i need help. any experienced anglers advice would be great?

i need help. any experienced anglers advice would be great? Topic: i need help. any experienced anglers advice would be great?
June 16, 2019 / By Decima
Question: Is it better to go fish walleye during a rain storm??? or after??? according to the Dnr report, they are in the kalamazoo river here in michigan. and tomarrow there's a thunderstorm, while saturday is going to be really nice. but i heard it's better to catch walleye in crappy weather. so i was gonna go tomarrow evening, right before sun set in the middle of the storm advice is appreciated guys. thanks oh and btw i'm using rapala and leeches as bait. i might have crawlers too. ne bait tips would be great. this will be my first time walleye fishing! thanks
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Best Answers: i need help. any experienced anglers advice would be great?

Brittany Brittany | 5 days ago
Don't go in the middle of the storm. Your life is not worth a few extra walleye. But here is a little study about the effect of barametric pressure on walleye fishing A storm also brings clouds and wave-creating wind, reducing sunlight penetration. Active fish can move to shallower water. In the case of walleyes, they often rise in the water column. The sonar screen shows them moving up off the bottom. Or, they just move shallower on shoreline-connected and midlake structures. Heitkamp believes that the absolute best fishing periods often occur when barometric pressure reaches its lowest point, just before the front arrives. "The old saying, that fish bite best right before the storm," he says, "is true." So, Heitkamp says, the best time to head to the lake is when the forecast calls for storms moving into the area. The picture changes when the storm is over. Barometric pressure starts to rise again. The giant hand presses down harder, and the water becomes more compact. High pressure also brings clear, bluebird skies, and light penetration is often intense for the next several days. Fish feel the increased pressure and become less active. They move tight to cover or deeper, where the sun isn't so bright. Their mood is lethargic.
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Alisha Alisha
Personally I have never had any luck with fishing during or near the beginning or end of a rain storm after might work since they probably will be hungry after not eating during the storm. A leech seems to be the best bait to use, with a jig should work well let the jig sink to the bottom and then bob it up slowly just above the bottom. If you really want to go near a rain storm go before or after. If you are fishing on a major lake then you could check in the news paper the outdoors fishing section should show when to fish and what depth of water. Hope this was help full. If you don't believe me you don't have to it is just advice. Good luck fishing!
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Uni Uni
That would be a fantastic time to fish for trout or bass. I would assume walleye would follow the same migrate patterns as the other two.
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Ritchie Ritchie
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