New helicopter rotor system?

New helicopter rotor system? Topic: New helicopter rotor system?
June 16, 2019 / By Debby
Question: Anyone have any info on the new rotor system produced? Fully Articulated, Semi-rigid, and rigid, are the ones I have been taught about but My Chief pilot keeps talking about a fourth and I don't know anything about it. I think it might be called a virtual hinged system but I am not sure. Any web address would be perfect.
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Britney Britney | 10 days ago
In Google'ing 'Rotor Development', http://www.google.com.sg/search?hl=en&q=... . I saw one article on Ram Jet Rotors but didn't buy the article. Three more mentioned servo activated trailing edge flaps. (one abstract is here, http://www.iop.org/EJ/abstract/0964-1726... ) I didn't take time to read them but I would imagine the purpose is to vary individual blade lift dependent on it's position and relative airspeed, or spped of the air passing over it. While this would solve some of the problems it would be interesting to see if it address' supersonic blade tip speeds for the retreating blade. I hope you find what your want from these sites. Good Luck.
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Yes, excellent tip, that if you're replacing the plug WIRES and rotor, go ahead and replace the distributor cap, also. On my own 1991 Corolla, the cap and wires are sold as a single unit. But the rotor can be replaced individually easier. Any plugs can be used. Using Toyota brand isn't necessary. In fact, I'd suggest you use the Bosch Plus 2 (+2) plugs. They've got an extra electrode "arm" over bottom of spark plug, and it helps to ignite the gas mixture more completely to burn better. I've gotten much better gentle response from the new Bosch plugs. My old 1991 corolla with over 248K miles on it, has better acceleration over the whole range. Have gotten extra few mpg's also. But you can use almost any plug. You can even buy some plugs for about $20 each, but are totally unnecessary. Good luck!!
Britney Originally Answered: Any tips on replacing the plugs wires and rotor on a 97 rav4? I have toyota plugs, but the rest from napa.?
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Alicia Alicia
The main rotor provides lift. The rotor cross-section has the shape of a wing, an airfoil. An engine spins the rotor through the air. As the air moves over the airfoil wing shape, the relative motion creates lift. The pilot controls the angle of attack and speed of the turning rotor blades to vary the amount of lift generated and the direction the lift is applied to generate forward motion. In essence, the pilot tips the rotor so the blades are lower in front than in back which causes an imbalance in lift from front to back which results in forward motion. The hub of the rotor assembly is a very complicated piece of gearing to coordinate the control of the rotor blades. There is a problem, counter-torque. As the engine spins the rotor in one direction, the whole body tends to turn in the opposite direction, which is why there is a small tail rotor. The small tail rotor opposes the force trying to turn the body opposite to the turning main rotor. Some helicopters have more than one rotor. With two rotors, they turn in opposite directions and are geared together so they stay synchronized. Some helicopters use a ducted fan with a nozzle instead of a tail rotor.
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Uel Uel
He may be referring to the smart rotor system Boeing is testing which uses trailing edge flaps on the blades to better control blade motion.
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