge you in some way because if you appear to be better than them...they will look for a way to make you feel bad just to make themselves feel better/superior. that is human behavior.
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Merv Merv
People need to get a life, look at their sanctimonious unholy marriage bs on here... marriage is an evil absurd institution that should be done away with. Then these other people think they're all better than everyone else because they subject themselves to such mental torture lmao to the point where they have to berate other peoples children to make them feel better about themselves... and most of their bs marriages don't work either.
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Jordon Jordon
personally to each its own business. But, sometimes people care what other think about them or their child. Example: most people who actually care about others calling their child(children) "bastard" children, since alot of people refuse to use the word illegitimate.
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Jordon Originally Answered: 72% of black children are born to unwed mothers?
The article is more of an opinion not statistical facts It is an all out assult on black women. The article also failed to mention the numerous faults of black men. Young Hispanic girls are also in the same situation. It's easy to point out the percentage of black unwed mother but never mention anything about which group has the highest abortion rate.

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